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LEKI Corklite Trekking Poles

At just 17 and a half ounces per pair, the
LEKI Corklite Trekking Poles offer reliable stability, ease of use and the high quality
that you would expect from LEKI. The standout feature here as the name suggests,
these are the Corklite. So they are very lightweight and they also have a cork grip. So the first
thing I want to talk about is the AERGON COR-TEC grips that you get with LEKI. This is a mixture
of cork in latex. So unlike those 100 percent natural cork grips that are subject to some
durability issues, these AERGON COR-TEC grips are very, very durable. So you get that soft
cork feeling that you really like, but you also have that latex mixed in so you have
a lot of durability there. And they also have some other materials in here to give it more
stability and durability as well. Like I said, it is very ergonomic, so you
have really great shaping here on the back and on the front. And there are some vents
here on the back as well. So if you are in warmer temperatures and your hands begin to
sweat, that will definitely vent out really well. And the top of this grip does have an
oval top. And it is very nice for palming the top of the pole. So you have a dimpled,
rubberized grip there as well. The strap is a very soft woven strap and it
is really easy to adjust. You just pull up on the top, adjust the bottom part of it and
then lock it closed. This is a three section telescoping pole.
So you have a pretty compact size when this is all closed up and compact down. You have
two Speed Lock 2 locks here. So these are external locks and they couldn’t be any
easier to use. Basically all you need to do, open that lock with your thumb. And this lever
is really easy to use. It doesn’t require a lot of force to open and close it, but once
it is actually closed and locked it has a really, really secure hold. So if you are
someone who doesn’t have a lot of hand strength or doesn’t want to mess with those poles
that you have to twist and turn the pole sections, this is a really, really great option, really
easy to use. And this pole will adjust from 100 centimeters all the way up to 135 centimeters.
So you have a lot of adjustability in the pole. It is going to work for a lot of different
users. Down here on the bottom you have that same LEKI speed lock two. It is the same locking
mechanism and make adjustments to the top and the bottom. If you are hiking on uneven terrain or different
types of terrain and need to make quick adjustments, I would say it is really easy to just open
that top lever, adjust it and you are on your way. So really speedy adjustments to be made
with this pole. The shaft sections here are aluminum and LEKI
has a really great guarantee on all of their aluminum trekking poles. They guarantee from
shaft breakage. So if any of the shaft sections were to break in use, they will replace it
for you and that just speaks to the durability of LEKI poles. And with these Corklite poles
you have a pretty low weight here for all the features that you get. You still have
that durability. Moving down to the tip of this pole you have
LEKI’s carbide flex tips. And these are known for just being really durable. They
protect the shaft from breakage. If you were to get this snagged between rocks, the tip
is meant to flex or to break before the actual shaft section. So you have a lot of protection
there and this is a replaceable piece. So after years of use if you need to replace
this, it is just a press fit tip. You can get others to replace it. And this carbide
end down at the bottom is very durable. It is that section that comes in-to contact with
the ground, gives it really good bite on trails. And if you are hiking or walking on improved
surfaces, you can get a rubber tip, a rubber tip protector to go on the end there. If you are using this in the winter or in
snow, you can replace this basket with a wider diameter snow basket. There is threads here
on the tip. So it is really easy to replace those baskets. With the different features here this pole
would be great for any traveler, backpacker or hiker who is looking for a pretty light
weight pair of poles that also has a full set of features, meaning you have got two
locks. You have got a lot of adjustability. You have the durability and the stability
of a telescoping pole. And you have those really comfortable AERGON COR-TEC grips. They are the LEKI Corklite Trekking Poles.

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1 thought on “LEKI Corklite Trekking Poles

  1. Leki trekking poles are great!  I probably have 1,500-2,000 miles on my 2009 Leki Makalu's  (now named Makalu Retro).  Still going strong and I really like the cork grips…

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