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LEKI Carbon Ti Trekking Poles

Combining easy to use, confident, external
locking mechanisms, extended length grips and ultra light weight carbon construction,
LEKI Carbon Ti Trekking Poles are ideal for through hikers, ounce counting backpackers
or snowshoers. Let’s take a closer look at its construction and set of features. As the name would suggest, the shaft sections
of the Carbon Ti Trekking Poles are constructed entirely of carbon. That keeps the weight
of the poles as a pair under 15 ounces, so definitely an ultra lightweight option. As
far as extending the poles or collapsing the poles is concerned, you do have three shaft
sections. You have got two points of adjustability. The usable range of those poles on the short
end you are starting about 39 inches and you can extend them over 53 inches in length.
To do so, you will utilize the simple to use eternal locking mechanisms on the poles. There
are markings on each of the two adjustable shaft sections to indicate how far you have
extended the poles. So at that 53 inches you are at a max of 135 centimeters. And to lock
it, just simply slip or flip that lever down and it locks securely in place. When you want
to make adjustments or collapse the pole, open it up and move the shaft sections. If you are finding that those mechanisms are
a little tight or a little more loose than you would like, there is an easy adjustment
that can be made to them, a really nice integrated feature on LEKI’s external locking mechanisms. The poles utilize LEKI’s AERGON Thermo XL
grips. So you have got a nice foam grip here. It feels nice in hand. It is definitely a
confident grip, something certainly suitable for all conditions. You can see that there
is an extended length to those grips, so some texturing and a little bit more … a little
bit broader over top of the shaft itself, so easier to grab, again, in all conditions.
If you are using these for snowshoeing you have got gloved hands, this is much easier
to grab here than down below when you are making adjustments. It also lets you use these poles on side hills,
on switch backs where you might otherwise need to adjust over and over again the height
of the poles. Instead of doing that, you can just change where you are grabbing the poles
as you change the switch backs and the grade of the slope in relation to your body. At the top here you can see this oval or ovoid
shaping and some dimpled texturing there, too. In those cases where rather than holding
the poles down below you are over top of them, really nice ergonomics there that fit easily
in the palm of your hand. You can see there are integrated straps here to take strain
and stress off of your wrists. Over the course of the day that repetitiveness, these are
quite helpful. There is adjustability in those straps so by lifting up that piece you can
loosen them, you can tighten them. And then flip them back down into place to a point
that they are most comfortable for you. Here at the other end of the poles you will
find LEKI’s carbide flex tips. So this is the portion of the pole that is coming into
contact with the ground itself. The flex tip is considered this entire piece, three and
a half, four inch piece here. But it is the very, very tip end that is actually carbide.
And, again, that is what is giving you bite and grip on trails, on dirt, on those type
of surfaces. If you know that you are going to be using
those poles on improved surfaces, on pavement, museum walking tours, things like that, or
constantly on rock, you will actually get better purchase by utilizing LEKI’s rubber
walking tips. They are not included, but they are all sold separately, a press fit design
that goes right over top of that carbide tip end. This is designed in such a way that should
you jam these poles between rocks and get them in some position where you might otherwise
break the shaft section, these instead will break away. And that is far preferable because
these are easily replaced. Again, replacement parts available, sold separately, but that
is an easy fix, much easier than a bro-ken shaft section is. This disk here at the bottom actually will
screw on and off. This is LEKI’s performance basket. In most conditions this is suitable
to keep the poles from sinking too deeply into the ground to do what you need them to
do. But it can come off. You can equip these poles for winter use with broader diameter
snow baskets or even deep powder baskets. Again, sold separately, but available, will
work with these poles to equip them for winter conditions. LEKI Carbon Ti Trekking Poles, just an excellent
combination and balance of ultra light weight construction and durable, easy to use performance.
Makes them a great option for year round use, be that for backpacking, for hiking or for

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  1. Just bought a pair of these – thanks for the tour, nice review dude!
    I also have a severe case of beard envy!

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