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Learn Russian through Movies (slow Russian with subtitles) / Russian Language

Hey everybody, this is Kristina from Boost Your Russian, and I’m here to show you how to learn Russian through movies. For this lesson, we’ll take a clip from the movie Joker. First, you’ll watch the movie in Russian with Russian subtitles. Then, I´ll read each phrase to you in slow Russian and translate it into English. Finally, you’ll watch the clip from the movie in the Russian language again. By then, you should be able to easily understand most of the Russian sentences. Let’s begin. If you liked this video, give it a like and subscribe if you’re new here. If you liked learning Russian through movies and want me to make more videos like this, let me know in the comments which movies you’d like me to turn into the Russian language lessons. Also, watch my other videos from the series Learn Russian with Movies, you can see them on the screen right now. Remember: watching movies in the Russian language is the best way to learn Russian fast and effortlessly.

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15 thoughts on “Learn Russian through Movies (slow Russian with subtitles) / Russian Language

  1. Привет, Кристина: подобные видеоклипы определенно преуспевают в «повышении моего интереса к изучению и пониманию русского языка"!

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