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Learn about Road Scholar Women-only Adventures!

Something happens in a
program when it’s just women. They bond more deeply,
they share deeper. There’s a safety net that
happens with just women. What I think is unique
about this program is that it brings women from
all over the United States together. Some of them come with friends,
some of them come independently and we become friends Very quickly. I really like the
idea of all women because I’m naturally
a bit of an introvert. So I’m a little more comfortable
getting to know women. Women from across the
country, from all different walks of life, totally
different backgrounds, Some are married some aren’t
some have kids some don’t. But I just feel like there’s
a really strong connection with all of us. The women are watching
out for each other They’re having a good time There’s a sisterhood with
an all women’s group You see that very quickly. There’s been a very
wonderful, unique connection in being female, Being a woman, all of us being
interested in our own growth and development personally,
intellectually, spiritually, physically. Oftentimes women haven’t had the
opportunity to be themselves. And so this is an
opportunity for them to really explore
their own boundaries in a very safe setting. Women often say, I really
didn’t realize how much fun I would have with
a group of women. They come with some
expectations or none But I think they walk away
a little bit surprised that we could have so much
fun just as women together. I’m so grateful
to Road Scholar for recognizing that women
need to be together. That women form communities. And that’s what we have here
is a community of women. And it’s a very powerful thing If you get a bunch of women
of a certain age together. We’re going to change the world.

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