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Landowners stop would-be Haiku Stairs hikers

trespassing to reach the CLOSED stairway to heaven trail. Hikers can be seen there daily. But in the early morning hours today— they were met not by a guard… But by a posse of landowners who are determined to STOP the trespassing. The Ha’iku Stairs has been off limits for years. Yet despite the signs.. the gates. It has not stopped hikers from tresspassing to make popular hike. Many come well before dawn– before the posted guard gets there. But early this morning. They met up with a posse of landowners— :37-53 RICK BARBOZA primarily it was in response to a neighbor getting assaulted. We wanted to one go to show support that it affects everybody and to tell people know that they are breaking the law Rick Barboza leases 7 acres from Kamehameha Schools. He was among the group… Which included representatives from Kamehameha Schools… The Board of Water supply—- And Department of Hawaiian homelands. He says it was eye opening. 2:48 at the front of the gate as soon as people started to tresspss is when we stopped them before they actually fully went around the gate or over the gate from 2 in the morning to 6 in the morning we confronted 91 people They targeted the holiday weekend to stop the hikers. But Barboza says they aren’t letting up. He says its become a nightmare for himself and his community 1:16 we had people continuously tresspass on our property. We have theft a lot of theft and we also had alot of vandalism from people trespassing through this same gate that everybody uses to go up to the stairway HPD was on call–in case help was needed. Board of water supply officials told KITV to expect an increase in police presences. The agency increased security this holiday weekend… Because it anticipated more hikers. saying: “Haiku Stairs is not regularly maintained and inspected and therefore is not considered safe and remains closed to the public. Trespassing on watershed land is punishable by a maximum penalty of six months in prison and/or a $600 fine.”

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6 thoughts on “Landowners stop would-be Haiku Stairs hikers

  1. Why don't they open the stairs to the public?  They could charge a fee to cover the cost of maintenance and so forth.  There is a fee to hike up to Diamond Head.   Why not do the same for the Haiku Stairs?  It's obviously very popular, in spite of the restrictions.

  2. It's not the residents who are dying and getting hurt. Let the hikers enter at their own risk. Prohibiting people from entering makes the climb even more worth it.

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