Lambley Viaduct – Northumberland – DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone Footage – Cinematic Vlog

[Music] Hi guys, my name’s Lee. Welcome to the
channel. Today I’m in Lambley Northumberland, to check out the South
Tyne trail, and in particular the Lambley Viaduct. [Music] If you’re new to the channel please click subscribe and hit the bell icon to
receive notifications of the future visits I’ll be making. Right let’s get
down there. Let’s check it out. [Music] So here we are guys, at Lambley Viaduct, originally built in 1852 to take Coal
and Lead from the Alston minds up to Haltwhistle, subsequently changed to a
passenger train, but was closed in 1976. And now it’s just part of the South Tyne
trail and it’s an amazing viaduct, one of the best examples of Victorian viaducts
in the UK. Right, let’s get out and fly! [Music] Hi guys, that’s the end of the video. I
really appreciate you watching. If you liked it, click on the like button, leave
a comment in the section below and if you haven’t already, please subscribe and I’ll see you on
the next one. Wherever it takes me. Cheers. [Music]

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