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Lake Tahoe Road Trip in Nevada – Zephyr Cove + Genoa (Lake Tahoe Loop)

– Yo! We are getting back in the
van, and we are headed to… – Nevada! – Alright, we are going
on the Lake Tahoe Loop, an epic four day trip that hits
up Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Virginia City, Reno, back
to Lake Tahoe, Genoa. – Genoa! – [Christine] We’re gonna
go kayaking on Lake Tahoe. – [Jules] Bang! – [Christine] We’re
gonna go Mountain biking. – [Jules] Bang! – [Christine] We’re gonna
scale a 14-story outdoor Rock Climbing wall. – What? – May not get to the top, we’ll see. – Mm mm, uh uh. – We’re going to eat delicious food… – We’re going to go to
the oldest town in Nevada, which is Genoa, and we’re also going to drink at the oldest bar. – And if you like our adventures,
don’t forget to subscribe. – That’s you, subscribe. Ok, let’s hit the road, come on. (upbeat drumming music) So, we made it to Nevada. We are currently on Lake
Tahoe at Zephyr Cove, And this place is absolutely gorgeous. – This afternoon, we have
rented two single-person kayaks, and were kayaking around Zephyr Cove, and we’ve come to this rock Island. And we can see the
mountains in the background that have snow on them, they’re gorgeous. – OK, let’s go! Woah! (upbeat instrumental music) – Hey guys, so we are on Lake
Tahoe at the moment in Nevada. We are on our single-person
kayaks over Zephyr Cove. It’s absolutely beautiful today,
it’s a gorgeous sunny day. Keep going, keep getting
worked up and focused. – Where are we going? – I don’t know, but
we’re going to get there. – Come on, get outta here! (wind music) And the second stop on our amazing tour Nevada of the lake Tahoe
loop is the town of… – Genoa! – Genoa named after the
Italian city by some guy whose name we can’t remember. – It’s a teeny tiny little town, and and it has a bunch of old buildings that date back to the 1800s. They are super cute. – So, Genoa claims to be
the oldest settlement, the oldest western settlement in the whole state of Nevada, which means that they also have the oldest bar, which is definitely a place
we’re going to check out today. They also have a ton of
amazing trail head hikes we’re also going to check out
the Mormon Station State Park. All right, so come with
us as we explore Genoa, which is our second stop
on the Lake Tahoe Loop, as we explore Nevada! OK, so already we’ve got
shops some antique shops, some antique guns, some ammo. A nice little florist… A salon, not to be mistaken with a saloon. So, here is a historic
part of Genoa history, The Mormon Station State Park. Well howdy crew. Welcome to Mormon Station State Park, a cool little part in Genoa
that charters the history of a couple of maybe rogue
Mormons that came out here trying to resell the area, do a little bit of mining
and things like that. There’s a cool museum here that only costs one dollar to check out, and you can come and see
some historical things like these old waggons,
some old mining equipment, some carts. It’s a pretty cool spot, like a little bit of a
(whooshes) back in time. So, grab your lasso (whooshes) – [Christine] We’re here! Woo hoo! We’ve just hopped back in our van, and driven about two
minutes outside of Genoa to the River Fork Ranch, and
we’re about to go do a hike, but first check out this view. (upbeat music) – [Jules] You are here. Here’s where we are. (upbeat music) – It is very windy out,
so the grass is as shaken, and my hat is blowing off so
it’s getting a little crazy. (upbeat music) – All of this exploring in
Genoa has really worked us up a bit of a thirst. So, we are about to check
out the oldest saloon, bar, or thirst parlor,
whatever you wanna call it. It’s a drinking hall. It’s the oldest in Nevada,
and it’s pretty awesome. – It’s pretty old-school
it’s got a lot of dust, and a lot of really cool
local memorabilia’s, – [Jules] And history. – So, we’re pretty excited
to go grab a drink in there. And they serve some
incredible bloody Mary’s as we have heard, so let’s do it. And, let’s have a drink. (upbeat strumming) – Oh yeah! – [Bartender] I
still haven’t seen them, what the heck. (background chattering) (upbeat strumming) – So now we are walking
around the town of Genoa. It’s a cute little town, it
actually has a lot of shops in it considering how small it is. – Very small. – So there’s a lot of cute
little antique shops and like– – Like this one right behind us! – This one right behind us
with the cute little wagon. And so, we’re gonna go for
a walk and check them out. It’s so old-school here,
we love it, very cute. – [Jules] Aye. Well, look at this wagon,
this old antique shop. Very cool. Look at this. This thing looks like it’s
something out of the Civil War? – Yeah! – Yeah, looks like Civil war. Machinery, you know, if you have an old place you
better have old machinery. Old machinery. – Ok, you’re going- Oh, Christine’s going over. – Be a rebel. – Rebel, rebel. I’m going over as well. (grunts) Okay. – This looks like it used to be the general store/provision/grocery store, powder, shots, various other things. – Paints, oil’s, turpentine, varnish. – Fuse. – Take us on a tour through Genoa. – Ok, this is a real estate. – Ok, well that’s probably pretty new. – The oldie real estate group. – Ye oldie new real estate group. – Yup. – But as you can see, so we’ve got- Here is the Mormon Station
State Park over across here. That is a Street. This is a Main Street here. Follow my finger. Pretty much just finishes there. So, it’s literally two blocks. – Teeny tiny. – Teeny tiny town. – And everything looks very
like kind of 1800s, very quaint, very American, very cute Little town. – America! OK, let’s go see some more shops. Got Genoa Square with year
old Genoa Country Inn, and then a Peruvian
restaurant, which is, you know. – I don’t think it’s a
restaurant, I think it’s a shop. Let’s go up. – It’s a shop? Alright, go and see it. Go and find out. – Hi. Ooh. [whispering] This alpaca’s so soft. – Christine found a cannoli. – I found a cannoli- – Eat it. – At the bakery in town. – Eat it. Eat it. How is it? – It’s yummy. – Here’s the bakery. Sierra Chef. It’s Italian pastries. – Hmm. – Give me that thing. [eats noisily] All right. (upbeat music)

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