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LADY AND THE TRAMP ft. Mano Agapion (Drunk Disney #28)

(Drunkenly singing Disney theme) J: Welcome to Drunk Disney, where we drink watching Disney movies, then tell you what we learned from them. C: This week’s movie is Lady and the Tramp, released in 1955. C: It’s the first animated movie to be filmed in widescreen. D: Today’s guest is comedian, Mano Agapion! (all cheer) J: Mano! What’s up, man? M: Not too much. Hey, hey guys, what’s up M: Today’s drinking game is brought to us by Laura Saldana M: We have to drink every time the animals on screen would make for a successful viral video if they were real animals. D: And the we can try to recreate them J: With Lucy? D: And the raccoon that lives outside M: Raccoons are known for their friendliness D: To Walt?
J/C/M: To Walt! C: Cheers
M: That monster *oomf* M: Woof
J: Oh, like the dog! All: Yeah C: This might be one of the only Disney movies where it’s not based on a thing that already existed D: Walt Disney went outside one day, saw two dogs going at it: ‘Gotta get that on camera’ M: They just said you can’t buy a dog tail wagging with money J: In 2015 you can M: I’d love to live there
C: This is nice M: That’s a house that’s beautiful in the day and terrifying at night J: How long was that dog in that box? M: That box had no holes in it C: This looks like, what, turn of the century? They didn’t give a fuck about animals D: That would be a viral video C: HUSBAND GETS HIS WIFE A PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! J: This is to… baby puppies M: Even smaller than puppies J: Oh god, are there no chasers? M: *strained* That’s okay, it’s delicious M: You cannot have that much carpet with a puppy in the house
C: Yeah D: Now I’ve never had a dog, I don’t know these rules J: If they chew the corners of furniture, you can put hot sauce on them to tell them to stop. I did that D: So your house was just covered in hot sauce? J: If you were just playing on the floor and got hungry, you didn’t even have to go to the kitchen M: That makes you sound so poor *Lady barking* C: This is the rest of the movie. C: Whoa, what’s going on up there? J: DOG STRUGGLES UP THE STAIRS…
SO CUTE! C: Nooooooo C: To puppy school! Is that what they call that? M: Would you put that comforter on your bed? D: It’s graph paper J: That’s for when I wanna do D&D quests in bed C:This is way different than I remember it looking. It’s a lot fuller and more lush looking M: This could be that- that remastered joint M: Every couple of years they’re like: ‘This is the Platinum- Diamond- Sapphire-” J: Yeah, they add lens flares and make it 3D J: Add Jabba the Hutt to scenes where he’s not in originally M: They just gave her coffee and donuts J: They’re training her to be a cop “Notice anything… different?” D: ‘Ohhh, you just had sex’ J: ‘Smells like dick’ C: This all looks like Thomas Kinkade Land J: What are we missing here? C: We’re missing the intricacies of dog politics J: Old Yeller there wants to vote Bernie; Lady’s like: ‘You’ll throw your vote away!’ D: I like the variety of dogs. That I think is the problem with America. D: I feel like there’s just yellow labs everywhere you look. What about the ones with great mustaches and brows? J: Did you just shorten eyebrows to brows? D: I’ve got a lot of things to do M: This dog has some like Drag Queen style eyelashes C:The white stripe going down her face isn’t her fur color, it’s contouring C: Ooh, the wrong side of the literal tracks C: Has anyone ever gotten a tramp stamp with the Tramp? M: I bet M: Aw, this dog has a great attitude about being super duper poor J: Just like mom C: Does this take place in America? J: This looks quintessential
C: Is it? M: This looks very like Main Street J: There’s a drugstore next to a hardware store, how much more Main Street could you get? J: I guess little runners on the corner selling heroin. M: Tom’s Cabin? Interesting
C: Yeah, that’s- hmm M: What’s above that? M: Oh
J: What?!
M/J: It IS Uncle Tom’s Cabin! D: I think that deserves a Drink Attack J/M: Ohhhhh D: To Ozzy Ozbourne
M: Ozzy! “Oh, Miss Lady” D: That was the worst sound I’ve ever heard J: It’s kinda weird to me that they bark and talk. I don’t like bilingual dogs “That’s right, Miss Lady” J: Oh my god, take the chew out of your mouth, man. “Don’t recollect if I’ve ever mentioned Old Reliable” C: What is he saying?!
M: What did he just say J: Someone needs to put this dog down, it’s past his time “Oh, yeah” J: Chat Attack! Ohhhh
C: Chat Attack! J: Because Lady is sad, we’re gonna toast to Sarah McLachlan *Sarah McLachlan imitations* D: That would be viral M: I think he’s saying like, imagine how bad it could be? M: She’s doing a lot of ‘white people problems’ stuff right now D: To white people
M: To white people J: Shit, we just toasted to white people M: We’re commenting, we’re not saying white power. M: Oh, no, I just said white power C: He’s going to go out to get cigarettes and never come back! J: Just like dad D: I feel like a lot is coming out about your family D: I feel like all dogs were creepy until like the 1950s D: They’re like: ‘Oh wait a minute, we can make these cute’ J: Is this when she tears the baby’s face off and her and Tramp go into hiding? M: This reminds me of Rosemary’s Baby M: This is the part where she’s like, ‘You belong to Satan now’ J: And there’s the stereotypical Japanese guy there; we got the Siamese cats C: *groans*
M: Creepy D: Did they have to give it such gross hair? J: You gotta let it breath, lady
M: Yeah, that tuck-in was tight D: Wait, where are they going? They just had a baby C: Just leave a bowl of food out for it M: Yeah, Mrs. Doubtfire is here *Mrs. Doubtfire impersonations* Hellooo M: Oh my god, it is Mrs. Doubtfire M: ‘I’m definitely a woman’ C: This is a viral hit right here! “We are Siamese if you please” D: Oh my god
J: *clapping to the rhythm* C: I just want to point out that we live in a world where there is a Hilary and Haylie Duff cover of this “We are Siamese if you please”
(but Hilary and Haylie, not the cats) J: Do they change the word Siamese to anything? C: Nope
J: Okay D: To different times
J/C/M: To different times
M: Good lord “Do you hear what I hear?”
“A baby cry” J: ‘Let’s go eat the baby’ J: Tramp, how you about to take on these three rabid dogs by yourself? D: One of those is a wolf, I just wanna point out J: Tramp’s like Daredevil, only he can, like, see C: And he’s a dog “What’s the matter, Pidge?” M: Wait, whaaat? J: Did he really just say ‘What’s the matter, bitch?’
C: No, I don’t think he did M: I think he said bitch J/C/M: *repeating* ‘What’s the matter, bitch?’ J: ‘You never been to a zoo before? Shiiiit’ M: Oh, I guess it could be America M: *in the accent* They have that weird old-timey American accent, see? J: *in accent too* Oh, News flash.
VIRAL VIDEO C: Someone in the live chat said that he says ‘What’s the matter, Pidge?’ D: But what does Pidge mean?
J: It means bitch All: To pidges! M: You better work, Pidge M: Take the thing off of her J: Well he’s trying, but right now he’s being a wheeler and dealer. He’s like Pirelli D: That was a Sweeney Todd reference? J: That was a very specific Sweeney Todd reference M: And I thought I was gay C: That is a viral video J: BEAVER BREAKS HIS NECK IN EVERY PLACE POSSIBLE J: To Babe: Pig in the City
C: Pidge in the City (M repeats it) J: Drink Attack! Ohhhhhh All: Disembodied Hands! J: Alright we got two different types of drinks here A Lady and a Tramp M: I’ll take the Lady Graessle, offscreen: The lady is The White Lady D: *flashback* To white people G: And the Tramp is a Bourbon Rickey J: Click here to see how to make these two drinks J: To mixology!
C: To mixology, cheers! M: These characters look like my family J: Wait, are you Italian?
M: No D: This could be a great viral video M: To Italian-Americans All: Awwwww D: They do that and then he’s like ‘*gasps*’ and then he scoops a bunch of pasta on his lap J: Wow, they’re just fucking up memories D: They just went all the way up to Makeout Point and they’re there the next morning M: Mmm, that’s viral J: WATCH THESE TWO DOGS FUCK AT MAKE-OUT POINT J: To VD! D: Look at that, that’s not the US
J: That’s Japan “Pidge”
M: ‘Bitch!’ “Pidge!”
All: ‘Bitch!’ “Where are ya, pidge?”
J: ‘Where you at, bitch?’ C: ‘She’s going to the slammer’ C: They all look diseased M: Or like, really high J: Why do you think they’re in jail in the first place? Gateway drug, guys C:That dog on the right looks like Adrien Brody
J: Yeah *dogs howling* This is like that novelty CD that was really popular in like 2002 *CD sample of dogs barking to tune* J: This is also the sound designers least favorite scene C: Oh my god are they euthanizing this dog? M: Is this the death row scene? D: Tom Hanks is leading her to her demise J: One of the guards didn’t wet the sponge. They’re like, ‘What’s that smell? Smells like hot dogs’ C: Fight. The. Rat. Fight- Oh my god, she’s gonna fight a rat! J: That rat’s gonna eat that baby! M: This rat’s gonna eat the baby? J: This is a really cool action scene D: This is like ‘Fast and the Furious 8’
J: ‘Rats and the Furious’ M: Rat’s gonna eat the baby!
J: He’ll save this baby by knocking it the fuck over C: She’s doing such a bad job! C: Okay, let’s think of what’s happened since this lady’s come in
M: “Lady” C: Their dog ran away; there’s now like a stranger dog in the house; it’s fighting a rat and all their furniture is knocked over D: They tried to make it look like it’s not the dogs fault, ‘It’s the rat, it’s the rat’ It’s 100% these dogs. J: Yeah the rat just would have eaten the baby
D: Gone on its way C: Oh my god! Nooooo M: No
J: No
D: *gasps* *Cross talk*
C: Get out!
J: Holy shit! C: Did this movie really do that? J: What
C: No you can’t just go to like Christmas, what the fuck C: Wait… No he’s alive! He’s alive! M: They had us right where they wanted us C: No, you need to spay and neuter your pets C: There’s so many doggies at the pound that need a home and they just go and have all these babies C: That dog better not eat the string, he’s gonna be pooping out string J: Pooping out while he’s eating it still. He’s just flossing his intesitines M: Hey, guys, he’s alive, DRINK ATTACK
C: He’s alive! J: To Christmas Time!
M: To Christmas! It’s the best D: Oh! I didn’t spill. Someone else spilled C: Oh no, Dave!
D: It wasn’t Dave! It wasn’t Dave! D: And what do you say?
C: That is so smart! All: What did we learn from Lady and the Tramp? M: Dogs is not being easy. M: Does that sentence make sense? I stand by that sentence C: I learned that this entire movie looks like a postcard you would get from your grandma J: I learned that you don’t actually have to kill a character to elicit tears from the audience D: I learned you can be a tramp and get away with it. You just gotta meet a lady All: This has been Drunk Disney: Lady and the Tramp J: Hey guys! Thanks a lot for watching Drunk Disney: Lady and the Tramp C: Next up, we wanna do a movie from ‘The Post-Renaissance Era’ M: Write in the comments below which one you wanna see and that’s the movie they’re gonna see next C: Also we wanna know what your favorite quote from tonight’s episode was so C: Put that in the comments and maybe we’ll make a shirt out of it that you can purchase maybe D: Be sure to check out Mano’s stuff @ManoAgapion on Instagram D: You can also check out “Winslow” at UCB. It’s his improv team of improv experts. J: What, it’s 10,000 hours makes you an expert on something? Have you done 10,000 hours of impov? M: I bet, but I’m still bad J: Also, these are our Drunk Disney t-shirts, I don’t think we’ve mentioned them yet. We’ll probably sell them again J: They’re real comfy
M: They look cool D: Aren’t they American Apparel?
C: They are! M: Get them before they go bankrupt

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100 thoughts on “LADY AND THE TRAMP ft. Mano Agapion (Drunk Disney #28)

  1. Lady in the Tramp is my favorite. This will be my first Drunk Disney watch 🙂
    Speaking of that…I am new to Drunk Disney. Do you do Disney/Pixar at all? I am wondering specifically about "Brave", and if you will ever do it..

  2. Does this movie take place in America? Yes, watch the second one to confirm.
    Can anyone understand Lady's bloodhound friend? Yes… Maybe… A select few.
    And just how many animals are trying to eat that baby? More than I am willing to count.

  3. Fun fact: this was the first lifestream I ever watched on this channel so it always has a special place in my heart

  4. I would totally buy a shirt with the "Tramp-stamp" on the lower back, simply because now I either need to buy that shirt or get the tattoo.

  5. Incase nobody answered her question at 3:27, yes, Lady and the Tramp did take place in America.  In the sequel, the town celebrates the 4th of July.

  6. I just realized that on the sign that says "Uncle Tom's Cabin" underneath the words there's smaller script saying "Opera House" aka there's a reason why it's there and not just a weird thing randomly put into the movie like I thought.

  7. I really hope and wish you can find an excuse to watch Mary poppies. There are scenes that have cartoon characters in it so it can work. It's one of my favorite movies and I hope you can watch it.

  8. what's the matter bitch is okay if the dog says it because it just a female dog so it's like a human saying what's the matter girl

  9. Chelsea: "This might be the first Disney film to not be based on a thing that existed!"

    Title card: "from the story by Ward Greene."

  10. For the character you can't understand, Subtitles.

    Anyone else besides me notice that there are like four people in one of the carriages or whatever at Make Out point?

  11. My favourite part of this is when they're taking about Tramp calling her Pidge and now I'm just picturing a t-shirt that says "what's the matter b***h"

  12. Do you keep the whole streams archived somewhere? It seems a bit weird whenever you mention chat, but we don't see said chat anywhere. Although, in an abridged version like this, it does make sense to cut the chat out so you're not constantly pausing to read it.

  13. That pound scene could easily have that sad "donate to abused dogs" music playing, and have captions like "What did I do?" under the dogs' faces.

    What do you wanna bet this film got a lot of people adopting dogs after seeing that part?

  14. Did anyone else notice that the nanny was looking out the window in the rat scene outside and then was getting out of bed when the crib is knocked over?

  15. I used to watch lady and the tramp 2 (scamp) over and over as a kid and I never watched the original lady and the tramp until I was like 16 😂

  16. I’m a point where I just rewatch these and I’m like hmm have I seen this one and then I’m like oh yeah this is the one where their guest made a white power joke 😂😂😂

  17. Just saw Mano on the latest episode of Crazy Ex Girlfriend and had no idea why he looked so familiar! Eventually found his credit for Drunk Disney and suddenly it all made sense, that was really annoying me!

  18. he's gonna go out and get cigarrettes and never come back
    just like dad
    omg I had to pause because I'm laughing so much, honestly still giggling as I write this

  19. Favorite part was the spay and neuter your pets rant because there are too many homeless animals who need some love.

  20. This one has some of my favorite jokes of the Drunk Disney episodes, seemingly all the jokes come from James or Mano!

  21. 8:57–9:13 and 57 years later an anime does the exact same thing only difference is that the one who “died” actually died

  22. The thing is that baby is creeping looking

    Personally I find all baby creepy looking their helplessness and frailness stir up some psychopathic thoughts that I’ve worked to keep buried THANK YOU VERY MUCH it scares me :b idk

    I just needed to get that out because on the internet the people who will judge me and think I’m insane wouldn’t know me yay

  23. Wait… Two siamese cats… finishing their sentences… like their connected… Siamese Twins… TAKE THAT TUMBLR!

  24. A raccoon stole my harmonica once, everyday that raccoon would spend 8 hours a day teaching itself 'Howdy Doody'.

    It was the biggest damn raccoon I ever saw.

  25. This is making me so sad. I had to give my dog away because she couldn’t hold her bladder very well. I grew up with her and every 10 minutes I sit up to pet her and realize she’s gone.

  26. Why isn't anyone talking about what the BuzzFeed sign said whenever something happens that could be a viral video?

  27. Don’t try this at home!? Oh please I’ve probably drank more than this before in one sitting and I’m still here, drinking to a movie ain’t gonna kill you

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