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LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019) “Lady Meets Tramp” Clip

Your friend better be careful I smell an intruder of foot that’s hidden trustee leave the police work to me Oh, no, it’s officer trustee help just in the nick of time Hey, don’t push it. Keep your scarf on kill her. Okay, you too. Thank you for the backup. But he was just leaving weren’t you? Street dog Street dog. Oh, I got it. I’ll go but only because I’m free to leave while all of you are stuck behind your fences Just remember when the baby moves in? The dog moves out Feeling rich part away Being a street dog isn’t so bad at all. He’s a champ I’m free to be whoever I wanna be Walk wherever I want to walk hey hi, are you two UH twins, I’m her husband pal. Ah-ha eat whatever I want to keep he’s a child You know, what fine? Just remember I got this the old-fashioned way I stole it Snob hell. There we go. I got my color. I Got it Let me just take a little guess here. You’re the center of your peoples universe, right? You could say that Your family’s just about perfect. Don’t don’t please don’t Well ladies that’s basically all over now You’re about to be replaced Replace me I don’t think so lady. This is Lulu When the baby moves in The dog moves out Help me get this thing off, I’m sorry. This is not awkward at all This way totally safe, I’m not gonna do that keep it crazy. You don’t know that happening What is this place then a great big world out there with no fence around it Every day could be an adventure Let me guess here like the center of your peoples universe, right? Indeed Well, I’ve got no leashes Our fences With me every day could be an adventure This is something else Today

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100 thoughts on “LADY AND THE TRAMP (2019) “Lady Meets Tramp” Clip

  1. unlike lion king, the dogs are WAY more animated and cartoony in their actions, and they have more human-like expressions, but they still look like real dogs frame for frame.

    i feel like this ones gonna keep most of its original charm.

  2. Is it me or did the first couple of shots of Trusty look weird. His CGI looked really off putting and don’t get him wrong his model and voice look great but it’s looked kinda off.

  3. They changed his gender!! I forgot his name, the Scottish terrier, they changed his gender and I LOVE IT I love the gender switch, I just love female Scottish accents to much tbh

  4. I'm looking forward to this adaptation~ it's one of my all time favourites <3 I feel like they've made Lady a bit more assertive, rather than the super naive young gal she was in the original film, and I love it! Also Jock's a girl now? Sure I love Jock as the old cranky Scotsman from the 50s film, but a female Jock is a pretty nice change! I dig that!

  5. Changes. They change wife from white to black and turn Scottish terrier dog and baby from males to female.

    Not that there anything wrong with these changes I consider live action remakes to be alternate universe of the original so there will be differences

    Plus I think having a mix race couple with biracial baby in Lady and Tramp time frame will be instersting but not sure if they're do anything with that

  6. I have many questions:
    – Why is Jock a girl?
    – Why are the evil cats not actual Siamese?
    – Why is the baby a girl when it was a boy?

    I’m not against these btw. Just curious.

  7. I watched this movie on Disney+ last night. It was amazing. The characters showed way more and better expressions than The Lion King movie.

  8. Disney: Hey, want another "live action" of a disney classic?
    People: Uh, well…no not really, we want more OG stuff…
    Disney: Great! What about lady and the tramp?
    People: Ah crap, here we go again

  9. I don't understand… There wasn't any publicity about this movie ! At least in France. And ironically, it's a way better remake than The lion King ! It wasn't even released in my city ! Absolute incomprehension.

  10. Such a cute rendition. However not completely historically accurate. Lady's owners would not be so socially acceptable and even shunned for being an interracial couple. Not that I have any complaints about that, just stating my criticism of consistency and historical opinion.

  11. Since when is Jock a girl? Wait… what? The baby's a girl now? They've definitely changed some things from the original movie to the live action movie. I'm not sure about this?

  12. Me and my girl checked out this movie. It was pretty good Some changes here and there from the original, but nothing that bothers me too much.

    And the scene with the rat was done so well and everything after that.

  13. I liked the way Lady was more innocent and naive in the original. She's way to sassy and boss girly in this one. Yes nitpicking but it bugs me. I bet they didn't make Tramp fight off those street dogs to save her like he did in the original because of "girl power" and "I don't need a man to save me" or some shit.🙄🙄

  14. beautifully animated.. perfect example at how good lion king could have been! the expressions carry much emotion without overdoing it. natural, amazing animation!

  15. I find it funny how in the trailer everyone was complaining “THERES no emotion this will suck”

    But they had only seen like half a second of them talking in the trailer

  16. How hard they try to be political correct. It just sucks. Jock is a girl, the cats aren't siamese and Lady's owner is a woman of colour? Come on.. You can be overdramatic in new movies but please stop changing long loving charakters Disney! What comes next? Will Bambi be a gay stag?

  17. The American Cocker Spaniel dof is named Lady. Due to her appearance, she looks like that cute dog that some crazy British actor that was not in the movie.

  18. Hmmm I like the look of the dogs not the voices. Plus I'm not getting vintage vibes from the movie. So how will it have the charm of the cartoon. Beauty and beast and lady and the tramp were my favourite cartoons, I don't like their remakes 😟

  19. Jock as a girl/woman is SO wrong. Sam Elliot as Trusty is perfect! But why didn’t they get a Scottish man to play the voice of Jock? I hate this already…like most remakes of Disney.

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