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Kungsleden Trail Thru-hike, Hiking from Abisko to Hemavan

I’m finally on my way I’ve been wanting to do this
hike for a long time But life always seemed to
get in the way I watch the mountains in the
distance Knowing that tomorrow I will
start my journey I start my hike in Abisko And will hopefully be arriving
in Hemavan in about 2 weeks I take my first steps on the
trail And enjoy every minute of it The smells in the air The wind in my face And the terrain under my feet The beginning of a hike is
always special somehow I’m finally up above the
treeline here And I’m going to start my hike
towards Alesjaure The views from here are
amazing I was a bit late to start
hiking this morning I started around 8:00am But now i just had lunch And I don’t know what feels
best when you had lunch If it’s that you are no
longer hungry or that you got
a lighter pack I’m up here at the Tjätka pass Today its about 20C (68f) and
sunny When I was here last year it
was snowing So its a bit of a difference Good morning Today I’m heading out down
towards the Singi cabins I think its about 13km
(8 miles) After that I keep heading
south from there I’m going to try hiking 30km
(18miles) today I’ve just been eating lunch
here at the Singi cabins The wind is picking up abit And it looks like it might
start to rain But I keep my fingers crossed I can feel its a bit wet in
the air But I keep my fingers
crossed and head out down to
Kaitumjaure And now I’m going to continue
down to the Teusajaure cabin Its about 5:00pm So I have to hike a bit faster
and try reaching the cabins
today I pack my things and get ready
for the short boat ride Across lake Teusajaure In Vakkotavare I had to wait
for the buss That would take me south
to Kebnats After that I had to take the
boat to Saltoluokta where the
First part of my journey ends While resting for the day in
Saltoluokta I meet Jana and Alessandro We all have different reasons
for being out on the trail Beeing the love for nature Disconnecting from everyday
life Or reflecting on life itself My name is Alessandro I’m from Italy I want to try something
different from other trails I
made Like el camino de santiago
portuguese way Or the el camino de santiago
French original way So I’m here to try a new
experience And a much tougher trail Then the other ones I don’t know… I’m here to
experience a very beautiful
country So I’m really enjoying We decided to hike together At least until Kvikkjokk The next day it was time to
say goodbye to Jana She was going home Lars was the boat driver that
was taking us across the river Just like his father and
grandfather He had been driving people
across the river since he
was a small boy He was now worried about
Kvikkjokks future There was only 10 people
living there now And he stated that Kvikkjokk
is dying During the crossing I couldn’t
help but think about his words Normally when… When I’m out hiking
I’m not that fond of hiking In the forest but when I’m hiking here and everything
is silent and calm And the weather is great
And the sun Is shining through The trees Then its magical It gives some variation to
hiking in the mountains It’s windy Good morning the time is about
6am I think I’m going to start early The goal for today is that I’m
going to try reaching Voutjnaviken where the boat
crossing is over lake Riebnes After that I will be finished
with all the boat crossings A part from a small crossing
of 300m where I have to row Its going to be nice to not
have to worry about getting to
the boats in time So I’m going to try to get
there before 5pm That means I have to hike
about 36km ( 22 miles) before
5pm So I have to hike pretty fast
to make it So I’m going to pack up all my
stuff and go Me and Alessandro started to
hike together yesterday I stopped to take some
pictures and he continued But that’s how it is out here
when You meet someone and then you
hike together for a while And then you get separated And then you see each other
later on the trail And its mostly when you hike a
bit longer trails that you get
to experience that I think we are about 5-6
people that are That are hiking all the way
from Abisko to Hemavan In a bit different pace You feel like a small tight
group although you don’t really know each other
that well You share experiences And are at the same place and
time A short period of your life Out here on the trail life is
simple You eat, sleep and hike Putting one foot in front of
the other Sometimes life doesn’t need to
be about more then that Now we are done with all of
the boat crossings Its really nice to not have to
bother with that anymore Good morning I’m standing here
in front of Kyrkans Fjällgård Where we spent the night Its supposedly be nice weather
today So I’m going to try to work my
way down to Adolfström and
bäverholmen And hike a bit further after
that I hope for a nice day It looks like its going to
rain tomorrow But we start with a nice day
today We are in the mountains above
bäverholmen And it has just starting to
snow I think that I can now come
back home I think I saw everything of
Lappland Its nice because its not rain And in Italy people are
sweating And its humid and I don’t know…I’m thinking
about them I think I’m lucky At least we don’t sweet now Goodmorning It was a really tough day
yesterday We hiked across the mountain
and it kept snowing and snowing Alessandro wanted to get of the mountain and take a shortcut down to Ammarnäs And I wanted to continue on
the official route So I hiked just below the
treeline And camped there I think I hiked about 30km
(18miles) yesterday Through snow, slush and mud
and crap I think it was about 1°C (33F)
during the night so It was
pretty cold But I slept pretty good
considering So now I’m going to hike the
last 27Km (16miles) down to
ammarnäs I was hiking down here to the
valley To the rävfalla cabin And its very muddy today after
yesterdays snow So I slipped and fell down And damaged my rain jacket Luckily I wasn’t hurt just my
jacket Now its morning here Ammarnäs And i’m about to start to hike
up to the Aigert cabin And its a pretty cold morning Foggy But its supposed to clear up
during the day So we hope for really nice
weather So now its time to do the last
part of kungsleden Feels pretty weird actually That is soon over A lot of people talk about
getting out here to To escape reality I would rather say its the
opposite and say That this is the reallity The wind, the mountains And all the it brings Its back home that we run our
rat race Same thing over and over again Whitout stop and think It’s out here that you really
can do that Reflect about your life I found a pretty good place to
camp And feel pretty satisfied for
today The sun is setting The time is 7:23pm And the sun us just setting
behind the mountains So the temperature is about to
drop Today have been a fantastic
day hiking Couldnt ask for better weather Its extra nice to have nice
weather this first part Of the hike towards Hemavan since its here were a lot of the nice views are Now I’m going in to my tent and hopefully sleep pretty good tonight I just did the last ascent
towards the syter cabin And the last really step acent
of the kungsleden trail It feels good to have that done It’s the last day of real
hiking And… I finish the trail alone Just as I started it alone Of course it would be nice to
finish the trail Together with some of the
people I meet along the way But at the same time it feels
good to be able to finish it
alone And be able to reflect on the
time left here on the
Kungsleden trail I’m beginning to understand
why people like long distance
trails It’s something special beeing
out on the trail for longer
periods of time Connecting with nature and
disconnecting from
society as we know it People from all over the world
come here to hike We all have different reasons
for doing it but the trail
connects us all And as i take my last steps on the Kungsleden trail i already miss waking up and hiking. This is truly an amazing place. And finally on day 15 I arrive
at Hemavan It’s time to go home

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22 thoughts on “Kungsleden Trail Thru-hike, Hiking from Abisko to Hemavan

  1. Riktigt snyggt filmat och redigerat! Mycket inspirerande inför nästa säsong. Tack för att du delade ditt äventyr!

  2. Stort tack för att du delade med dig av ditt äventyr!
    Snyggt filmat och en de tänkvärda kommentarer du bjuder på.
    Själ har jag sträckan Singi – jäkkvik kvar att avverka vilket jag verkligen ser fram emot.
    Hoppas på fler filmer från dig, kanske en om den utrustning du hade på din tur!? (även om jag listat ut det mesta)

  3. Fantastiskt, hoppas själv på att kunna vandra Kungsleden och Padjelantaleden nästa år. Hur var din logistisk för mat?

  4. Riktigt trevlig film. Vilken del av Kungsleden tyckte du var bäst ? kommer du lägga ut en lista på vilken utrustning du hade med dig? om du skulle göra om vandringen vad hade du då gjort annorlunda ?

  5. Härlig film, bra klippt och bra filmat med passande musik! Högsta betyg🥇! Gick Classic med dottern i augusti och JMT i september och planerade för Kungsleden 2020 men blir PCT istället med start 25:e mars 2020😁😁😁

  6. Really nice movie! The first time I watch a Thru Hike movie that is interesting to watch! Making a movie which is interesting about a long hike like this is not easy so great works and keep it up friend!👊

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