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Kuiu Venture Backpack (EDC) Review: Laptop, Travel and Organize

Alright guys, let’s go over a few things
regarding the Kuiu Venture Backpack. I bought this backpack for an everyday
carry laptop backpack for a work and travel, so I’m gonna go over a few things
about it that I like. So first off I removed the webbing that lies right here,
and I don’t use that, and then right here there’s a webbing that goes across, but
when you unzip it it hooks, and it drove me nuts, so I cut that off right away. You
can see here I keep extra battery for charging my cell phone etc, and my
charging cables, and here and the top lid keeps sunglasses and gloves or whatever,
inside here and then on this pocket there’s a little hook, that you could
attach your car keys, so you don’t lose them in a second pocket, that’s at the
top, so that’s pretty sweet. Now go over the water bottle pockets
soon as – they’re pretty small for nalgene, so when you have this thing
fully stuffed, it’s hard to get a wide bottle like a Nalgene in those pockets,
and they’ll just fall out, so that we require you to use this webbing right
here to compress it down onto the bottle. Well, let’s see what else. See this, so you can see it has two
pockets here, so I keep like more charging cables in here and then I keep
it whatever like a knife etc in this pocket, noise cancelling headphones
we’re sweet, and on these two bags I keep like shirts, underwear, socks
etcetera, for when I’m traveling, and then clearly you can see I got a Macbook
Pro in the hydration sleeve, and it fits perfect, and the frame of the
backpack is really rigid, so I feel that it does a good job at protecting the
laptop if you drop the bag, Since where I was traveling to it was gonna be below
20 degrees in the night, I have a big heavyweight down jacket in this bag, so
so far I really like this backpack, I think what is it means all my needs,
especially for the price point, slightly modify and customize the straps by
cutting them off. I still feel that for what it is with the fabric the Cordura
of fabric and the price point, I would recommend others get it, if you’re looking
for like a travel, work backpack, that’s small for like minimalist travel, where I
can just carry this on to an airplane with everything, and I don’t have to
worry about checking the bag. One other thing I should mention, is there is a
removable hipbelt that goes through this sleeve right here, my opinion a
backpack this size doesn’t need a hip belt, so I took that off right away, so I
don’t show that it you, but it looks like a high quality hip
belt and it has some generous sized hip belt pockets, so if I ever choose to I
can put it back on, but so I hope you found this video helpful. I’ll put some
links in the description of this video, if you want to check out some items that
are in my bag. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments that I didn’t
cover and I’m happy to help.

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4 thoughts on “Kuiu Venture Backpack (EDC) Review: Laptop, Travel and Organize

  1. Hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, and I'm happy to answer them the best I can!

  2. Hey Barefoot Jake! Long time no see video! But don't think we didn't notice, but you have a shirt/jersey matching the backpack material. What/where is that from? Thanks!

  3. Why did you choose the 2300 over the 1800?  I am looking for my next hunting day pack but cant decide between the two.Thanks

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