100 thoughts on “Kudlow on China: If phase one goes well, December tariffs may be removed

  1. This Maria woman keeps saying China is stealing, which is completely nonsense. American companies went to China willingly to do joint venture , nobody has forced them to do so. If there is any stealiung going on, There will be a lot litigations which happen all the time.

  2. No,no,no keep the tariffs!!
    On inflation the government uses a dishonest formula. It doesnt take into account the expenses of we average citizens. It as usual favors the investor class.

  3. Are the Chinese selling off US debt right now and devaluing the Dollar?

    I heard they were and that warrants fierce response.

  4. Trump playing the communists china big time ,after 2020 china problems haven't even started, Trump will burn XI JINPING and use him as a unstable example in world order and trade.

  5. Trump Lies, Again, and Again, and Again…
    “Saudi Arabia is paying for 100 percent of the cost, including the cost of our soldiers. The negotiation took a very short time — like, maybe, about 35 seconds.”

    The Truth:
    What caught our attention is that the president claims that Saudi Arabia will pay all of the costs — “100 percent” — of the deployment, including “the cost of our soldiers.” Some critics have charged that Trump is turning U.S. troops into mercenaries, available to the highest bidder. Since the president has a long history of inflating what he has supposedly negotiated, we thought we would investigate.

Notice that Trump claims he negotiated this deal in a “very short time — like, maybe, about 35 seconds.” In previous White Houses we have covered, such a stunning act of negotiation would be accompanied by readouts by presidential aides, eager to explain how such a coup came about.

But, in this case, just crickets from the White House, except for the bragging by the president himself. White House officials would not explain what Trump meant.
So, we checked with the Pentagon for more details on the supposed payment arrangement. Officials at the Defense Department deflected our inquiry, telling us to contact the State Department.
Hmmm, experience has taught us that this is a sign that any such deal is still under negotiation. Otherwise, the Pentagon would have been happy to discuss it.
Sure enough, we ended up with a carefully crafted statement from State that certainly reinforced that impression.
The core of the statement, attributed to a State Department spokesman, said: “While we will not comment on specific bilateral defense agreements, more broadly the United States encourages burden-sharing among partners in support of shared security interests, to include defense of the Arabian Gulf.”
Notice the “encourages burden-sharing” language. That certainly sounds like an aspiration, not a negotiated outcome. And the State Department won’t comment on a “specific bilateral defense agreement” even though the president is talking about it? That doesn’t make much sense.
We checked with the relevant committees in the House and the Senate — Defense, Foreign Affairs and Appropriations — and none could report an understanding of the president’s claim. The Saudi Embassy did not respond with an explanation, either.
When NBC News reported in July that U.S. troops were being dispatched to Prince Sultan Air Base, it quoted unnamed U.S. officials as saying that “Saudi Arabia has already agreed to pay some of the costs associated with having U.S. personnel and assets there.”
“Some” is clearly much less than 100 percent.
Neither the Pentagon nor the State Department would comment on that language, each telling The Fact Checker to discuss it with the other agency.

  6. Time to throw Elaine Chao and her Chinese family into the dumpster where she belongs. Her sister sits on the board of the Bank of China and she brings her Chinese father into meetings with the Potus on his plane. Americans are pissed off and have had enough nepotism. She should learn to shut her mouse as David Bowie says. Send her and her commie family back before we do it for her. Time to expel all Russians and Chinese in this country out and block their entry. We don't need commies here among us finding ways to take our companies and freedoms.

  7. Uyghur Problem is not Muslim Problem!!! Now millions of uyghur children in the camps!! They need go home! They need help! They need medicine and food!! They need go to normal Uyghur school!!! They need parents! They are waiting for us!! Trump for Uyghur kids do something please!


  9. There she goes again…I guess once you start interrupting a guest, it just isn't possible to stop….it would have been nice to hear what he had to say!!!!! Shame, shame, shame, Maria!

  10. What the Hell! CNN Idiots! A venue at cost, is free because nobody is making any profit. The CNN idiots think that businesses can survive by giving everything away. CNN idiots wouldn't do anything for free. What a disgrace. POTUS gives his salary away and then offers his golf resort at cost for the G7 and the MSM and CNN cry foul. Can anyone believe these disgraceful corrupt IDIOTS.

  11. Kudlow "l really like what they are saying on the other side" Their words are 100% irrelevant and just a stalling, seductive tactic. The only thing that matters is what they do, not what they say. l hope Kudlow and those rushing for a trade deal are not being bribed or blackmailed. Enough of CNs BS.

  12. We should remain TOUGH on these trade negotiations with China. Remember, they already reneged twice on what they previously agreed to do. And they don't play fair on anything, be it on trade or sports, which they used to get away with for years.

  13. Oh and remember Kudlow to keep pushing the lie that tariffs aren't taxes we pay – even though they are. You boot-licker and boloney pusher.

  14. The ONLY deals you should be doing with China is for food. Technology should be out of bounds, given their past behaviours. You can't trust them, they never keep their Word.

  15. WWG1WGA…Q

    The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time

    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

    Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family


  16. Lucky Trump did not announced tariff raise in Jan, Feb, March, April, May…and so on. Prob we ended up phase 240,000,000 levels trade talk.

  17. Pelosi won’t pass USMCA. It is a political move to fail trump. Pelosi doesn’t care about Americans, she and the thugs have only one thing in mind, to impeach trump in any way they can.

  18. Watch some YT videos about what China wants to do, we better beat them in trade, or join them…. they will take over the world with their totalitarian government if we don't figure something out.

  19. China would be more willing to deal if the MSM did not paint Trump as being unable to win in 2002 or get impeached. The left is weakening America with their BS.

  20. When US puts a dateline, China looks at it as unequal or US is acting like a boss. If i understand China correctly, they will 100% delay and will not make any deal till 15 Dec, i.e., as long as there's a threat/pressure from US, China will not make any deal. That's what China means by equal standing.
    So guys, there will be no deal until 15 Dec dateline lapsed and if US puts other datelines in 2020, China will wait till that datelines lapsed again. Based on Canada's actions on China, i believe that US will not give in and there will be no deal till Nov 2020 comes. Good luck investing.

  21. She interrupted a lot less than usual. Does she read these comments?
    Anyway, am I the only one who feels that delaying the trade deal in a rather transparent attempt to harm the economy should earn Pelosi a traitor's reward?

  22. Intellectual property theft, forced transfer of technology there's no such thing! That was a deal with company owner and China to get access to their massive market!you Americans know that for sure,if you Americans wanna end this stop doing business with China! China is China you can't dictate china anymore

  23. Isn't this the same clown that predicted the collapse of China's economy 2yrs ago? Why is he still talking? I predict that his latest predictions will be wrong again! What credibilty does he still have to advice the orange man? No wonder the US is going to the dumpsters! Lol

  24. We have been selling off the US treasury bonds to buy gold instead! We've accumulated 20,000 tons of gold reserves thus far! Thanks for the bonds y'all lol

  25. You have no technology, the U S has run out of ideas, and that's why they want to buy Huawei's 5G tech. You keep on talking about stolen or stealing your technology what have you lost that you don't even have it. When your looking at buying something surely you know very well that you can't make it or compete than going around telling others that is bad, they are not lessening at you now.

  26. We can't talk about CHINA'S treatment of it's citizens!
    Look within the US and the demo…..RATS acting trump-derangement lol……

  27. Finally.. some business news. Lol. Now way a deal will be made. How would they buy all the empty business in America if a deal is made. Hurry up we are running out of warehouse space in Thailand.

  28. If trump gets billions for trump hotels from China..do you think a deal will be made or will trump do what China wants! According to Thai warehouses…trump will do what China wants if he wants his 2020 campaign swag.

  29. As a Chinese, I know how good the communist party with lies. Often times, the more they enforced, that’s the things they either don’t have or want other people to do. i.e. that government keep on saying they have “4 confidence “, that means they don’t have any confidence at all. They think they hold the Americans short comes which is welling to sell the goods, I suggest Trump announces to forbidden selling soybeans to China, then they will eager to buy, or at least next time charge them at least half of the price when they “make their promise “.

  30. We all know that the Chiniese people and government are going to stop stealing it’s in their DNA and culture to steal. Not only are the chinese people and government of China stealing from the United States , but from Europe. It’s time to put these thieves in their place.

  31. They'll be walking this lie back real soon. China is on no hurry to make a deal. They'll wait till the election is closer and then they'll f**k tRump into making one

  32. "Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end up with crushed bodies and shattered bones. Those bones will be pounded to dust." – The President Of China. (Sounds like SUCH a nice guy!) Better than calling us "RUNNING DOGS" I guess? At least WE LOVE dogs that are alive and run and don't EAT them. Human Rights! Freedom of DEMOCRACY Movement!

  33. The facts are that most AMERICANS are decent, reasonable, MORAL, ethical, fair-minded and logical.  BUT, MEGAN, WE HATE THE SHEER PROPAGANDA AND MUNIPULATION BEING SPEWED BY elitist MS MEDIA /FAKE NEWS.  AND GUESS WHAT, WE LIVE ON BOTH COASTS and all across the USA.  THE MEDIA = GLOBALIST CRAP peddlers are hell bent on a DESTRUCTIVE POLITICAL AND CULTURAL AGENDA!  WAKE UP!

  34. My guess: 5G and Huawei are created as spy technology to be used with the facial recognition technology HUNTER (the HUNTED) came away from China with 1.8 BILLION to help and treasonously further CORRUPT the USA more than he and his daddy's cronyism has already accomplished thus far. China offers "FREE" infrastructure building to make it tempting to agree to, as what WE DON'T KNOW .. won't hurt us? Oh YES IT WILL!!! China uses this tech to CONTROL/IMPRISON masses without need 4 prisons

  35. China uses technology to imprison people (social scores) without the need for physical prisons. Those IN physical prisons won't live to tell about their own personal horrors. China smiles as they pretend to be GOOD people and at the same time have every intention, it appears .. of some day RULING THE WORLD. Ain't gonna EVER be possible under Trump's watch. China take heed. Trump is giving you EVERY chance to straighten up and fly right. China is approaching the tipping point of no return.

  36. Any deal with China is a China win. They will never, ever abide by any deals they agree to. Negotiation is only a trick to stall and delay. Americans are very naive. Chinese TV shows and internet are so full of government sponsored USA hating propaganda you will feel sick if you know their language. Chinese people are brain washed to hate the US. They want our downfall. There is no compromise.

  37. I guessed these bunch of useless white house so called 'advisers" only voiced their own views but in the end it come to nothing. The Chinese President and the orange guy have the final say. It's as simple as that.

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