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Kota Damansara Community Forest #3 | Trails: Salleh-Scout-Serenity-Temuan-Scout | Akaso V50x

Yeah, we are coming up to the first intersection. At all intersections, you will see this map. This one here says, we’re at the Scout’s and
Serenity intersection. So we have to go to Serenity, Sahabat, Temuan,
and out back to Scouts. Well, there’s a wet section there It’s really
good if you have shoes that are water resistant or water proof so that your feet don’t get
wet. Ah, this tree also fell recently I think a few days back Because of the heavy rain Hi You can see the markers for Serenity At this point, I can hear the sound of water We are quite near the stream on my left And this guy always catches a lot of people Look at the ants You can see that or not? Some people would have hit this branch and
have a whole load of ants fall on them which is extremely unpleasant for the people as
well as the ants Yeah, Okay Quick short cut here and another quick short cut here I don’t have much time Generally I would like to take the long route I don’t know if you can see
the water The water is on my right now and we’ll be passing the stream

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