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Korea to announce plan to tackle inflation by improving distribution chains 농산물 유통 구조 개선 어떻게 달라지나

In order to tackle rising fresh produce prices
in Korea, a team of related government ministries has come up with a plan to improve the current
distribution chain. The official announcement of the details is
expected to come later in the day, but our Kim Han-ul gives us a preview. A team of experts
from Korea’s finance, agriculture and fisheries ministries plus agricultural co-operatives
is set to announce a radical plan for tackling the soaring prices of fresh produce. The plan will likely include cutting the steps
in the existing distribution chain from five to three, with the help of agricultural co-operatives. In the current system, goods go from the producer
to the field distributor and on to the wholesaler, reseller and retailer before reaching consumers. But under the new system, two of the steps
will be eliminiated, and goods will only go through the field distributor, wholesaler
and consumer distribution channels before reaching the consumer. The government plans to do this by fostering
co-operatives. In the past, private distributors had tried
to simplify the system in this way, but instead of bringing consumer prices down, it only
increased the company’s profit. The government says the co-ops can help bring
produce prices down in a way that will have a direct impact on consumers. Consumers can purchase goods for less when
buying from a co-op, and producers can sell their goods at lower prices through co-ops
by eliminating the unnecessary costs that come from distribution chains. This could be a win-win situation for both
sides,.. as the government expects it will increase producer profits by five percent
and decrease consumer prices by roughly 10 percent. In addition to strengthening ties with existing
co-operatives, the ministry plans to encourage the public to take advantage of this system
by making more information available online. Kim Han-ul, Arirang News.

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