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kiribaku hiking adventure

Hi. im bakugou Hey bakugouu so are we going hiking today? Yes kirishima. Ok! 🙂 There’s Lots of fun things to see In the woods uah So…umm…in the forest There are a lot of animals and a lot of trees… 🙂 uh Yeah. and so we are hiking alone in the forest and im hiking with my friend Kirishima Hi im kirishima im bakugous friend yeah And we are hiking. Its really nice out today and were going hiking in the Woods! A lot of things in the woods to see like trees And aminals. Whats wrong bakugou?): I think theres bear in the woods 🙁 Theres a bear>? What the hell…. why…. Cus the bears are in the woods shitty hair 🙂 Ugh fucking damn it ugh what are we gonna do Get the fuck out of my woods. Fucking bear kirishima we have to do something…. But what are we gonna do ): I have an idea. Kirishima i need you to transform bakugou are you sure about that? Yes kirishima im sure about it you need to do this Ok! yesssssss … you guys.. Get outta my woods! NO! Kirishima after him ow… thats what you get 🙂 Yeahh We did it guys we defeated the bear Thank you kirishima that was really heroic of you… oh bakugou couldnt have done it without you dude thanks…. shitty hair… youre not so bad after all 🙂 Thanks bakugou 🙂 *kiss* Oh my god….

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16 thoughts on “kiribaku hiking adventure

  1. I have so many questions. I'm having so many feelings. This is legitimately the most entertaining thing I've seen in weeks. <3

  2. every video of yours feels like a damp, clammy hand brushing against the back of my neck as I try and escape and I am afraid

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