Kaua‘i Hikes – Kuilau Ridge Trail

Aloha, Julian Coiner here from Kaua‘i
Hikes. Guess what? We’re on the East Side today and we’re getting ready to do the
Kuilau Ridge Trail. It’s gonna be amazing. Let’s have a great time. Aloha. The Kuilau trailhead is near the Keahua
Arboretum in Wailuā. The hike is under two and a half miles
each way. Like most Kaua‘i Hikes, there are elevation changes. I would describe this trail as easy to moderate. There are some truly beautiful views
here. The lookout is approximately a mile in, it’s a great place for a picnic. Since this hike is near the foot of
Mount Waialeale, you’re going to encounter some mud, so
bring appropriate footwear. Going further, you’ll intersect with the Moalepe Trail. This trail ends in a Wailuā neighborhood. Thanks for joining me on the Kuilau
Trail here on the East Side of Kaua‘i, until next time, take a hike!

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