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Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System – A must-have for hikers

Hi guys, Nat from Tentworld Prospect here. We’re gonna cover the Jetboil Flash today. I’ve actually brought my own in so that we can have a bit of a play. So just starting off this is one of the biggest sellers in the Jetboil range. It’s a 1L cup and designed for hiking and pure water boiling only. Can’t stress that enough – I’ve heard of people trying to boil milk in this, so be careful. It comes with a little container and measuring cup it actually has a little measuring cup in there. Got the top that you want to leave on while you’re boiling water. And inside you’ll find enough space for the actual stove and I’ve got something a little extra in here I’ve actually bought the coffee plunger, which fits nicely. Generally you’ll be able to fit a little 100g cartridge. In there. With your stove. It’s a nice little compact unit for hiking, predominantly. A lot of military guys like using it, I’ve got the camo, cause I like the look. What you’ll notice is the Jetboil Flash in particular has a few features that some of the others don’t. What we’ve got is an in-built ignitor switch it’s piezo so it’ll last you about 10,000 clicks or so. You can actually buy the replacements if you ever do run out. So it’s just pretty quick and easy. Also we’ve got a little heat indicator on the side here which tells us when the water has finished boiling. So it’ll actually turn from black as you see it now to a bright orange. I’ll show you how it works. So pretty easy. We’re gonna just make sure that this lever is in the off position before we attach it to the gas cartridge because obviously we don’t want gas coming through accidentally. So I’m just gonna secure that on, this is a self-sealing cartridge by Jetboil. I’ve got the slightly larger one, the 230g. We’re just gonna attach the cup. It’s got three little sections, it’s a simple down and twist. Just a little bit. I’m gonna add some water so we can actually see how it goes. So I’m just gonna put in about – – let’s not forget the cartridge stand. This is the stabiliser so it actually goes in the bottom of your gas cartridge. It’s got two sections so you can actually fit in the smaller cartridge on that as well for the stand. Fill her up. Because that’s a litre, I’ve just poured in half so obviously we have half a litre in there at the moment. Pretty quick and easy. I’m gonna just flick on the gas. And ignite. Simple as that. Wanna make sure that the lid is on when you’re doing this at all times. And I’m gonna turn that up. What you’ll notice is that the indicator will start changing slowly in colour. Now because I’ve put in half a litre it’s gonna take 2.5 minutes to boil. But you’ll see it happening as we go. This is obviously one in the packaging. And it gives you all the stats on the side in case you’re wondering. So if you ever pick up a Jetboil just look at the side and it will give you all the things you need to know. So it’ll tell you it’s a one litre cup 100g of gas will give you 12 litres of boil so 12 of these, so it’ll cover you several days hiking if you’re by yourself. Also 100g cartridge will last you an hour. So heaps of time. And obviously I just told you half a litre will give you 2.5 minutes of cooking time before it’s boiled. So you’ll get heaps of use out of one little 100g cartridge. Now I can hear that starting to simmer away. But while that’s happening I’ll just let you know there are a few more Jetboils to the range. This is what’s called an un-regulated stove so you can’t simmer. That’s why I can’t stress enough it’s just water. If you have the model below, the Zip, it’s got an 800g cup instead and no piezo ignitor. And no heat indicator on the side. So that’s how you know the difference it’s just your little basic entry-level model. The next model up from the Zip would be the MightyMo. It’s a litre cup but it’s a squat cup. It will actually have an in-built regulator so you can simmer on it. Which gives it a bit more use than just boiling water. The Sumo is the model up from the MightyMo and it’s a 1.8 litre cup. So much bigger, big enough to cook for groups. And again it has an in-built regulator so you can do more than just boil water. And that’s started turning a nice orange there. There we go, simple as that. Let’s turn this puppy off. And from there nice insulated cup so you can actually handle that and the bottom, make sure you hold the bottom, you don’t wanna untwist it from the cartridge as you’ve got it attached. Simple little twist. Pull up, and because the cup actually has a little hole there I can actually pour that out into the cup. Or into my freeze-dried packet that I’ve got ready to go. And because you can measure your water beforehand you can pour in the exact amount you need in your freeze-dried food. While we’re here I just wanted to mention this cup obviously separates from the stove you can actually buy something called a pot support and can actually attach other pots and pans in the Jetboil range onto these little stoves. The important thing I mentioned earlier is remember that this is not a regulated stove so it is either full on, burning away, or it’s off. So make sure you use the Jetboil branded pots and pans. They have a special flux ring in-built into the cup and the pots and pans to distribute the heat upwards. If you’re using a normal pot or pan on one of these it’s actually gonna void the warranty because the heat is so hot, so much pressure coming out of there, that it’s actually gonna transfer into the bottom stove, it’s gonna melt that. So it’s gonna be reflecting the heat rather than actually absorbing it up into the pot. So make sure Jetboil brand pots and pans only on these little puppies. If however you wanted to use potentially your own pots and pans and do a bit more than just boil or just fry, and you wanna simmer, anything in the Jetboil range ending in ‘Mo’ so MightyMo, the Sumo, and the MiniMo they all have an in-built regulator so they can actually simmer and you can do a bit more on those. So you can get away with using a pot and pan and doing a little bit of simmering. Remember the Flash and the Zip are only for purely boiling water for those hikers and those military personnel that really need it. All right, cheers guys, Tentworld Prospect out.

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