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Jeju Olle Trail Camping Thru-Hike Part Three: Route 7 to Route 12 제주 올레길

Hey guys! Welcome to Part Three of our Jeju Olle Trail videos in parts one and two we walked from Jeju City to here, Seogwipo, all down the east coast and for now we’re outside the Jeju Olle centre about to head off on Route 7 AND, we don’t need to get our stamps today or for the next few days for that matter cause we’ve already got them cause we did these routes before, you may have seen them in our original Olle Trail video this time though, we’re walking in the technically correct direction following the blue arrows instead of the orange arrows It’s been a couple of years since we did that so things have no doubt changed, but lets find out Are you ready? (Del) I’m ready 갑시다! Let’s go So down there we can hear and just about see the lovely Cheonjiyeon waterfall. If you’re doing Route 7 definitely make enough time to go and see that waterfall cause it’s really beautiful. We are not going down there today cause we’ve actually been before and we’ve got about 18km to go and it’s already pretty late so we don’t really have time but we’re just telling you, you should go, definitely Nothing like starting your day with a hike up an oreum That’ll get your blood bumping, eh! Wooo! We’re having a classic Korean lunch today, kimbap which is NOT sushi so Del’s having 소고기김밥, which is beef kimbap and I’m having deep fried prawns OK, let’s do a taste test see how it is It’s one of the good kimbaps We just saw a bunch of dolphins out there, that was sooo cool we couldn’t really capture it on camera though, sorry, you missed it Let’s go get our fake mid-stamp. Or let’s just get a double stamp Why not (Del) It’s a doople. Let’s do a doople That’s us FINALLY made it to the end of Route 7 it has been a long, but very satisfying day There’s no doubt that Route 7 is one of the nicest ones It’s a very impressive route So we’ve made it to the stamp spot there’s a little park here, we’re basically just gonna set up the tent there let’s get this done My goodness, this wee ganse’s seen better days eh We’re packed up and ready to go at just after 7.30 today That is an absolute first for us normally it’s closer to 10, 10.30 it’s a long day, it’s 19.6km today we’ve done this route before, we really like it, we know there’s gonna be a million things we wanna stop and see so it’s probably a good thing we’re leaving early We’re back in what I like to call Resort Hell probably my least favourite part of the island I just saw a woman in a wetsuit wearing high heels that pretty much sums up why I don’t like this area We’re passing through the main resort area here in Jeju It’s not unpleasant around here, but we’re having to climb a bit of a hill and it’s just not the Jeju we really wanna be in My tent will do just fine I just had a quick dip in the women’s baths and now I feel very refreshed So we’ve arrived at Daepyeong, we’re camping at the exact same spot that we stayed at last time it’s a little bit overgrown, but there are no spiders this time which I’m very thankful for just a decomposing rat, but Del got rid of that one pretty quick So, we’re out for tea [dinner] and we’ve got some 고등어구이 our favourite, grilled mackerel sea urchin, we tried this for the first time the other day and in here we’ve got some 수제비 soup which is….ehhh… hard to describe basically it’s a soup with seaweed and some little clams and stuff and then some banchan, sides and things looking forward to trying it Time for us to tackle Route 9, which is one of the toughest ones on the Olle Trail but it’s pretty short at only 7 point something Ks and it’s worth every step of it up that cliff and the oreum up there (Del) we’re getting there This is one of a number of caves up here that was built by the Japanese army when they were occupying Korea Have you got a bit of deja-vu, Del? I do have a bit of deja-vu Do-a-loo-a-loo-a…. It was our three year wedding anniversary the last time we perched on this fence here and had a little snack this year it’ll be five years where does the time go?! Right, so no stopping here let’s get the start of Route 10 one more time we’re gonna walk about 6 Ks of Route 10 now and we’re gonna camp at Sagye Beach Lunch time Cheers Welcome to our camp spot this is exactly where I was desperate to camp the last time we came here but it was waaay too windy and we had to go and hide next to an abandoned tractor in a bit of wasteland somewhere up there so I’m very happy to be back here Right, we’re off and we’re on the clock today because we want to try and finish Route 10 and make the noon ferry over to Gapado Island to do Route 10-1 today as well let’s hope we can do 10 Ks in, hmmm, three and a half hours We’ve made it to Gapado, yeeesss! This was the view from our camp spot last night we do love it here, camping in the pine forest with a view of the beach and the port and stuff, it’s very nice But, it’s about to get stormy again for the next couple of nights so we’ve booked into a hotel we’re still gonna keep walking, we’re gonna head there just now, dump some of our stuff and walk with a lighter load The weather report said it was gonna rain at 2 O’Clock it literally is 2 O’Clock and it just started raining That rain aint going anywhere now that is proper big splats of rain so let’s get the rain coats on We made it back to our hotel, we washed some clothes, we had our first shower in four days then we got pretty hungry we’ve found ourselves in a Hawaiin themed restaurant called Gla Gla Hawaii which means ‘let’s go to Hawaii’ in the local dialect we’ve got ourselves some fish n chips and, of course, our favourite, Magpie Porter Mmmm You’ll enjoy that We’re back at the same spot that we gave up at yesterday and thankfully there is no more rain but it is incredibly windy, it’s about 40KPH an hour winds with gusts up to 65 so, we’re gonna see how today goes we’re gonna attempt to finish 11 and do all of 12 which means it’s about a 23 KM day Hopefully, we’ll be light on our feet! This gotjawal, dense forest area, is absolutely gorgeous it’s full of vines and ferns and these old stone walls it has a really kind of exotic, rainforesty feel I’m really enjoying it and thankfully, no spiders this time last time we were fighting our way through spider’s webs pretty much the whole way through and the spiders were like this size, I was hating it this is much better this has turned out to be one of my favourite meals of the whole trail it is absolutely delicious Mmmmmm, that crunch look at the state of my passport Hot coffee, and this view of the waves just dumping in on the coast it’s magic That’s me reaching my limits this last few Ks is gonna be tough but they’re also the most spectacular on this route if I remember correctly Woooooooooo! let’s get this done We made it! A good day. A good way to finish the day. It’s been a long day, but we have made it to the end of Route 12 and you have made it to the end of this video, just about Join us in Part Four where we’ll be completing our circuit of Jeju Island starting here at Route 13 and if you’ve missed parts one and two, don’t forget you can catch them in our Worldwide Hiking Playlist over on our channel and as always, if you’ve enjoyed this video give us a LIKE drop us a COMMENT if you’ve got any questions SUBSCRIBE to the channel to see all our videos and don’t forget that bell See you on Route 13! Cheerio! Bye (Del) Oh!! (Kim) that was a wee joke (Del) very dainty I’m mingin! The sweat is pooling in my sunglasses and dripping down my face into my mouth it’s very salty (Kim) Yeah, I know because we share a bladder When he drinks, and I go to drink after I’m like, uggghhh euuggghhh, it’s covered in salt I mean, that’s mingin, maybe you should carry your own water pal Euugghh (Del) Maybe you should carry your own tent Ohhhhhhhhh! Handbags at dawn! (Del) Your own sleeping bag, your own laptop Ohhhhhhhh! (in Scottish highlands accent) The stamp spot has moved (Del, also in Scottish highlands accent) The stamp spot has moved has it It used to be at the old post office at Kensington Hotel Oh! Did you hear that, that was a belly rumble Del good thing you packed those extra digestives that you were soooo raging about me buying Horse is just scratching its arse Del, did you know why this place is called Hamo? It used to be called Ham Right it used to be called Ham and then they twinned it with this city in Australia so they renamed it Ham-O This is what I’ve gotta put up with (Kim laughing hysterically at her own terrible joke)

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