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Jeju Olle Trail Camping Thru-Hike Part Four: Route 13 to Route 18-1 제주 올레길

Hey! Welcome to part four of our Jeju Olle Trail walk this is the final section of our journey we are heading from here, Route 13 all the way back to Jeju City where we started about 3 weeks ago If you’ve missed any of the journey so far you can check it out by going to our hiking playlist over on the channel Let’s get started on Route 13 So, there’s a restaurant and we’re gonna go in and have some sundubu jjigae which is, like, a tofu stew Ohh, so good! Definitely recommend this place This bag feels soooo heavy right now So, we’re at the very edge of the crater rim looking down into the crater which is kinda hard to show you on the camera but, it’s just covered in trees and it’s like a massive, well, I’m sure you know what a crater is it’s like a massive dip in the middle of the mountain it’s amazing! Really, really cool There’s some steps that go down into the crater and it’s not technically on the actual Jeju Olle Trail route but do make sure you come down here, it is incredible it feels like you’re just in the belly of it and the birds, wow! It is so cool here, and the views over the island are amazing we have decided that we are gonna camp here but we don’t really have that many supplies we’ve, ehhh, emptied out the bags and found three energy bars a wee grainy bar some seaweed some snack stuff and we’ve got about a litre of water so, eh, we’re hoping that’ll do us through til the morning we had a big lunch, we’re not that hungry, we’ll be fine Good morning from a gorgeous sunrise on top of Jeoji Oreum we’re so glad that we camped here last night and we’ve finally seen Hallasan again, it’s been days it’s just been hiding in the clouds Now let’s get packed up, head down to the end of 13 and start on Route 14-1 OK, we’ve had breakfast we had some yoghurt, some bananas I did not want another Dr Yoo bar so I got some fried tofu parcels had some rice in there, it was delicious OK, we’re heading off on 14-1 and the majority of this is through a gotjawal which is Jeju dialect for a dense forest this should be pretty nice there’s a wee bug on the lens Del We’ve reached the mid stamp spot already! Wow! This is one of those nice Korean meals where you get to wrap things in a little lettuce leaf and then pop it all in your mouth let’s see if I can do it elegantly Right, we have ticked off 14-1 it is done and dusted so the next route is Route 14 and we know we wanna camp at Hyeopjae Beach which is about 14 Ks into that route so we would definitely be camping there tomorrow night but we were like, hmmmm what if we can make it there TONIGHT and then we can camp there for TWO nights and just have a chill day tomorrow! SO, it’s 3pm we’ve got 14 Ks to go so we’re having a little power coffee bit of dessert let’s see if we can do this If there’s one thing that’ll get you bouncing along the road it’s 3 puppies! 안녕하세요 안녕하세요 Mmm, smells really good 냄새 좋아요 What could that be? Nah, it’s not me This is literally the best place that you could come out at it’s gorgeous Oh, look at these lovely roofs! We had absolutely no intention of walking this far today but we’ve made it to Hyeopjae Beach just at sunset I think we have walked over 27 Ks today with our big bags which is a new record for us and I hope Del does not hold me to it because I don’t ever wanna walk that again but it’s all worth it because now we get to stay here for two nights and tomorrow we are not walking we’re just gonna have a rest day and chill out here at this gorgeous beach and do you know what we realised as we were walking here is that tomorrow is one year to the day since we left Korea so it’s four years to the day since we moved to Korea so it seems like a very fitting time for us to just take a break and appreciate this beautiful landscape The rest day is over, we’ve had such a nice day here at Geumneung Beach it’s definitely one of our favourite places on the island the hiking boots are back on, time to finish Route 14 and start on Route 15, of which we have a choice of two courses inland on 15-A, or the coast on 15-B we’re going with the coastal route, because we love scenes like this and we wanna camp at Gwakji Beach, which is about 5 Ks short of the end point I think this spot quite nicely sums up Korea actually over there you’ve got a brand new coffee shop where everyone is sitting looking out at the beautiful ocean view, listening to their bangin tunes and behind us, a bunch of haenyeo who are continuing with a practice and a culture that’s been going on for hundreds of years and all we can hear from them is sumbisori the noise that they make when they come up for air and these two cultures co-existing quite nicely in Jeju, and also all over Korea it’s really interesting I can see why this place is popular. Oh my! Oh, that is sooo rich. I’ve got the chicken noodles 우와, that’s good! Ohhhhhhh A goes that way, B goes this way That’s the way we’re going, to the coast This is the second time that the Olle Trails have literally taken us right past or right through haenyeo changing rooms and it’s fascinating to watch them scooping out all the insides of the sea urchins, it’s amazing to see it from, you know, start to finish like that Made my day! We’re at a lovely Japanese restaurant just at the very end of Gwakji Beach and we’ve got some croquettes some salmon, and we’re just waiting on some Antarctic Toothfish, which we used to have at Chef Jang’s in Tongyeong all the time so as soon as I saw that on the menu I was like, get it get it get it It’s very nice ♪Mmmm mmmm mmmm♪ OK, get some salmon down ye Do beaches get much more perfect than this?! Look at that beautiful white sand and the gorgeous colour of the ocean it’s just been amazing having it to ourselves this morning BUT the tour groups are starting to arrive so it’s time for us to depart we’ve got about 5 Ks left on Route 15 and then we’re gonna start inland on Route 16 Well guys, we have made it an impressive 800m in the last hour and twenty minutes since we left the camp easy done when you’ve got views like this, it is absolutely incredible! We’re having a very late lunch today it’s already ten to four we’ve just been snacking on like convenience store stuff up until now this looks really good though and we’ve reached the point where we finish on the coastal section of Route 16 and we’re gonna start heading inland and we’ve got about, maybe 5 and a half Ks left until the spot where we’re gonna camp which is at the mid stamp spot We’re walking under the busiest flight path in the whole world which is the Seoul to Jeju route and we’ve literally seen planes coming in every two minutes it’s mad Oh my feet hurt! It’s after 7 o’clock now we’re nearly there though but look at all those stairs So this is it! This is gonna be our very last camp on the Olle Trail we have two more trails to go, but we’re not going to be camping on them and I think it’s not a bad spot nice and peaceful So, today’s the day we will complete our circuit of Jeju Island We’ve got about 5 Ks left of Route 16 to do and then we’re gonna be completing Route 17 and ending at the Ganse Lounge where we started about a month ago now I don’t know about you Del, but I’m a bit peckish Standard convenience store breakfast Banana, yoghurt, Dr Yoo (Kim) What is that?! It looks like a wee brain Over my shoulder is the Ganse Lounge where we started exactly 4 weeks ago and it feels pretty damn good to have walked the whole island let’s go get our last stamp A celebratory pint here at the Ganse Lounge to toast our completion of the mainland routes on the Olle Trail we’re pretty delighted with it, however there is one left to do, the fabled Chuja-do Route 18-1 We’re hoping to get there on the ferry tomorrow but the weather forecast is a little bit iffy and it’s about an hour and a half away so we’ll kinda see how it goes For now, we need to get a shower scrubbed up, and finish this delicious squid And have some more beer as well The food here is excellent! We’ve made it to Chuja-do, the ferry was only about an hour in the end so, that was fine, nice and quick and we’ve sorted ourselves out a pension for the next two nights so it’s just Korean style, no bed or anything that’s our bedding, we’ll just lay out the mattress and the blankets and stuff on the floor and we’ve got a balcony with a sea view pretty nice so we’ll wait out today and we’ll get hiking tomorrow We’re filling up on a proper breakfast for a change at our pension here on Chuja-do before we head off on the route today Del’s just told me I’m going too slowly apparently I can’t enjoy this at a relaxed pace or it’ll take us 8 hours and we’ll miss dinner! We’re back where we started this morning and it is time to get the final stamp ♪(to the tune of The Final Countdown)♪ It’s the final stamp do do do do, do do do do do do do-loo-do, do do do do do do-do-do do do do doooooo (Kim) I’ve never felt such pressure before Del, it’s the last one! OK please be beautiful, please be beautiful (Del) It’s a solid press (Kim) but will it be good enough? Aww, it’s well smudgy! And that’s it! 18-1 is done and that means that we have now completed the entire Jeju Olle Trail so 26 trails, over 30 days and we have walked over 430km this month it’s been amazing, but now our feet hurt Yeah, feet, back, shoulders, knees everything kinda glad to be finished, but what a fantastic trip it’s been we’ve learnt so much about the island and all the amazing landscapes the history, the culture there’s not just one Jeju, there’s so much to see along the way there’s so much variety on the island and it’s been a revelation to us We hope that you guys get to come to Jeju some day and walk the Olle Trails for yourself and that you’ve enjoyed this video, you’ve enjoyed seeing what it’s like to walk them learning about the food that you can eat here and what it’s like to camp as well when you’re on the trails if you’ve got any questions just drop us a comment below and we will get back to you and we have a bunch of blog posts as well over on our website about Jeju itself and also specifically about the Olle Trail so just check out the links, they’re in the description below If you’ve missed Parts One, Two, or Three go check them out they’re on our hiking playlist Subscribe to the channel so you can see all the videos in the future as well and you’ve gotta hit that bell if you wanna get your notifications OK guys, see you later! See you, bye! To Jeju! To Jeju! Del Yeah? How do you like your romance? Well, I like mine hardboiled (laughing hysterically) ♪ This is my bada dance, this is my bada dance, this is my bada dance ♪ We’re gonna be marching through those fields back to the coast MMM MMM MMM I’ll sing ♪ my 시끄럽다, 미끄럽다 song♪ that was embarrassing ♪ Geobukseon mandeusaaaaaay ♪ ♪ Geobukseon mandeusaaaaaay ♪ I feel like I’m back in Tongyeong, this is brilliant! ♪ We made it to the sea, yeah ♪ ♪ I see the sea, it is my bada dance ♪ hey, there’s someone in the car over there watching me let’s go! We made it to the end, Gonae Gonae whit The end, Gonae Aye, gonae whi t? It’s the end of Route 15, the place is called Gonae Gonae whit? Hmmmph Gonae no dae that So, tomorrow we actually realised is one year to the day since we left Korea and four years since we arrived I’m gettin all teary here just stop

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  1. The final Olle! Stick around for the bloopers at the end, turns out walking for a month straight has you acting all kinds of strange….

  2. 무릉 곶자왈, 돼지 두루치기.. 아주 그립습니다. 추자도는 꼭 가보고 싶네요. I think these 4 videos will be legend olle video. ㅎㅎ thanks.

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