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Japanese SNACKS! at Takatoriyama | Hiking in Japan (Fukuoka)

Good morning everyone my name is Wombat
and I hike in Kyushu Japan and today I’m going to climb Takatoriyama. Let’s
check it out Starting at Torino shrine today. Today
is only a short hike but I haven’t had breakfast yet so I’m gonna eat a bunch
of snacks along the way. The trail should start somewhere around here Maybe this is it? this section it’s a little narrow
it’s quite a steep drop loose rocks and a slide down
No thank you. I do not like this. Do not like. I’m telling you this trail is
narrow and slippery it’s not for kids I really want to have my first snack here
but it’s just so dangerous here Finally got some space to breathe so let’s bring
out our first snack hot cakes Oh what’s in it? maple syrup looks like chocolate Maple syrup. hmm not bad one thumb up I found a nice
log to sit on so it’s time for next snack which is big ika somen. Deka ika somen. That’s a no for me. Next snack. Ham katsuyasan premium
look at that. Does that look good? look good does it taste good? It’s not good but it’s not too bad
it’s edible So far the snacks have been pretty disappointing to be honest but still time still snacks let’s go Looks like it’s about to get steep so it’s time for another snack. Kibidango. Classic. Let’s have a closer look how do we open this do we eat the paper? I think you eat the paper this one’s not bad I’m gonna save this
bit for later Excuse me you know this place is really steep but
I betchya it doesn’t look it on camera what do you think does it looks steep?
damn This looks like a nice spot for my next snack it’s a special one this is
the name of a famous novel no longer human
Castella sand milk flavor cream It’s not very good. So a little bit about
Takatoriyama 620 meters so not so high but interestingly it is Fukuoka’s
highest castle mountain there used to be a castle on this mountain not anymore
they have a little bit of ruins near the top like a stone wall. Takatoriyama is
kind of like an afterthought the main mountain in this area is Fukuchiyama and
after or before climbing Fukuchiyama lots of people like to stop at Takatoriyama so this course is not so popular usually people go Fukuchiyama
course and Traverse to Takatoriyama so it’s my first time climbing just
Takatoriyama let’s check it out. Up there here’s the summit but first let’s
check out these castle ruins just down here yeah I know it’s not much left but
it’s interesting to me anyway that these rocks formed part of the castle here oh great we made it to Takatoriyama
633 meters let’s have a look around yeah Yeah so that big guy over there is Fukuchiyama
great mountain love it and for my final snack today the grand
finale is 1 million yen. It’s alright. I think it’s time for a beer. Joke beer. Does it look like beer? just looks like dirty water ok
now it’s looking like beer look at the head on that. Kampai! Not bad. It’s sweet. last bit is a bit nasty. All right I’m
heading back down to the dam now check out the map here more information in the
description box if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you want to
see more subscribe thanks see you in the next hike

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24 thoughts on “Japanese SNACKS! at Takatoriyama | Hiking in Japan (Fukuoka)

  1. Yes I ate ALL the snacks COMPLETELY in the making of this video! 🙂 Which one do you wanna try? I’m curious to know!

  2. Man you need some better snacks! Lol and the fake beer, don’t know how you downed that. Next time bring along and share with us your favorite snacks

  3. HAHAHA THE FIRST SNACK. The little popup in the corner is kinda what I imagined you should do 😂😂😂👍

    It looks like a little dorayaki 😂 Is that only found in Nogata? I never seen those before

  4. 2:27 SECOND SNACK ALREADY?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. The kibidango is wrapped with オブラート, it's edible. I dunno what you call it in English though.. 😂 If you have ever seen those White Rabbit candies it's the same stuff on there 😂

  6. 5:19 Ahhh that castella sando. You need to wash that down with something 😂 I want a Strong Zero now 😂

    You are going to run out of snacks to try if you load each video with snacks every two minutes 😂😂

  7. I think that is some kind of fried kamaboko sheet 😂 When you said yaki kama and then pulled it out, that's what came to mind.

  8. I never seen any of those snacks. 23 years in Japan I still learn stuff 🙂 I thought about a similar video but with Japanese hiking food like the mountain house style you get a Sports Authority. But I'm too lazy… The snack the size of a book is crazy! I imagine not too many people buy that. We have a Takatoriyama also that was used for rock query. But I can't got in because the typhoon messed up the trails. Good video. Good idea on the snacks and cool usage of graphics. Well done.

  9. Jeez man, are those snacks Halloween rejects or what? I've never seen those beer pellets. I assume they're non-alcoholic.

  10. We are at 05:45 and I think this is my favorite video ever. Not just on your channel. Like ever. hahah Yuki is dying over here. haha

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