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it’s been a FAT minute… let’s get healthy!

Hi guys, so I have been slacking recently and not even just recently I’ve been slacking for months now It’s like one of those things when you tell yourself. Oh, I’ll eat healthy tomorrow or I’ll work out tomorrow. and then you continue saying that for the rest of your life. I’ve been putting this off for a while and It’s just not going to well Well, this isn’t going to be your normal workout getting healthy video because I don’t like to be normal Not only are we gonna be focusing on like the eating healthy and the workout side of things We are going to be doing I don’t know what I’m doing, but you know, I I hope you guys enjoy this video I hope you stick around and let’s get healthy First things first, this is something that I have been putting off for a while Basically, I have this whole thing where I hate getting my hair cut. I don’t want it to ever be short recently My mom’s been bugging me. She’s been on me about you should cut your hair. It’s dead. But So am I mom. it’s been a couple months since I’ve cut it and the ends are really dead. They’re dry. They’re gross So instead of paying a ridiculous amount of money for someone to take scissors and chop off my hair Why do that when I could do it for myself for free? Do I have real hair cutting scissors? No, but I do have these Fiskars ones that I’ve had since fifth grade and they will do fine I think about hair which I love the most is that if you mess it up or you don’t like the way it looks it Will always grow back so I’m really not losing anything by doing this maybe a little bit of my pride, but that’s fine My mom’s gonna get so mad at me when she see this video because she’s not home right now and she hates when I cut it Myself because it never turns out straight, but she told me to get a haircut and that’s what I’m doing This is just a part of keeping things healthy It’s not only about keeping your body healthy, but I’ll hold you above all I did with Ian’s I got my scissors. All right kids Let’s continue. I don’t know how to do the back of my head. I have no one here to help me So we’re kind of just going with it. There’s no way this is gonna be straight This is terrifying who allowed me and to do that all actually no one did That was way too much There’s really nothing I can do about it now But at least the dead ends or off my hair is healthy or oh my gosh, that is not straight out. Whatever it’s fine Here’s how much I cut off it actually is not that bad it’s not this is disgusting when we’re touching it. Alright well moving on So it’s about 6:30, I’m gonna go to the gym. I’m not that excited but what can you do? Nothing. I used to be so dedicated to going I’d be going five to six times a week and I’ve been slacking also I’m determined to get back on track this week I’m wearing this set from Lululemon and then I’m gonna wear this shirt over it right kids time to die I’m in this big room. There’s no one it so that’s nice. I did the stairs for 10 minutes on leg level 10 So that’s why I look like this I did a quick like 10 minute ab workout. I’m gonna do legs today trying to get some more of that So I finished the workout I did legs and then they also ran for a little bit everything I love the feeling of being sore and stuff. It just sucks doing the process of getting sore that doesn’t even make sense I don’t make any sense. Anyways, I’ll see you guys tomorrow to continue this healthy journey Give you guys that when I’m giving this tip, I never listen to it So I don’t expect any of you to listen to it. But basically it’s just to get a healthy amount of sleep I know in high school. It’s hard Instagram. Snapchat Twitter. Everything will always be there You’re not missing anything big and it’s not that deep If you do miss something Which is something I’ve learned and it’s just like not necessary to see what people are doing all the time It’s just not healthy or stimulating in any sense. Really? I’m not saying I don’t go on my phone before I go to bed but Sometimes I do put my phone away like earlier and then I just go to sleep early and I feel so good when I wake Up. It is the best feeling ever. I personally haven’t gotten good sleep in about 17 years of living just a little tip It’s super good for your mind body and soul to get a good amount of sleep. So do it So we covered healthy hair and healthy body but this is how you get a healthy soul This is just one of the things you can do and it’s listening to music that makes you happy It is the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said music and honestly heal your soul So I’m gonna show you guys so I’m happy Bhangra and I hope you like it and if you don’t like it well I don’t know what else to tell you You know Has the best bike ever Precious when you smoke let you know your This is my favorite one, it puts me in such a good mood Okay, so now we’re gonna slow it down a bit I normally don’t talk about many serious things on my channel, but it needs to be done I just wanted to clear up your intentions for wines be healthy should not be be skinny or look a certain way It should just people like doing it to feel your best which is why I like eating healthy and working out It’s not so I can be like a skinny legend or something like that, which is like such a stupid thing I think physical health really goes hand-in-hand with like mental health and just being happy in general I do want to touch on something Because I feel like social media really creates just this idea of what a perfect body should look like but there really is no such Thing as a perfect body, I’m gonna tell you the story I never talked about this just because I Didn’t really want to when I went on that YouTube trip to Fiji with a bunch of my friends everyone was just walking around in their bikinis, and they had a flat stomach and it made me feel so Self-conscious which really got to me and I was always thinking like why do I not have a flat something? Like why do I look like this? Like why don’t I look like them like they look so good but the thing is I talked to those girls that I felt self-conscious around and they were like I feel so self-conscious too. Like this is crazy. Everyone has their own struggles Even if you think someone looks perfect everyone really just has their own struggles. I don’t know It was a sucky feeling like that because I’m not like unconfident or anything, but just being around so many skinny girls I just felt so self-conscious and I was like I’m gonna work hard so I can look like that but I realize like that shouldn’t be a reason why I want to like work Out a zit recently It’s just been for myself, and I’ve really learned to love my body For what it is because we were gifted with these bodies. This is our temple This is the body we’re born with you were given and you should love it. Honestly social media is a highlight reel I know it depicts a really specific picture of what a perfect body looks like but there’s no such thing as a perfect body So whatever body you’re given love it own it treat it well and with respect because that’s so important I just want you to talk about this because I get a lot of comments like oh my god, you’re so skinny Like you’re perfect, but like I’m not Nobody’s perfect I don’t know Instagram really is just a highlight reel like there are so many pictures that I have where like my roles are showing I have roles. Of course. I have stomach rolls, which is fine. I don’t know I think it’s really healthy to have self-love which is why I wanted to talk about this because everyone does have their struggles but you just gotta remember that this is the body you were gifted with and you are beautiful no matter what you look like and The reason I like to work out and be healthy now is because I just feel good. It’s not to look a certain way It’s just important to be the best version of yourself and not to wish you looked like somebody else I love you guys, and I hope you love yourself too because A part of being happy and healthy is doing things that you love if you like I’m know it surrounding yourself with good people So we went to the beach today it brained, but it’s like fun adventure So do things you love it’s like healthy for you to like get out smell the fresh air go on a hike Being with friends is always oh for sure like also like doing things by yourself like you don’t always need someone with you. Goodbye This is probably my favorite part of the video just because my filming location is my refrigerator that is an innovation I don’t know. What is I wanted to talk to you guys about healthy eating? Yay, basically, okay Well, this is not gonna work cuz my parents became mad at me that I’m keeping this open for so long the point I’m trying to get across is that you don’t have to go on crazy diets literally gotta kill yourself over trying to like eat a Certain way dieting in the long run doesn’t do anything because once you stop the diet, you’ll just go back to your old ways So I think the best solution is to just create a healthier lifestyle for you in general Don’t feel like you have to go through the crazy diets but it’s important to like eat healthy as much as you can and Incorporate good food into your body when you eat good you feel good. And who does it like feeling good? You know what? I mean, for example last night I eat salad and I had pasta The most important thing is that you’re happy so indulge once in a while eat the last slice of cake it won’t matter in five Years if you ate the cake or not right now for a snack I’m just gonna have an apple and you can have peanut butter with this whatever you want instead of eating these really good lime chips That I have up here that I really would like to eat I’m gonna eat an apple because I know I’m gonna feel better out here. I’m gonna cut this up I know I’d feel much better eating this afterwards than I would eating a whole bag of chips. I’m not a nutritionist I’m not a health specialist. So if anyone really gonna listen to a 17 year old who doesn’t know what she’s doing No, but will you maybe and if you do I I don’t even know. I don’t know. I think I’m done with this video So I’m gonna end the video here. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you liked it I know it was a little bit different If you say to us putting the video first of all You’re amazing and second of all comment down below a turkey in honor of Thanksgiving today’s theme of the week Thank you guys for your support. You guys are honestly the best and I appreciate you so much and if you’re not already Make sure you subscribe. I hated that. Okay. Well subscribe if you want. I know I’m not them. I’m not your mom Alright, I’m getting more annoying as the minutes go on. So bye Yeah, yeah Shiny be rockin with me since myspace. Yeah, we you sticking it in my place. Yeah treat every day. Like it’s your birthday. Yeah Can’t nobody coming not about you

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