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ISTANBUL: Safe for Female Travel? Affordable for Vegetarians!

This is my hotel – Dongyang Wow! Its airconditioned Shit! I was going to remove my pant’s belt instead of bag’s Sorry! they don’t accept Indian currency I was showing my channel to them They are students volunteering for helping the tourists They volunteer for helping tourists during their summer vacations They work with Fatih municipality Now we are going to see the kitchen This kitchen is also airconditioned Toilets were clean This is DongYang hotel. I got a discount by booking it through He is taking my bag. He is so nice So, Sultan Ahmet is safe for female travellers For India they call Hindistan Their country’s actuall name is Turkiye They are talking about ‘Utaran’, a soap opera in Hindi Ya, our serials once get hit, continues forever I knew Amitabh Bachhan, Shahrukh Khan and even Salman Khan is popular in many countries… but this is the first time I am hearing Amir Khan’s name They are talking about “Taare zameen par” movie They are doing a great job I wanted you all to meet them I saw a few more student volunteers in some other places They can talk in different languages to help you I wish we also have such volunteering system in popular tourist places in our country Our Bollywood and Hindi serials are quite popular in Turkey They mentioned especially about ‘Utaran’ esp., Their mother and grandmothers love them This is Fatih Municipality Did you saw those Policemen! How smart they were looking! At such tourist hubs you will get a better money exchange rate than the airport This is near Sultan Ahmet area Turkcell, TurkTelecom and Vodafone are the 3 major telecoms in Turkey They have 4g networks all over the country but the quality can vary in different areas Turkcell sim costs 130 Lira for 8 GB & 135 Lira for 9 GB internet data I know Hindi because I am from Afghanistan Nice to meet you Thats Sok supermarket likewise there are BIM, Carrefour, etc. I am going to purchase a few things from here The staff is quite helpful here. But please check the expiry date before you buy them Today is 29 and I just saw a bread which expired on 26th was still kept for sale I found a cheaper water bottle here 1.5 litre for 1 Lira and 5 litre for 2.5 Lira I bought all this for 277 INR This is Sirkeci area I just found this shop to buy souvenirs Probably I am not coming back to Istanbul so I am going to purchase souvenirs now itself. Let me show you what I got from the supermarket I am tired and hungry but I let me show you this first yogurt 3-4 packets for vegetarian noodles I just need hot water to prepare them this is for munching its 7:45 pm I was busy in editing a video in the hotel for last 2 days This tram is going to Kabatas from there I will visit Taksim square I paid 2.6 lira for this tram trip if you use Istanbulkart This is Kabatas its 8 pm I met a gentleman in the tram. He is helping me He is a tourist guide accompanying a Russian couple We became friends and then he offered help 1.85 lira deducted for this trip Kurus is like Paisa in India This is funicular Taksim is located on a height sometimes People curse me for being a vegetarian My boss in Bengal, Mr Kaushik Gupta used to say. why have to come to Bengal when you don’t eat fish! likewise he is also saying he is recommending ‘Besparmak’, a Kazakh dish for all non-vegetarians This is Taksim square Famous tourist place in Istanbul People often visit this place. You are also welcome

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100 thoughts on “ISTANBUL: Safe for Female Travel? Affordable for Vegetarians!

  1. Varun more than narration I like the way u smile and talk with people of other country…u r setting example for indian attitude and friendliness…Thank u

  2. New subscriber hare dada…… Love form kolkata❤ …. Mujhe app ki sabse acchi bat lagi app sab hindi main dikhate ho ….. Keep its up dada ❤

  3. Me bhi ek bar turkey jana chahti hu aur murad aur hayat ko bhi milna chahti hu…i am huge fan of ask laftan analmaz yane ki pyar lafjo me kaha drama serial…😀😘😘😘

  4. Hahah 😄 that was so nice (tea/sugar/dream) teşekkür ederim hahahh
    Bro I'm living in Istanbul Türkiye when coming again
    Be my guest
    I'm waiting for you 😘
    I'm from Kabul Afghanistan ❤️

  5. why you alway worry for vegitarian food you dont eat meat, laham , kafta, fish seafood??


  6. Varun Bhai mast life hai yar apki ghumte rahte, asansol gaye the aap main wanhi ka hun railpar kasai mohlla

  7. Lucky man , living the life of dreams ,ohhhh really I envy of you very often but never mind hav many more safe journeys ahead n take care stay blessed

  8. बड़ी ख्वाहिश थी दुनिया की सैर करु…आज आपके अनुभवों से मै घर बैठे ही अच्छे से दुनिया की सैर कर रहा हूं…. धन्यवाद वरुण भाई

  9. Woo…….turkey people also saw Indian Movies Serial uttaran. I thought that turkey poeples are nic kind.thank for sharing your vlogs……

  10. Dear varun g utran means apne kapde kisi ko de do jo apne kbhi pehne honge use ko hi utran kha jata hai

  11. I am very happy to see it that some on who speak in Hindi and o my god he is in instabul of Turkey …I big fan of Turkish TV actor can yamen and domet ozdemir ….I very very happy an Indian go to Turkish where my dreamy hero have

  12. Yes I know also sekrederim …bcoz I Shaw erkencikus …and also ager very laganago to wo hojayega chuk sekrederim

  13. Giyasoddin tha uska name itna janti hu wayhaka lohoke nam indiake Muslim capture me rehebale logo ki terha hote he qki wo log vi Arabic name hi takte he

  14. Wall decorated plate ki kya Bolte he me nrhi janti but Apne subinius Kuch Kaha …or ek chi's new ap se Jani wo puskani or something ap bole Jo mitai he

  15. Varun I am a big fan of yours.i watch all your videos.I love traveling,but not possible so I feel good when I watch your videos as if I am also traveling.Thanks for all the efforts you are doing for people like us.All your vidoes and sound are very clear .will you pls tell me which camera and other gazets you use.

  16. we are known to have worlds largest agriculture ,isro after nasa ,worlds secend largert flim production ,huge man power. worlds leading engineering college iit to build finest engineer, cheapest innovation, still we are backword.i think we should implement our constitution again to develop our country.we are on plan to reach mars still our country is proverty striken.becouse we dont belive in our self we are intersted to use iphone not use indian products.very sorrowfull.

  17. I usually never comment in any youtube channel.. but sir you are amazing your launguage is so calm and fascinating ❤️

  18. So now I will tell you … Just like these girls they watch..people in their family watch Indian shows and IAM great fan of turkey shows and I have seen that black sea …I don't know that river and so many places in the turkey serials ..and it feels familiar …and I understand some words too is always great pleasure to watch ur vedios .

  19. One of the best tourist blogger I saw in recent times far better than Mumbiker Nikhil what I like about you is your natural ability to roam in other countries and your speaking is so good

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