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Is this Bikepacking? Adventure riding on the Colorado Trail.

in today’s video we pack up the bikes
head out to the Colorado trail and do a 150 mile bike ride between Denver and
Breckenridge Colorado the Colorado trail stretches 567 miles
between Denver and Durango Colorado the Colorado trail spans across six
wilderness areas eight mountain ranges and most of the trails sits above 10,000
feet so you’re really gonna get a lot of those Alpine views so I slept in a bivy
last night this is a Outdoor Research helium bivy I believe Ed’s got a tent
set up a one-person tent I think this is a Nemo tent pretty cool that’s his whole
setup in there if I had to do this again I priory consider the bivy it’s a little
claustrophobic in there definitely got the job done we’re not gonna have a
whole lot of footage from day one just cuz we had GoPro issues and other things
there’s a whole lot of climbing anyway you guys didn’t want to see me huffing
and puffing up segments one and two little scraggy which is at the end
section three is a lot of fun I had a lot of twisty downhill stuff and we
totally needed it by the end of the day so day number two here we are it’s gonna
be a whole lot of road riding today against seventy-five miles so it’s gonna
be another hot one today probably closer to 100 degrees the winter has finally
left us here in Colorado and it went straight the full-on summer 25 miles into the 75 mile detour around
wilderness area to get back to the Colorado trail and we are in a totally
exposed section here super hot we are getting beat down ed how you doing back
there yeah we’re both in pretty rough shape after day 1 legs are pretty
toasted but the scenery is amazing when we got the cloud cover and we got a
little bit right now it feels really good a little bit of a breeze but for
the most part it’s really exposed out here take a look whoo I really love these longer rides this
backpacking trip has been awesome honestly just kind of leaves you alone
to your own demons lets you work through stuff in your mind and I mean just
taking in all the scenery is amazing I mean we’re way out here on the Colorado
trail well this isn’t quite the Colorado trails workaround to get back onto it
but and it’s just amazing to be out here feels good we’re about a hundred miles in on the
Colorado trail just finishing up the last detour around segment four and for
about the last hundred miles there has been nothing as far as restaurants or
anything like that finally made it here 100 miles in and we found the stage stop
this place is pretty cool it’s a saloon restaurant and convenience store so we
went in there I picked up some chips some Red Bull and some coke you got to
get that sugar back in you we’re about to catch another storm been skirting
them every day today is day three so not sure we’re gonna get away from this one
because we’re climbing up over a pass and that’s generally where those storms
hit so we’ll see how it goes these rocks last night we camped on top of Kenosha
pass and we joined up with the Colorado trail just on the opposite side of 285
and this is what it’s all about man there are just expanses of use roughing
the aspen trees you got all these other Peaks like Georgia and things back here
that we’re gonna end up crossing over here shortly I’m trying to get down to a
water source which is just down at the bottom I got to filter out some water
I’m basically all out so it’s gonna be a long slog today we’re gonna climb up on
the opposite side I think it’s Georgia Pass and then we’re gonna drop down into
Breckenridge tonight we’ll probably stay in town get like a hotel room and then
join back up dropping the copper maybe head over to Leadville tomorrow but man
it’s just been it’s just been a great ride I’m really excited for this type of
riding here where it’s just that true single track and yeah let’s get to it
and right now we’re just heading down to a cross and seeking filter some water
about all out where you gotta watch those rear
derailleurs because rocks is just the right height Oh man this is sweet yeah we will catch it at the bridge
catch that water there we go and we found water all right yay gonna dont have to be
thirsty anymore if you are ever gonna do the Colorado Trail definitely bring your bug
spray you’re gonna need it so I’m using a life straw that was
designed to basically fit inside of just regular water bottles so it’s been
working out pretty good so far you never know what’s in this water so
it’s definitely good to filter it out a lot different taking some of these
little rock gardens with 75 pounds of gear on you you get all that weight kind of as
you’re going over it pushing behind yourself really got to keep the weight
back keep the back end down totally doable though pretty crazy pretty cool
views up here from the top of Kenosha we’re getting ready to hit down the rest
of the Colorado trail drop into brick so I think we drop down and we got to climb
back up to get up into the Breckenridge area but yeah these views are just crazy going down Georgia pass
rock star James beginning in front after a couple amazing days in the
Colorado trail we wrapped up our trip by dropping down in the Breckenridge Frisco
area I really want to say thank you to the hotel Frisco we rolled in a little
bit late and those guys made sure we had a place to stay so thanks to them me and
Ed we’re already looking forward to our next bike packing trip hopefully we can
do a little more in the Colorado trail

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12 thoughts on “Is this Bikepacking? Adventure riding on the Colorado Trail.

  1. When I was in Durango last summer I was told about a "hut" bikepacking tour that goes from Purgatory bike park to Moab. I think it's 3 days. Pedal all day and stay in a hut each night. They also move your vehicle from start to end so you can just jump in your ride and head home. Might check that out next summer 🙂

  2. I really want to do a bikepacking trip!! I want like a 140 travel 29er though, maybe 150/140 or something. I'm itching for a 29er lol

  3. 75 pounds of gear.. plus the bike.. which looks to be about 26-32 pounds so total of 120 pounds give or take plus your self on top of it.. yeash.. and I was complaining that my entire setup including bike was 66 pounds.. I think I'm now happy with that total lol. Awesome views and recording, keep it up!

  4. What a phenomenal experience. Really dig the adventure aspect of it. Great riding, views, and video and kudos on pushing through unsupported with all that gear for that many days.

    Riding the final sections of the CT from Molas Pass to Durango are some of my favorite memories ever, I really hope to ride the whole thing someday!

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