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Is pineapple on pizza even good?! Exploring Honolulu, Hawaii

Yeah why would I want warm fruit? It’s good!
It’s supposed to be cold! You don’t put pineapple on pizza… That’s not pizza. Pizza is from Naples, Italy…
there’s no pineapples in Naples. Pineapples do not belong on pizza, I don’t
care where you’re from… Hawaiian Style Pizza… is it a delicacy or
a travesty, in today’s video, I’ll be taking to the streets of Honolulu to find
out people’s feelings on the topic, and then I’ll be trying Hawaiian style pizza
myself for the very first time. (intro song) Hawaiian style pizza has become very popular
in recent years and has been the cause of much controversy and debate. It’s most commonly
topped with tomato sauce, cheese, ham, and of course… the dreaded pineapple. I’m personally a huge fan of pineapple and
I’ve tried grilled pineapple before and loved it. But mixing pineapple with cheese
and tomato sounds kinda weird and gross, having said that I will try anything once and I’m
gonna be keeping an open mind with this little experiment. Before we go out on our little pizza adventure,
I wanted to learn a little bit more about Hawaiian style pizza and how it came to be.
A quick google search revealed that Hawaiian style pizza is not Hawaiian at all, it’s
in fact, Canadian! Sam Panopoulos … or dare I say… “Pineapplous”…
he introduced pineapple on pizza at his restaurant in Ontario, Canada around the mid ’60s.
It’s clearly taken a few decades and the help of the internet to reach its full-blown
controversial status, but the only reason it’s known as Hawaiian style pizza is because
of the brand of canned pineapple he used. Pineapples originated around southern Brazil
and Paraguay but quickly spread up to Mexico and the West Indies, where Columbus found
them while visiting Guadeloupe in 1493. Columbus brought pineapples back to Europe, and from
there they made their way to Hawaii. Historians aren’t sure when exactly Pineapples came
to Hawaii, but the first documented claim was by the Spaniards during the 16th century
– that’s 2 centuries before the arrival of Captain James Cook to the Hawaiian islands. By the time Sam Panopoulous decided to serve
pineapple on his pizzas, Hawaii was supplying over 80% of the world’s canned pineapple,
and while the pineapple boom in Hawaii has since dissipated, the cultural significance
has remained. I’ve been living in Hawaii for about a year
and half now, and as a pizza enthusiast myself, I thought it was time I make my own judgment
on Hawaiian style pizza. But before we do that, I’d like to ask a few people on the
street what their opinion is of pineapple on pizza. Let’s go! I’m talking to you guys from the heart of
Waikiki, I’m using my phone as a microphone because I’m a real professional and we are
gonna talk to the visitors of Honolulu about pineapple on pizza. Oh my goodness, it’s windy.
I’m nervous… do you guys have an opinion on pineapple on pizza? No… okay… yeah
that’s fine. Here’s some young people… do you guys have an opinion on pineapple on pizza?
No? It’s really good. Yeah? Okay! Alright that works… I think we’re gonna find a bar
so that people are maybe a little bit loose and more willing to talk to us about pizza.
Let’s go. We’re in front of the international marketplace right now, I don’t see any drunk
people so we’re gonna keep asking sober people… excuse me? Where are you from? South Korea.
Do people eat pineapple on pizza? Yeah of course. Really? Have you guys ever had pineapple
on pizza? Yes. Really? Do you like it? No. I just don’t like it together. Another huge
goal I have is to find some Canadians. We look kind of professional right? I know this
is gonna be a problem. Can I ask you a question about pizza? Sure. Do you like pineapple on
pizza? No. I just don’t like the taste of sweetness on my pizza. Once you tell people
it’s about pizza, they let their guards down… pizza brings people together! It’s the best
food! What is it that you like about Hawaiian style pizza? It’s just sweet. Sweet is good.
You gotta ask the youngsters, they like the YouTube. Here’s someone… not a young person…
can I ask you a question about pizza? Sure. Thank you. What’s your name? Todd. Hi Todd.
Where are you from? California… so many Californians today. What is your opinion of
pineapple on pizza? I actually like it. Do you have any response to the haters out there?
I get that I actually grew up in New York and I think as a purist I wouldn’t like it
but I think it’s good. New York purists, I respect that completely. I love you. Thank
you so much for doing this. Can I ask you a question about pizza? Anyone? Anyone wanna
be on YouTube? No? Okay. Great. I take my pineapple off. You pick it off? To me, fruit
on a pizza? Yeah… screw fruit, right? Right. Where are you from? Norway. Have you ever
had pineapple on your pizza? No. No, is that unheard of or is that a ever a thing people
would order where you’re from? No. And you seem a little offended by that, yes? Yes.
Ok. This is the best part about living in the heart of Waikiki is that we get to meet
people from all over the world, but I still need to find some Canadians. Do you like pineapple
on your pizza? This is interesting, I was just talking about this with a friend and
I’m kind of divided on the topic itself but I would say… yeah sure. What occasion would
you order pineapple on your pizza? I’d say maybe if I had no other option but I wouldn’t
be opposed to it. Understood so you’re a go with the flow kind of dude. Love it. Don’t
like it. We’re split. I like spicy pizza, not sweet pizza. What if there was hot sauce
on your pineapple? No… but you’re into it. I love it. Where do you think pineapple on
pizza came from? I have no idea, not Hawaii. It’s actually from Ontario, Canada. It tastes
horrible, you don’t put sweet sour and salty all at the same time it just doesn’t taste
good. Where are you from? Scotland. Do you guys eat pineapple on pizza? Is that a commonly
ordered item in your area? Yes. Okay what do you like about it? It’s just lovely and
juicy and tasty. Juicy I love that word, thank you so much. I like it with ham and pineapple
for the saltiness and the sweet. I’ve never had it. Never had it, are you open to trying
it? I would try it. Does it have to have ham? I don’t want ham. Yeah, I don’t either. Look
at this! This is my life! This is my life. Can I ask you guys a question about pizza?
Okay, have a good day. You’re not Canadian are you? Dang it, I’m looking for Canadians.
I’m gonna go on the internet and post a poll, I need some Canadians to weigh in because
Hawaiian style pizza is ultimately from Canada. After sliding into a few DM’s, writing on
facebook groups, and posting an Instagram poll… I concluded that Canadians are pretty
onboard with pineapple on pizza. I even came across this tweet from Canadian Justin Trudeau.
But as far as the rest of the world, it seems pretty split with a lot of regional bias as
well. Is it a commonly eaten pizza in the bay area?
Definitely. Very west coast. Half and half. They’re all from California, I don’t need
any more Californian opinions… no offense. Where are the Canadians at… You’re not from
Canada, are you? No. Are you from Canada by chance? Are you guys from Canada by chance?
Yeah. Wait… are you serious? Yeah. Can I interview you about pizza? Eh? What’s your
opinion of pineapple on pizza? Excellent, it’s my favorite. Love it. You know it’s a
Canadian thing, right? We call it Hawaiian, we call it Hawaiian as well but it’s actually
invented in Ontario. You guys are a big fan. Yes. Is that a commonly ordered pizza in Vancouver
or is it more of a delicacy? If you like pineapple… it’s one of the things you sprinkle on top,
yeah it’s good. I’ve been trying to find some Canadians all day, there are lots of Canadians
here. There’s more right here. You like pineapple on your pizza? Yes, we do. She used to hate
pineapple though. I used to hate it. So what changed your mind? I came to Hawaii and ate
their pineapple. A lot of people think it’s weird but it is delicious. Well I’m about
to go try my very first Hawaiian style pizza, which is a lie it’s actually Canadian, but
yes our pineapple here is the best in the world. I’m so glad we’ve converted you. Thank
you guys so much, yeah enjoy your stay. By the time I’d finally achieved my quest
for the Canadian perspective, I had really worked up an appetite. It was finally time
to try Hawaiian-style pizza. On our way to the cafe, I picked up a couple different plant-based
alternatives to ham and got some beer. The place that we’re going is BYOB so I thought
it was only appropriate, considering the theme of this video, that we pick a beer that’s
brewed with pineapple. Hello! I also had the opportunity to speak with our Lyft driver
who was born and raised in Hawaii. When I was growing up, we never had those
kinds of pizza. It’s nasty. At first, and then I kinda like eat it… and it’s okay…
if you drunk and hungry. I do believe that a drunk palate is an easily
satisfied palate, so for the sake of science, I decided to keep my drinking to a minimum
until I’d reached a verdict. We decided to check out King’s Pizza Cafe
– an adorable hole-in-the-wall pizza joint with an eclectic, retro feel and a good sense
of humor. Reefer Road and Baked Boulevard… that Cesar
in a nutshell. As a few more friends trickled in to be part
of this pineapple experiment, our pizzas came out of the oven and were ready to be eaten.
It was time. Truth be told, I’m majority French-Canadian,
I do feel like maybe it’s in my blood that I might really like Hawaiian style pizza.
I’m so excited, I’ve built this moment up… alright, inner Canadian… it’s your time
to shine. You like it? I knew I was gonna like it. I honestly already knew because grilled
pineapple is so good. Maybe it’s the fact that my ancestors are
French-Canadian, or maybe I gravitate towards quirky trends, but no matter what the underlying
factors might be, that first slice was incredible. yum! Yum! Yay! Pineapple on pizza! A whole
new world… (music) As the pizza cooled down and as I continued
indulging in pizza and beer and even Twizzlers, the appeal did wear off slightly. I’m pretty
picky when it comes to “fake meat” so I started picking it off after a while, and
even though I still really enjoyed the pineapple, it was ultimately best when the pizza was
at its hottest and freshest point. I even tried a leftover slice the next day.
Hey guys, I thought it was only appropriate to give my take on pineapple on pizza left
over. Because let’s be real, part of the magic of pizza is absolutely eating it cold or,
better yet, in my opinion, room temperature but I stuck my leftovers in the fridge and
I decided to have a slice before going to work. The fake meat is okay… and the pineapple
is okay… but in general I would prefer plain cheese pizza as my leftovers. All in all, I definitely enjoy pineapple on
pizza, but I don’t see me ordering it very often, if ever. And even though my opinion
might be considered controversial, I’m very at peace with it and feel just a little more
Canadian. Ryan Gosling… call me I want to give a huge thank you to everyone
who helped make this video possible! A huge thank you to my friend Cesar for helping me
film, and to Corinna at King’s Pizza Cafe for making me a custom vegetarian-style Hawaiian
pizza. If any of you Huckleberries are in Honolulu I’d highly recommend checking King’s
Pizza Cafe! All of the sources that helped in making this video will be referenced in
the description down below, along with my social media handles and a couple of video
suggestions for you to check out if you’re new to the Huckleberry family. If there’s
another Hawaiian-related topic you guys want to see me deep-dive on, please comment them
down below and be sure to tell me what your opinion is of Hawaiian-style pizza. Be sure
to mention where you’re from and to keep it kind and respectful down there! My last big thank you is to YOU GUYS – my
Huckleberries! If you’re still watching, I love you the most, I appreciate your guys’
patience as my upload schedule has been a little slower. But I am really focused on
creating new and better content that takes me longer to make, so thank you. I look forward
to seeing you all again with another video and in the meantime I hope you’re all doing
very well.

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40 thoughts on “Is pineapple on pizza even good?! Exploring Honolulu, Hawaii

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    This is like watching the food version of 40 Year Old Virgin. How can you not have a Hawaiian pizza until now? It has been on the menu here since I dunno when. We are a little more adventurous than the Americans, foodwise. After all, we do have Vegemite. Fake meat is apparently shithouse according to my vegetarian friend. She doesn’t waste her time eating it.

    Oh and yes, it is stupid o’clock. Cool little project Holli and if you yelled out to me on the street, I certainly would stop!!!!
    If South America never existed, we would be so much poorer, foodwise.

    Chao for now

  3. I'm from Washington state and like Hawaiian style pizza occasionally. Very informative, I work with someone born and raised in Hawaii and she says, "I don't know why they call it Hawaiian pizza, I don't know one Hawaiian who likes pineapple on their pizza." Did you notice the one of Canadians you asked if they were Canadian was wearing a Toronto Blue Jays hat?

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  6. Glad to see ya making friends and having fun! I'm not a pineapple on pizza person myself. Like others said I think if I'm having pizza I want to keep it savory. It was fun seeing you running all around Waikiki. A lot has changed since I lived there! Do you plan on staying on Oahu for awhile?? x =)

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    You live in Hawaii! Go take a hike, spend your weekend camping on a beach or in a jungle, explore some abandoned buildings, visit a farmers market and explore some native cooking (you have a kitchen now😊), explore some hidden gems of Hawaii like local hidden beaches/restaurants.
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  9. I never understood anyone who didn't like pineapple on pizza… there was a place just outside of Yosemite that covered their pie with pineapple which might have been because it was almost closing time but it was heaven to me 🙂

  10. I used to hate pineapple pizza, I thought it was really weird. Like how I don't like mango salsa. But then I was hanging out with my sister all the time and she always ordered pineapple pizzas for us to share, so for the free pizza, I was down to eat it lol. And it slowly grew on me, to the point where it's my favorite now! I absolutely love the juicy sweetness of the pineapple mixed with the saltiness of cheese. Now that I'm vegan it's different, haven't found a vegan pineapple pizza yet 🙁 from Iowa (but I am a little French Canadian!)

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  12. Very enjoyable. As a vegetarian and Californian I love pineapple on pizza. Still looking for a good veggie ham or Canadian bacon though. Keeping it veggie I typically substitute mushrooms. Also ✌🏼Hawaiian✌🏼style pizza sometimes comes with bell peppers but I don’t like green ones. Try with red or peperoncini.

  13. As an aside in Hawaii they call ✌🏼Hawaiian✌🏼 sweet bread Portuguese bread. Wonder where it is originally from?

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  15. If someone came up to me on the street and asked me this question, I'd say: "IF A PIZZA DOESN'T HAVE PINEAPPLE ON IT, IT'S GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!" …Hawaiian pizza has ruined all other pizza for me.

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