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Introducing Brand Lift surveys | YouTube Advertisers

Imagine you told a joke but couldn’t tell
whether people laughed until weeks later. Communication thrives on fast feedback but
there are still long lags between launching your branding campaign and seeing the results.
What if you could tell right away whether it was working? Rather than getting a report
on your desk weeks after your campaign ended, what if you could get results right after
your launched and actually optimize your brand campaign mid point? We think brand advertising
should be this responsive, which is why we built tools to measure Brand Lifts right into
AdWords for video. So how is our survey for measuring Brand Lift different? It’s fast.
You can write your survey and field it today and get results within a week. It’s accurate.
Your survey measures causal impact of your ads among the very people you’re targeting
with your campaign with responses from thousands of users. It’s simple. No tags are needed
and all setups happen within our ad platform. And measuring Brand Lift is currently free
for eligible TrueView campaigns with Google display network campaigns coming soon. Brand
Lift reports provide fast, actionable answers, strategic questions like what sorry should
I tell? You can quickly and easily take the pulse of your audience. How should I tell
my story? Test and iterate creative and optimize mid campaign. Where and with whom does my
story resonate? Refine your targeting parameters based on who’s responding to make better,
faster brand decisions right now. Contact your Google sales team to start measuring
the matrix that matter with Brand Lift surveys today.

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