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Instructional Manual – How to breakup smoothly?

Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Suhani and here is an Instruction Manual for things that don’t need an Instructional Manual. How to break up smoothly? Are you dating someone who is so boring that they make you want to sleep, but not with them. Have you pet named their lips as the Apocalypse To breakup smoothly, follow the following steps. Step 1 Don’t inflate your ego by trying this on an imaginary partner. A real, boring date is key breakup ingredient. Step 2 Have a boy backup ready right before you breakup. You don’t want guilt and drunk dialling to be an excuse to makeup with that breakup material. Step 3 Keep a low key setting for this demotional event. Order minimum food, because who will be eating? And don’t forget to order extra salt for his wounds. Apply generously. Step 4 Never ever say you’re leaving them directly ever. You have the very very subtle about this. Try this. Our love is like our grandparents. it just died unexpectedly. Step 5 If they cry pacify them that someday they will find someone who will yawn at all their boring stories and together they can coexist pointlessly ever after. Step 6 Let awkward silences play on the outside and some sad George Michael song in your ex’s heart. Don’t forget to parcel all that food nobody ate. Bye.

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