Inside MEC Label | Hike Collection

[Music] I’m James under design manager for MSE label and I’m here today to tell you about the new collection and really the big story for fall is our hike offering so we went back to what we’re good at we look at the system as a whole and we really concentrated on making it as easy as possible for you to find the right product for you and making sure that all the products work together so whether you’re getting into day hiking with something like the trail pack or maybe you’re moving into overnighting or multi-day with the cross wind really made sure that it’s a system that layers up or layers down depending on what you’re trying to achieve so if you’re trying to add insulation we’ve got you covered with the boundary light and even the waterproof jacket with the Flash cloud I’m super proud of the work that the team’s put into this collection sustainability level we’ve got bluesign fabrics across the board we even have recco reflector z’ to keep you safe no matter the season that you’re traveling in the best part though it’s a collection for everyone it’s a system that will grow with you and your experience level and we really went that extra mile in development so you can go the extra mile on the trail

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