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INJURED in Kenting and WEDGIE in Taitung | 12 Days in Taiwan EP3

(upbeat music) – [Will] Previously. So, this is the original bento box. Why? Rain! (upbeat music) Wop wop wop, no sunrise today. (upbeat music) (Narrator’s laughter)
Oh no! The Dome of Light. (Chantelle laughing) In December, we had the
opportunity to travel to Taiwan with my wife Chantelle. We explored the country
from top to bottom, we learned about something
called Taiwanese “re qing” and came out of it with
that more of an appreciation for the people, the
culture, the landscapes, and very full and satisfied tummies. I don’t know if we have
pushed ourselves to the limit as much as we have on this trip, but that’s kind of what
travel is all about. This was one awesome trip
that I’ll never forget. So we just took a very long bus ride from Kaohsiung to Kenting,
we’re just walking over to our hotel/hostel. We’re here for two
nights, which is awesome, ’cause we’ve been really
on the move quite a bit. Alright, so we’re having a fabulous dinner at the Afei Kitchen here, which is part of the Afei Hotel. Look at all the seafood that we’re having and the awesome beer. Even Afei himself came out
for drinks and live music. (soft guitar music and man singing) When in Kenting it’s
actually very well known for outdoor adventure activities so we’re gonna do just that. – We’re here to check out the waves and I wanted to see if it’s
a good surfing day today. – Now it is windy here. That’s for sure. (upbeat music) So turned out the waves in Nanwan weren’t that good so we were getting ready to head up north to another beach called Jialeshui – Ten percent’s okay. – Yeah! Hope later, have good wave. – [Group] Yeah! – [Chantelle] Whoo! – We got Bon Jovi’s greatest hits. So with the van loaded up
we hit out on the road before making a short pit stop. Okay when Afei says this is good soybean milk, you know you gotta get it. Mm, it’s good. (upbeat music) – Check out the waves! – [Will] While we
didn’t know at the time this was going to be a premonition. – [Will] On this
side Afei actually has a second shop and so we were able to use it to change and get ready
before heading out. (upbeat music) We made it to Jialeshui Beach and we got all of our gear
and we’re ready to go. Here goes nothing! (ominous music) Ugh, hold on! Hah, yeah let’s go. Crashing into the water. Like we gotta go, babe! – So the verdict is this is
not quite beginner level. – Not beginner level. – And so – We’re going back! I thought I was pro. – Okay. Maybe this is it for
our surfing adventures. (ominous music) (EKG flat lining) (slow heartbeat) – Ah, man I got hit in the head. Like near the rocks,
like it flipped my board and like smacked me like right here. – Oh, it smacked me here. (calm and upbeat music) – Yeah, I’d like to think this is me, but this was actually Afei. (upbeat music) Oh my god! We survived! The waves were a lot bigger. Definitely we were way over our heads. Getting out there was crazy
with the massive waves and being thrashed around and we’re just like floundering fish at this point. Save us! And coming back into shore was probably the hardest thing we had to do. Check this out, I got hit
on the board coming back. Literally like whacked me like that and you know crashed into the rocks and like somehow survived without
much of a scratch. It’s starting to grow. I do feel it. Definitely not for beginners. I think we need to have more lessons. Humbled by Taiwan’s surfing scene we called it quits and then head back to Nanwan. Lunchtime! It’s hard to get around in Kenting and so we went to rent scooters. So I guess we’re being taken to another place to learn how to ride a scooter. We shoulda gone to scooter
school before we came to Taiwan. – [Chantelle] At one point the owner said, so have you driven a bicycle? We’re like, yes we did that! – [Will] So we got
one check mark there. And then I think he had a
little bit more confidence. – It’s the Kenting thing to do! – Oh, yeah! – Everyone’s zooming by us. And the max is 25 kilometers per hour. – Totally okay with 25 kph. – Whoo! – [Will] Our first
stop along the way was this is actually called a Boat Sail Rock. Back on the road! – [Chantelle] Yeah, we did it! Second scenic spot! – [Will] (We’re) now – [Chantelle] Here – [Will] Almost at the
most southern point in Taiwan. Okay so we weren’t able
to fit in one last spot so we’re actually heading back to Kenting. This has been a lot of fun! Well, we made it to Kenting Night Market! Now we’re not super hungry, but I think there’s gonna be a lot of food that we’re gonna wanna try. – Oooo! Mmmm! – [Will] There we go. – Now these are my favorite, QQ balls, that I’ve learned from this trip These are yam fried balls. Really really good! (gasp) Green onion pancake. – Mm, so crispy! – One thing I really wanted to try while I was out here is sausage in a sausage. It’s literally this red sausage in another sausage which is a white sausage. Just twist. It sounds weird, but it’s
something you gotta try. So I’m kinda full, but for
20 NT, ice cream, can’t say no. (upbeat music) New place, new destination. For those keeping tack
this was our 7th day and we needed to catch a bus up to a place called Fangliao. If there’s anything that represents Taiwan I would say it’s the 7-Elevens. There are like over 5,000 of them in the entire country and you can get anything you want in a 7-Eleven which is crazy. Taiwan’s famous tea eggs. You can even buy a mouse
if you forgot one or CDs. All the snacks and drinks, booze too. Stationary and cosmetics. Yeah, you can pretty
much buy anything here and stick it in the microwave. We’re here! Fangliao Station. – This is not it! No it’s not! Okay. – [Will] Whew, crisis averted! And a little bit of scolding. – Here we are! In Taitung! – How’d you know what I was gonna say? – Alright, so we decided to take the cab because the shuttle bus, the tourist bus, would take us a little bit too long, so this is just a ten minute ride. We’re onwards to drop off our bags at this MATA Indigenous Resort. (phone ringing) (Will speaking in Mandarin) – So in a turn of events we called our paragliding guide. – Coach – Coach. And he said basically tomorrow they don’t fly at all because the winds are too harsh. So he said if you wanna fly, you gotta come today. I guess we’re doin’ it! Alright, we’re ready to head out! We’re got all of our gear and we signed our life away. Knee pads, GoPro to rent, and we’re ready to do some
paragliding in Luye Gaotai. Can’t believe we’re doing this. – Kinda nervous now. (man speaking Mandarin) – [Will] Alright, you’re going first! You got selected. I hope they know what they’re doing. – Suiting up. (happy music) – [Will] Just run, just
run, like Forrest Gump! (Chantelle screaming) (man speaking Mandarin) (Chantelle screaming and laughing) Whooo! (man speaking Mandarin) – I have Mr. Lee here. (regal music) – [Mr. Lee] Yes, yes, yes, yes! – [Chantelle] Yeah!
– [Mr. Lee] Very good! – We did it! – Oh, man I can’t
believe we’re doing this! He’s inspecting me. Everything better be hooked up. Only running. – [Instructor] Only running. Alright, we got our pilot Mason here. – Yeah, hello. He’s just checkin’ out the wind. The meter over there. Just waiting for the signal. We need more wind. – One, two, three, go! – Just running. (man speaking Mandarin) (Mason speaking Mandarin) – Run! Run! We’re going! Yes! Biggest wedgie ever! Oh, my goodness gracious! I got a really big wedgie! We are soarin’ in the skies guys! Oh, man it’s gorgeous here! Oh, no it’s not good enough?. Oh we’re landing, okay. Oh, no! That was it! Here we go! Okay! And I was lucky to get a second chance. That must be the best job ever! Crazy drifting like in Initial D. – [Narrator] That was the whole crew. Two vans and it’s got all the gear. Round two. Wedgie. We are a lot higher up here. And we’re going! We’re running! Run! Whoaaaaaa! Lean back! – Eagle! – Like an eagle, Oh that is an eagle! – [Both] Yeah! – This is crazy exhilarating ride. You have to do this
when you come to Taiwan. This is so much fun! These guys are really professional. We just started from way out there and we’re making our way in. We’re twirling back down. The views are absolutely gorgeous. Ready to run? Whoa! – High five! Thank you! We killed it! That was so cool! – [Both] Yay! We did it! – We got our certificates! I mean this experience
is like no other and Taiwan makes it so easy. Just come out here and there’s just runs and runs of paragliders Seeing all the farm land down below, it wasn’t that scary at all and you’re just like flying, like an eagle. Man, you can’t replicate that
experience anywhere else. So we waited for the
last bus to take us down, but we had a little bit of a surprise. So we’re with Sean here. He says that we’re gonna
take the train actually into Taitung because it’s cheaper. So Sean was nice enough to show us around. There is nobody here at the Luye…Luye? This looks very confusing. There are many buttons. Okay, so Sean says that
these ones are the good instant noodles to have. – [Will] So much
passion, like oh my god! – [Chantelle] That’s his face! – [Will] And then
on to the main course. (woman speaking Mandarin) (man speaking mandarin) – Alright, so we’re back
at the train station and we’ve got our fried chicken. – [Chantelle] With our goods. – Now that was good fired chicken. – Bye, see ya! Thank you! – Alright, good morning from MATA Aboriginal Cultural Center. It’s breakfast time and we’re
gonna grab a bit of food. Fresh bread. Well look at all this food
that we have this morning. Bon appetite! While our hotel was very much about the indigenous peoples of Taiwan we were a bit disappointed that there wasn’t anything really hands on or shows where we could learn more. – Today we hit the road in Taitung with our lovely bikes that we rented from the MATA Indigenous Cultural Resort. Yeah, this is something that’s gonna be a little different because the past couple of days we’ve been relying on the buses and we found out they haven’t been the most frequent, so fully licensed to drive this bike, unlike the scooters that we had. Now we’re gonna drive
around Taitung Forest Park before heading into the
coast and into the city. Brakes don’t work the best! Oh my god! (brakes squealing and bike crashing) Don’t worry, we were okay! There’s actually quite a bit to see in the park and we had a
ton of fun riding around and of course flying the drone as well. (upbeat music) We continued riding out into
the city where we drop by the White Shanties
before heading into this famous noodle restaurant. (upbeat music) We were in some crazy line. We had to mark down what we want to order. It’s basically noodles,
soup noodles or dry noodles, but like the key is you
have to get at a table first because you need to mark down the number and then somehow order
your food by marking it on the menu and then
they bring it out to you. So we kinda need two people
to make this work, I think. Got the veggie and pork dish. We got noodles. Dry noodles. Wet noodles. Drinks! Drinks! What a feast! So yeah, what makes this place special? Yeah, they’re really small. – [Chantelle] All of them are like that. – [Will] Yeah, really short noodles which is pretty unique about its pack. This is living like a local. That one’s really really hot there. Also hot. Also hot. So we’re at the Old Taitung Station. And it’s here that we got
to explore the remnants of an old train,
community art, and as well as some old buildings that
have been left behind. We made it to the famous
mochi/bakery place. This place is called Chen’s Mochi. They are making mochi. I love my mochi, so I
made sure we bought a lot. – Wow! Smells good! – Can I have the rest of this? I mean mochi is like exquisite! It is perfectly done! Well that was a successful mochi run. We’re a bit tight on time so we’re hopping back on the
bike and headed back to our MATA hotel before
hitting the train station. Why not play baseball? Man, it feels like we just got here, but we’re back at the Taitung Train Station. It’s been a ton of fun
in this part of Taiwan in the south where the
weather’s been a lot warmer and we’ve been able to do a lot of crazy adventure activities, but alas. Next time on 12 Days in Taiwan. I think it’s time to
check out some layers. Ooh, check this thing out. (man singing and acoustic guitar playing) – [Narrator] Feel it kinda We made it! (man singing and acoustic guitar playing) Good morning! (man singing and acoustic guitar playing) The ladder… Best sausage!

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  1. Kenting and Taitung in Taiwan are filled with adventure activities and overall were awesome places to be outdoors. What kind of crazy activities have you tried where you felt "on the edge"? Share stories of anything crazy you've done while on the road!

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