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Injured hiker rescued near Sabino Canyon

hello everyone and thank you for joining us I’m Nick Van Zandt hope you’re finding a way to stay cool today because we went right past a hundred degrees still that didn’t stop some people from getting outside news for Tucson is Eric Fink is live at Sabino Canyon where the hot weather impacted a high-score rescue earlier today near 7 Falls eret head their neck well according to Pima County search and rescue that call came in to them about 11 o’clock this morning they got a call from a hiker who was up in bear Canyon running very low on water they say when she fell and broke her ankle crews search and rescue crews as well as rural Metro Fire and southern Arizona rescue association volunteers took about an hour to get to this hiker it was a hundred and five degrees at the time crews thought it was best to call in air support to get her safely down the canyon and get her the medical help she needed take a listen to what they had to say we respond to a call it’s a meted response we did determine the terrain that we’re dealing with the impact that the weather has on our resources and the resources that are available due to the distance and the nature of her injury the best way to remove her from the field was with alle copper now the woman was taken to Tucson Medical Center where she was treated for that broken ankle interesting ly enough deputy chief telling me that she was in an area of bear Canyon where she was able to get cell service and make that call for help he says if he was just a couple of tenths of a mile up the road further east past 7 Falls he doesn’t know if that would have been the case we were allowed to stop ternoon in Sabino Canyon I’m Eric Fink news for two son Nick let’s then things back to you

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