Infinity War Alternate HISHE

In order to take the stone you must lose that which you love. You love nothing. No one. Really? Tears? They’re not for him. They’re also not for you. Wait what? Forgive me. Well, you had a Hulk. All Fathers, let the dark magic flow through me one last time. My humble personage, it is now time for you to take the next infinity- What? Great! This is just great! Now what are we gonna to do? Phew! That was a close one. Thanks Heimdall. Where did you send them? To a place where they will never be found. New haircut? I see you’ve copied my beard. Is that a new weapon? This thing? Oh yes, it’s great! It’s got a good weight to it. You can summon the Bifrost. It’s gonna help me defeat- I am Groot. Aaaaaaah! Demon Axe Handle! Hey everyone, thanks for watching! And thanks to our sponsor Audible who is offering all Amazon Prime members and Audible membership for only $4.95 a month for the first 3 months. And after that it’s only $14.95 a month. But hurry this offer ends July 31st! Thanks again for watching and supporting us! Bye! I’m sorry little one. Did you do it? Yes. What did it cost? Everything.

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