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INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL trail run in Quito, ECUADOR || Pichincha Volcano (Correr en Quito)

well we’re about to go up to Pichincha
Volcano… riding the Teleferico “gracias” and we have to ride the gondola up we’re
going to go about 800 meters and then once we get up then we can start running
it’s going to be a great time right? Are you ready Ann? “yeah” great! All right good morning everyone from the
top of the Teleferico just outside of Quito. We’re now about to go hike up Pinincha… how do I say it? Pinchincha Volcano. Start over. We’re about to start running towards Pinchicha This is… Pin… Pinchincha Volcano We’re going towards Pinchincah Volcano, Pinchinca Volcano. We’re going for a run. We have beautiful weather it’s sunny
there’s some clouds but not much you can see the volcanoes behind us it should be
amazing. Come along with us for a run. We’ll see out on the trail. Okay we’re pretty early into the run but
if you look right behind me that’s Cotopaxi. It’s one of the tallest
mountains in Ecuador. I think, I think. I don’t know. Okay, we made it to the main trail. This is some hike. Really… steep. We’re getting to the top
of one of the main kind of bumps and when we get up there we should be right
around 14,000 feet We’re at nearly 14,000 feet now and… it’s
mostly hiking but This is, this is just amazing. It’s a hummingbird that just landed on Ann’s arm. It’s bright colors Ann that’s why he landed on you. Yeah they like bright
colors because they go to flowers and stuff. Dang it why did I wear gray shoes? Highlight of your
day, huh? hi everyone Ann and I kind of got to the
furthest point we’re going today. We’re a little over 14,000 feet it’s like 4,100 feet something like that. so let’s look out behind me over there
Cotopaxi I said it a bunch of times on this video. And then I’m not sure which
that I think that one is called I think that one is called Cayambe, or maybe that one’s Cayambe… I don’t really know my Ecuadorian mountains. Buenos Dias! Here we go! downhill It’s so windy! The wind is gonna kill the sound. Oh well, it’s gonna kill the sound.

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11 thoughts on “INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL trail run in Quito, ECUADOR || Pichincha Volcano (Correr en Quito)

  1. this was epic. great filming and amazing views. nice job. fav part was the mis-pronouncing comedy at the beginning. good outtakes. 😉

  2. Wow. Pretty cool – what gets me is how LOW 14000ft looks in Equador – compared to some other places (doesn't stop the air from being thinner tho) – the towns down below must be already at a high altitude. And a hummingbird!

  3. Hey, Andy! Long time no see!
    it's your 3rd video about ECUADOR.
    Nice video, Andy lol.
    So I made subtitle! Yeah!
    I submitted it , so please check it!
    Have A nice day:)

  4. This was some brilliant footage, and not shaky in the slightest. I am wondering which stick you use to mount your Gopro while running. I have just bought a GoPro 5 Black so my camera has image some degree of stabilization so I'm hoping this means I can get away with a cheaper stick rather than having to opt for the Karma to get a stable image. I haven't yet done any shooting so it would be great to know what camera and stick you are using here?

  5. Your videos are amazing! The serenity of these places is unreal and you're doing travelling the right way because the best way to explore an area is to go for a run

  6. Wow! This was awesome! The view was stunning and your shot selection was outstanding! Found your channel through @thefodrunner. Such a great find and just subbed

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