100 thoughts on “IMF: Venezuela’s inflation to hit 1,000,000%

  1. useless is the UN and the OAS, they do not do any action, it does not work.
    Learn Latinos from your sister Venezuela, is a large country on the continent with 33,000,000 people and do nothing. That it would remain for the small countries geographically speaking,
    Useless organizations. Learn!

  2. There are 250547 people murderer by police- narcos/military, on last 12 years Mexico need a foreign military intervention of latinamerican people. If the US want to help ok, but unfortunetly they are not the Mother Teresa of Calcutta we must free Mexico.

  3. Remember: Back in the days Venezuelan embassies was giving visa only to EUROPEANS to visit Venezuela! Venezuela is the most fascist-RACIST-country on the continent after Argentina! The last openly "RACIST LAW" in Venezuela was abolished ONLY in the mid 70s: an immigration ruling that gave priority to EUROPEANS (the oppressor) over other immigrants, venezuelan Foreign Ministry official documents from the 1960s ordered the diplomatic representatives NOT to give visa to NON EUROPEANS to visit Venezuela! Now those racists venezuelans are running as rats to non-European-counties. Why are they not running to Denmark a EUROPEAN-country? Because EUROPEAN-countries don't want venezuelans rats and cUckroaches! To hell with evil Venezuelans and their evil RACISM and FASCISM!

  4. AND THIS, is what the democrats want to turn us into. THATS, the real reason for gun control. OUR guns stopped the Japaniese from invading the west.

  5. The bring gun, drugs and prostitution to my country Trinidad and Tobago, exchange for food and medicine and just walk in like it's nothing. Madness!

  6. I will always say this, they voted for this. i wouldn't let a Venezuelan refugee into my country unless they 1st swore an oath to never vote for a socialist ever again.

  7. You dummies it has nothing to do with 'socialism', but everything to do with US sanctions and politicking designed to bring down Venezuela. Get a clue, 'socialism' is the psyops.

  8. The CIA is involved while the American Government has been ensuring that they prevent Venezuela from finding buyers to sell their oil to.America intends to control the Venezuela Government to obtain their oil reserves.Why else the wars in the Middle East controlling pipelines and the oil that flows from it.America places the emphasis on socialism solely as a distraction and _____% seem unable or unwilling to understand what's really going on.It is extremely difficult for the Venezuelan Government to function under the duress inflicted by America since the CIA is striving to overthrow their efforts politically by sabotaging every effort undertaken by Venezuela thereby creating starvation among the citizens.The Western World's political leadership is not helping as they will be the benefactors.Russia and China are buying oil allowing some cash flow though constrained by political tensions by America.

  9. Venezuela can get outta it …
    In few steps
    1.Kick Maduro
    2.Have a Democratic Govt.
    3.Recyle That Mess
    4.Reconstruct Those Outdated Pipelines and Machinery of Oil Industry.
    5.Increase the price of petrols and gasolina .
    6.$$$$ Dollarization
    7.Promote Tourism by building hotels , universities affilliated to oxford -cambridge – california etc .


  11. They only difference between inflation in American and Venezuela is that America can export their toxic parasitic inflation upon the world with their globally socialized fiat currency… Venezuela has to deal it it domestically… we all saw what happen when the Euro fire-walled American inflation from being exported to their central banks the American economy went bankrupt.. so what did American do they used SOCIALISM to bail them out and the FED just printed up 27 trillion dollars and bought up all that bad debt which sent commodity price through the roof taxing the rest of the world. So Americans with their parasitic Petrodollar live off the backs of the rest of the world… If the American economy had the same sanctions and monetary isolation that was invoke upon Venezuela they would be in worse shape… but they are allowed to have their parasitic Saudi enabled Petrodollar to continue which makes them the biggest parasitic socialists on the planet.

  12. I really hope the new generation in America see this. Socialism does not work!!!! Stop listening to those commie-socialists professors.

  13. They don’t have cash to buy paper to print money ! Means paper is costlier than a currency. Omg !!!!!!!

  14. Jews will force us to take in millions of migrants so they can vote for the same policies that Venezuela has.

  15. MrBabyStuna believes in socialism.
    Tell me when you pass Venezuela in the race!
    I’ll congratulate you with a cake on the streets!

  16. I’ll give you 10 millions for that banana … hell no I gotta feed my family many 20 million and it’s a deal

  17. It’s not from Socialism it’s from the oil prices being lowered so don’t just jump to socialism being the problem

  18. Socialism + South American Country + Hyperinflation = Poor Country/Collapsing Country. Support Venezuela against this disaster.

  19. You know it's not just because of socialism it's because it relied too much on oil and all the other industries were shut out but the oil was booming so it was OK but when the prices dropped Venezuela suffered hard. That's honestly why, not socialism or some other cause

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