Ige discusses issues with Windward Oahu residents

met with Windward Oahu residents last night for a talk story session. The governor said — he’s not the most flashy chief executive Hawaii has ever seen, but his administration is making progress. Ige said the state is on solid financial footing — which led to a better bond rating, and he continues to embark on technological initiatives to make government more transparent. Ige also said he’s holding companies with state contracts ACCOUNTABLE. GOV. DAVID IGE: “YOU KNOW I HAVE BEEN COMMITTED TO CHANGING THE WAY THAT THE STATE DOES BUSINESS. YOU KNOW, I WILL NOT TOLERATE CONTRACTORS AND CONSULTANTS THAT DO NOT DELIVER ON THEIR PROMISES MADE. I’VE BEEN CRITICIZED, BUT I DO BELIEVE IF THEY’RE NOT DELIVERING THAT WE SHOULD CANCEL CONTRACTS.” The governor has promised more talk story sessions to hear directly from taxpayers.

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