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Idyllic alpine trail and the most beautiful natural ravine | Day 4.1 of Tour du Mont Blanc

Good morning on the day 4 of our Tour de Mont
Blanc! And today we don’t have a particular goal,
we just want to move forward. As we already decided yesterday we are not
going to follow the official stages, we’ll do our own. Depending on the weather, on how difficult
the trail will be and our physical state we’ll do certain amount of kilometers. We’ll probably do 8 to 10 kms today no more. So let’s get started! My dear beloved running shoes are tearing
apart as you can see at around 8 months of hiking and one Camino de Santiago. So I guess it’s normal but I hope them to
survive till the end of this Tour de Mont Blanc. And we brought with us the thread and needle
so we can sew them a little bit. Maybe it will help. I really hope so. Because I love them. The campground was great with a lot of space for
the tent. We like that it has a specially dedicated
area for the tents and that’s why the price is a bit lower then when you have a car or
caravan. That’s always very good and we like it a lot. And probably it was the cheapest option to
stay in these places because normally you can’t get with the 16 euros for two person
stay. At night came a big group of Japanese people
hikers who are probably hiking Tour de Mont Blanc as well. The area was filled with the tents. It looked very unusual and beautiful, just
the area dedicated to the tents. That’s like perfect. And it reminded us of some mountain camp like
Everest camp or some expedition camps. We are guessing they are hiking with the guide
or someone who is speaking their language. And well they left quite a lot earlier than
us. It’s 11am now, we are starting quite late. But we figured it always happens when we are
staying at the campsites. For whatever reason we become more disorganized
and lazy, don’t want to get up, cook the breakfast slowly. There are lots of chores to do like washing
the clothes and drying them so it takes more time for us to get started. So that’s normal. Today we see on the terrain map of the trail
that the constant uphill awaits us so we’ll be going only uphill today. And it can be quite steep. It adds for the difficultness for sure. And with that we don’t know how many kilometers
we’ll do. But we know that we don’t want to sleep on
2500m because probably it’s gonna be quite cold and we don’t like to sleep in cold conditions. So probably we’ll stop somewhere lower and
try to find the place there. Right from the start you can see what we mean
by the steep paths, they are very steep, almost 90 degrees, not that of course. And what surprises us is seeing the cars actually
climbing that steep paths. Why they’re doing it we don’t get it because
maybe they are carrying some supplies for the refugee houses or whatever. But it makes no sense, it would be like so
expensive to do this kind of services. And we see quite a lot of people doing it,
also just for fun with their children. That’s crazy to us. Such steep uphills, we feel like we’re moving
5 meters an hour, so slow. The waterfall is so powerful that’s incredible! This canyon is so beautiful. Can you see these trees just floating above
this ravine? That’s crazy how it is growing and it’s still
alive. So beautiful. Place like this force you to stop and surrender
to the nature beauty. And it’s feeding your soul and your powers
to continue on. And it makes all the efforts worth it of this
hard trail. Just makes everything in place. So incredible. And it makes you want to discover more of
this beauty. Ice cold water. Last couple of days we’ve been really wanted
to eat some ice-cream and then we saw here on the refugee house the menu of lots of them. So we took our ice-cream and it’s the best
presentation ever. We thought it would be the cones but it is
just like that. And the price is not that bad, it’s 4 euros
for 3 scoops so it’s not bad. Let’s eat! This is so good. Like home made ice cream. There is blackcurrant, coconut and chocolate. And in chocolate and coconut there is pieces
of real coconut and chocolate. It’s amazing there is actually a sign allowing
you to pitch up a tent for a night. And that’s amazing we think. In the whole area it’s not allowed but in
some designated areas yes. We love it. France does it perfect. Can you see this rubber protection on the
horns of the cows? We’ve never seen that before. So that they can’t hurt the human probably
it’s for that reason. We are wandering whether we have to go through
the snow climbing further up the mountain. Seeing the snow if front of us makes us think
that. So we’ll hike in the snow once again. At least for now that path is very easy. It’s going on a car road and it’s not very
steep at all. We were expecting the small mountain paths
going up the rocks. But actually today is an easier day. And for some reason we feel like going uphill
is easier on us than going downhill. Overall on our legs, especially on the knees. So we think we can do more than we thought
but we don’t know because we see the snow once again. The sun is killing hot right now, burns like
crazy. Now going without the shadow at all. It feels like you can boil the water or cook
an egg on it. And we feel like overall it’s all about the
contrasts here in the mountains. In the mid-day it can be super hot and it
feels like you’re at the seaside somewhere only the chilly wind coming from the snow
or ice tells you that you’re in the mountains. But at night as a contrast it can be very
cold and it can go as low as 7 degrees or 6 degrees at certain elevations. So very contrasty weather. Just wanted to share with you how I’m in love
with this new backpack of mine especially because it has this type of back. It is so breathable and it holds structure
and form so well. And it’s so much better than my previous backpack
that was slouching on my shoulders and it wasn’t breathable at all. And the shoulders are great. So been loving it so far. So perfect. We have a bit of a dilemma right now whether
to continue to go uphill to the 2300m or to stay here where it says the camping site and
allowed campground. But we think we are going to continue today
because we feel like the trail wasn’t so challenging till this moment and we have some powers. So now we’ll have some snack and we’ll get
back on the trail. Thank you very much for watching! If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs
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and maps. Hope you’re having a great day and we’ll see
you very soon on the next video! Bye!

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3 thoughts on “Idyllic alpine trail and the most beautiful natural ravine | Day 4.1 of Tour du Mont Blanc

  1. Hello, our friends! Hope you will enjoy this week´s episode of our TMB trail. This was one of the most idyllic parts of the trail where we discovered really beautiful natural corners and enjoyed scenic landscapes. It was quite a steep uphill but the beauty around made all the efforts worth it. This is our main motivation to continue on – the more natural beauty to discover. What it is for you? What is your motivation to continue the trail even when it's hard?

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