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Icebear’s 350 subscriber giveaway.

I bet she gives it to me Mike no to me now win yeah I know it’s gonna be me
I know it’s senior hikers 77 at least don’t matter she’s gonna pick me Mike Mike something went wrong yeah I subscribe to them too but no you don’t that’s a mistake
oh that’s not right that’s not right that’s not fair

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17 thoughts on “Icebear’s 350 subscriber giveaway.

  1. 😂😆🤣 I love you guys! Thanks for making me smile! Hey, if I have to re-draw, you might win it after all… they haven't gotten ahold of me yet to claim it! I like your puffy coat, btw. 😁👍

  2. I can confirm, she definitely pronounced your name wrongly…!

    Secret confession, I prefer to watch the fire over the phone while I’m outdoors!

  3. Lmao Senior Hiker, I was thinking the same thing, that you should have won, but that was before I knew Mike P was in the drawing. 🤪

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