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today I’m going to show you how you can
make your own rice water for acne free brighter smoother younger-looking skin
first let’s talk about why rice is so beneficial for the skin
rice water is full of minerals and amino acids that are essential for the
skin including Frehley acid which is a powerful antioxidant that contains
anti-inflammatory properties in addition to being one of the most gentle skin
cleansing agents rice water contains vitamin b1 C and E which together can
shrink pores tighten brighten and soften skin as long as it’s left on the skin
first water can even offer a slight protection from the Sun so let’s get on
to how you can make your own by school time you will need a bolo cut depending
on how much you want to make I make a lot because I also use the rice water to
wash my face a measuring jug and water a container to
store your ice water I’m just using an old coffee jar this can hold up to one
liter and half a cup of rice you can use any rice differece have different
benefits I’m just using white rice because I have at home so the first thing you want to do is
wash your eyes this is very important because you want to get rid of any dirt
bacteria and pesticides I like to wash my rice at least three times you’ll
notice that the water turns milky this is not advice water this is what we want
to get rid of after you wash the rice and I can add in
the water that we’re gonna let the rice sit in once I’ve added all of the water I like
to lace it for at least 30 minutes and then you can just start using the rice
water straight from there this rice water will last you about five days in
the fridge before it starts to go bad when using the rice water you want to
first make sure that you have a clean face first we’re like to use this is as
a toner all I do is dip my compact into the rice
water squeeze out the excess and then just directly apply this to my face the second way I like to use my rice
water and my favorite way is with these complex sheet masks these are really
cool because all you have to do is pour a bit of water on them and they’ll open
up into a sheet mask once I’ve opened it up I fold it and put
it straight into the rice water I let this sit for about 15 minutes so it can
absorb everything really well when you take you out don’t squeeze out the
excess you want it to be dripping wet otherwise the mass will drop fast and
won’t stick properly to your face I had to squeeze it out because I
usually do this over a sink and I don’t want to get it all over the floor you’ll
notice in the clip that I didn’t quite stick properly to my face I let the mask sit for about 10 minutes
and then I just peel it off and I fold up the mask and wipe the excess on my
skin and then I just Pat everything else into
my skin but you can wash off if you want after using rice water on your skin for
a while you’ll notice that your skin is softer firmer and smoother than it was
before and that’s pretty much it thanks for watching

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  1. People are really funny, they comment about rice is not healthy but they are very happy to eat burger, muffin, Diet Coke, alcohol, processed and fat free food and not to forget using phones and all electronics producing radiation. Come on people, we have been eating rice from centuries and it is TOTALLY healthy just eat them in moderation.

  2. rice water should not be made in a stainless steel or ant metal container. I make mine in a clean glass bowl. When you wash it do not stress it too much; just rinse gently a couple of time, organic rice is enough to rinse once. Also, it is better to let the rice sit in the water at least for a few hours, better overnight. Stir it every now and then with a wooden spoon. Then you would have the rice water that would be beneficial to you.

  3. Mine is ez , Just cook the rice for like 1min or 2 then put the rice water in a tumblr then put it in the ref and store it for 30min or 1hour or it depends then after that use a CLEAN TOWEL then put it on your face

  4. I have severe cystic and hormonal acne and I will start using rice water from now on and I will also be updating
    Day 1: my rashes are gone
    Day 2: I stopped cuz my skin irritated
    I will try doing it only for once or twice every few weeks but Im very busy atm sooooo I cant

  5. You are so darn cute!! I am going to try this, I have acne because of the winter air here and maybe this will help ✨🙏✨

  6. Where can I get the face mask the one you open with a drop of water. Can you suggest me a link to buy the mask please

  7. I have large pores on my face, I feel like guilty and depressed…please help me anyone how to close this large pores

  8. I remember I was washing rice before to put in the rice cooker and at some point I wiped my face forgetting my hands were completely wet. Touched my face a few minutes later and oh gosh the skin was very soft, felt smooth and was very firm and plump.

  9. As a teenage girl I truly recommend rice for skin problems. I used to have oil, tiny bumps, scars, clogged pores, and really huge pores, after I stopped using the products from the store for acne and I started washing and using only rice water my problems disappeared you can notice results in two days. Will truly recommend it for your skin care routine.

  10. DING DONG ..
    And ARMY'S must read this ..
    Must read..
    Guys im telling you a secret if you want Korean type glass clear skin..

    1. 3-4 spoon rice.
    2. 1 small potato..
    3. 2 capsule of vitamin E..
    4. Coconut oil.
    5. Almond oil..
    6. Lemon essential oil..

    How to make it ..
    Take 3-4 spoon of rice And wash it ..
    Then take that small potato and cut it into very small pieces.. then boil them in a bowl for about 10-15 mins..
    And let it get some cool..
    Then grind it or mash it preety well so that it forms a cream ..
    And add 2 capsule of vitamin E in it and then 1 spoon of coconut oil .. 1 spoon of almond oil .. And then add lemon essential oil in it ( don't worry if you don't have essential oil just leave it ..)
    And apply it on your face at night or evening . How it suits you .. it make some white layers of that cream cause it have potato in it .. but belive me guys it works like crazy.. so good ..

    I have just tried it for like a month and my skin is now brighter and glowing …
    If you need any other information just ask me on Instagram :- loveleen_876..

    Thank you ..
    Bts×ARMY forever 💜💜

  11. My sister have use this method and it works… But the only problem is the rice water is soo smelly when u kept it too long….

  12. yea and what happen to your face after 2month doing it ? i think you should attach a pic before and after using the rice wotahhh 🥰🥰

  13. You only need to wash the rice once before proceeding, Girl there's no nutrients in the rice after the 3rd wash 😂😂. Just put the compressed sheet mask straight into the rice water therefore the sheet will absorb more rice water also you NEED to change the way you wipe your face. Very Wrong

  14. How old is the girl demonstrating this video? Only curious cuz I have $100.00 bet I say one age while husband says another can't wait to see her age lol #ShoppingWithThatCash👍

  15. Please , the girl is like 15 years old , of course she will look young, and no wrinkles!! Give me a break ! Put an old lady or a 65 yo !!!!!!

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