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I Dare You To Be Great – Motivational Speech | Brave Boost

I dare you to work on yourself for 6 months. I
dare you to shut out the world. I dare you to shut out ALL the distractions. I dare you give up everything that is keeping
you from your dream. If you have a dream… don’t just sit there. Get
your ass up and make something happen! Sometimes you just have to MOVE! Do something. Make
a call. Reach out to someone. Google something. LEARN something new. Write down what you need to do in order to
make a better life for yourself and be brave enough to DO THOSE things. I dare you to take a stand… TODAY! To say
NO MORE. I will no longer accept this for my life. I dare you to TAKE ACTION TODAY. I dare you to write your goals down and get
someone to hold you accountable! I dare you to hold yourself accountable! I dare you! I dare you give up everything that is keeping
you from your dream. To say no to all negative influences. I dare you to pick up a book
instead of a drink. I dare you to work harder than you think you
did yesterday! I dare you to prove them wrong! I dare you
to prove yourself right! I dare you to stand up as a man, or as a strong
woman… as whoever you are… and declare that you are going to claim a bigger AND better
life for yourself!!!! I dare you to make something happen THIS WEEK! To
take massive action this week. Drop everything and DO SOMETHING! I dare you to walk more than you talk. I dare you to do GOOD for the sake of doing
good. I dare you to tell no one about it. To be kind for no reason. I dare you to spend
time alone. I dare you to say no with PRIDE. No to bad
habits. To negative people. To wrong doing. I dare you to speak your truth. I dare you to DREAM BIGGER! BIGGER than they
told you was possible for your life. I DARE YOU. I dare you to walk your own path. Wherever
that leads. Whatever they say. I dare you to lock the world out for a week
and work on YOU. Work on YOUR DREAM! I DARE YOU! You’re well and truly capable of living
at a higher level… If you DO or you DON’T – that’s up to YOU. Ask yourself: Am I happy with my life? – exactly
as it is now? Am I happy staying where I am? If you don’t like the answer: GET TO
WORK! Work on yourself! Work harder than you think you’ve worked in the past. More
discipline.Higher standards. More self respect. More boundaries. Less BS! More forward. Less
backward! More positive less negative! Only those who dare to go after the life most
don’t have will ever have the chance of living a life most will never have. Only
those who dare to fight for a GREAT LIFE have the chance to LIVE a GREAT LIFE! What’s it going to take for you change? What’s it going to take for you to realize
your potential? What’s it going to take for you to be proud? Proud
of the person you are! Proud of your effort! Proud of the person you’ve become… What is it
going to take?

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