I AM MOTHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

(dramatic music) (whoosh) (booming) (clicking) (whirring) (sentimental music) (cooing) – Why aren’t there any
more children, Mother? – There used to be. – Why did you only make one? – Mothers need time to learn. This facility was designed to
give humanity a second chance. One that began with you. (dramatic music) Daughter. The path will not be easy. The world outside is lifeless. But I made you into
the woman that you are. So that we could do this together. (whirring) – Mother? (alarm wailing) – Hey! Open the door! (dramatic music) – How are you unaffected? By the contagion outside? – Who put that in your head? – Did you know there
were people out there? – I’m as surprised as you. – There’s a droid here? – Mother’s not what you think. She’s taken care of me my whole life. – You haven’t seen what they’ve done. – Not Mother. (dramatic music) – I told you it was dangerous outside. – I hope you see that I’m
different than her assailants. – That thing feels nothing for you. You don’t belong here. – I’ve discovered something troubling. Our guest has not been
entirely truthful with us. Daughter. I know you’re frightened
but you have no need to be. Have I ever done you harm? – It’s just a matter of time. Time now. – This woman doesn’t care
about any future but her own. Her own. She’s very dangerous. Dangerous. – I’m never gonna hurt you. Hurt you. – She’s a risk we can’t take. Can’t take. – We need to go now. – Trust me. – Trust me. – Trust me. – Mother! – Daughter. Your whole life I’ve taught
you to see the bigger picture. (dramatic music) Everything I do is to protect you.

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