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I am going! Hiking the Lycian Way Ep.1

Good morning! Feel a little bit like an idiot today look! Big backpack Practice But it’s still so humid and so hot that I Was not looking forward to the practice So I delayed it and delayed it and delayed And all this time this big monstrous backpack is staring at me from my room So I started to get scared of it So, I have to start We’ll see how it goes It’s about eight kilos so close to what I have to wear when I really need it But I have to go up first At least I’m not so much out of breath anymore we’re warming up So what is it all about well, I always wanted to do something big like walking to Compostela But then you hear a lot of the walking is over roads and with cars and it’s not even fun. Plus I’m absolutely not religious. So that doesn’t work. So then, when I moved to Turkey The Lycian Way just opened That’s it. I have to do that one to go in the footsteps of your ancient forefathers and then in these beautiful surroundings That must be so fantastic Just take off take your time and go But for all sorts of reasons I could never do it. I had no money then I had a divorce and I had to go to France for a few years This that the other, there was always something. So now I have a new hubby. I have a little bit more money and He said simply you have to go If you don’t go you’ll never do it. And then before you know it you’re 70 and you regret not going So that’s the reason I’m practicing with this evil backpack I’m leaving in three weeks Only I have to do it in sections. I can’t stay away that long It will be fun, Scary as well. The Lycian Way is a 540 kilometer long trail going from Ovacik by Fethiye to Antalya. So I slowly slowly started collecting some gear Got a nice lightweight tent Believe it or not from the garbage if that wasn’t a sign of the gods! When I found that tent I thought that’s it I’ve got to go. This is too good a North Face lightweight tent. I mean Come on! So yeah, I set it up. It was complete. It had no poles So I asked a man who dumped it if he had still had the poles and he had So I’ve got myself a tent I set it up Put the hose on it And it worked it’s waterproof Then I bought some small stuff like an air bed and some other little things So yeah, we’re going fairly budget-neutral, I like it I’ve got new shoes and yes, they’re stupid sandals and big winter walking boots No, thank you I am trying them out. They have a lot of grip, they feel absolutely fantastic Well, I have to say now I’m no longer walking up I’m feeling great Nothing hurts. I’m not sweating enormously anymore So yeah promising There’s a ton of goats ahead I was hoping to let Timo off the lead but He probably can’t behave himself, look at that! Tons of them A little bit more up And then we’re done Then I only have to go down Yippee!

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11 thoughts on “I am going! Hiking the Lycian Way Ep.1

  1. i just discovered you, im 22 years old but you made me feel like im 90 🙂 i hope you can keep this energy always !

  2. thank you for making English content for youtube about the LW. almost all qualified content is in Turkish and I hope people who are interested in the LW all around the world would find it helpful. Best of luck!

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