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Hydration Bladder (Camelbak) in the Peak Design Backpack

ok so here I’m going to do a brief look at putting a Camelbak in to the 20 litre everyday backpack question is whether or not the bag bulges uncomfortably when you’ve got a Camelbak in the laptop component and so obviously the camelbak fits in there quite well going to zip that across now, the gusseted area here inside the bag means that the majority of the width of the bladder is taken up inside the bag obviously what you will find is that where there’s a force there’s an equal and opposite force so there is a small amount of protruding from the from the back and find a good way of showing that but when you push against it that the bladder will move further in towards the center of the bag depending on what you’ve got it filled with if you’ve got a stuffed jam full with really heavy and sturdy stuff or a book down the back then obviously that bladder is going to be pushed more towards you certainly with camera gear and stuff where it will have a bit more space to go then it’s not really going to pushing too badly just coming out the the top just trying to make sure that’s as tight as you can get tight as you can get it, it’s quite a thick tube one as it’s my winter one anyway very quick just let you see that

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3 thoughts on “Hydration Bladder (Camelbak) in the Peak Design Backpack

  1. I've been watching all your peak design backpack reviews. Really great stuff here! very useful info, I'm excited to receive mine next week!

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