22 thoughts on “Husky i kano – ørretfiske og telt

  1. til de glade vildvettene ; Herlig å se den gleden dere viser så til de grader, på tur etter tur etter tur ;o) Vi reiser kjerringa på Songavatten i Vinje uke 30 ? i år, med forbehold om været. Ligger ny film ute med minner fra songaturer 2016 på sida mi nå, med littegranne harmonica innbakt. Da ses vi kanskje på Songa, da jenter ?
    Villmarkshilsner fra Minken og Minkeline kommer med vindene fra Valebøskauen i denne stund ;o)

  2. Hei, koselig tur 🙂

    Jeg lurer på hvordan dere rigger markstengene deres? Er det kun krok med en mark?

  3. Detta er turglede på høyt nivå, når stanga napper! Dere bør ta turen innom Nordland, her er det ganske ålreit! God tur, spreke gamle damer 🙂

  4. My gosh it is so beautiful the places you go. I could stay there forever eating those trout and just enjoying that beautiful view! Thank you for sharing your trip! ~Dawn

  5. It's a good thing one of the dogs behaves in the canoe! Hope Teddia is doing well. Thanks for sharing another adventure! atb, Larry

  6. Kjempe fin video igjen Ladies ! var dette ved Heddevatnet ?, jeg fant ikke Valbjørgheiane i Googlemaps. Jeg synes det er så vakkert der 😉

  7. 1) Do Linda bring cheap food, beer and bacon from Sweden when she visit ?

    2) Since Linda is virtually Swedish by now, Does she do Swedish massage ?

    3) Thank you for sharing the beautiful nature and animals 🙂

    4) Nice fishing too….Woo Hoo 🙂

  8. Ser ut som det var nok jobb med hund i båt. Monsen sliter like mye så det er vel slik det er? Er litt misunnelig på fiskelykken deres! Må komme meg til et vann med ørret snart, nå som jeg har turt å begynne å sløye fisken sjøl 🙂 Veldig fin video 🙂 Fortsett det gode arbeidet med å spre turglede 🙂

  9. I am so happy I found your You Tube channel, I just subscribed. My Grandmother was from the village of Tennfjord and so now I can see what Norway is like without the expensive plane ticket! Although someday I hope to travel there before I am to old to do so…
    …thank you for sharing your adventures!

  10. Takk for turen og fantastisk video-en. Sa mange fisker! Skal ut pa kanotur i neste uke med gjester fra Tromso og Reykjavik, og ser fram til dette. We used to have a husky too, and she was terrible in the canoe. Once she went on land, found a wolf den and wouldn't come out, because she didn't want to get into the canoe. But still, I miss her…

  11. Oh my gosh what a fun trip to see with those dogs having their experiences. It’s nice to see you laugh at them, even though I know that must have been nerve-racking. Taking animals into the wild always makes for double the excitement. It’s fun to see how the dog loves the fishingSo much. When that nice Bach came in as you were paddling back I was aware of how beautiful it all is when viewing, as opposed to the reality of the actual chaos of the canoeing with the dogs! Gorgeous evening film. Great water booties too! And as always, an x-rated vid is so appealling! Your Jules

  12. PS! I got to thinking about this video more: It reminded me of how I so identified with two different aspects. First, the extreme disappointment of having a well-planned trip foiled–Aargh! Yes, I remember sitting on the trail with alligator tears rolling down my cheeks because I was having to turn around because of a sick goat. BUT, once home and we realized the goat was ok, I went up for a quickie trip in a different place, and THAT trip was the first time I saw a bear. So I hope that your wild memories of having the dogs in the canoe was worth that change! THEN, talking about not having a map–yes! I remember going up to a new cirque in the mountains here, and realized that I'd lost my map out of my pocket when I was crossing a thick willow meadow. I couldn't bear to have to struggle back through that thicket again, but HAD to, and amazingly enough, did find the map. Now I BUTTON it in my pocket! Oh–one final memory you brought up: That anxiety of having to canoe back early so you could avoid any wind and avoid a canoe upset—yes, so many minutes I've spent staring at the sky trying to decide if I should head out so I wouldn't have to drive in the rain with the goats in an open trailer. OH, the trips when we look back on them are so wonderful—but filled with anxiety when we're actually in them! Sorry to be so wordy! Jules

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