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Hulda Crooks – 52 Hike Challenge (3/52)

Hike Number three number three! It’s getting cold finally getting a little bit of rain here in Southern, California. Hike number three! Hulda Crooks Loma, Linda, California There’s so many options at Hulda Crooks. There is a ton of paths for mountain bikers and for hikers. you just have a ton of different trails that you can explore and Kind of create your own path. Just keep your bearings straight north south east and west Possibly have the map on your phone with a fully charged battery and you always find your way back to the parking lot. No problem We made this a three point six mile hike we took the Scott Canyon Trail If you want to double that you can do the Jedi trail, which is six point two miles At the very start of the trail, there’s a bunch of power lines. It’s kind of an eyesore Don’t let that discourage you just continue down the path once you get over the first hill and You will see rolling hills as far as the eye can see so just keep on pushing through ignore those power lines It’s actually a beautiful hike the absolute best time to go is January and February You’ll see green grass on these hills and it’s rolling hills If you go during the summer, it’s gonna be kind of dry and hot and brown It’s still great hike for exercise, but it’s not quite as scenic as it is during January February Yeah, overall. Just enjoy this hike There is a mountain bikers along the way so kind of share the path when you see them coming down Step out of the way, I actually go mountain biking here. So I use this park for mountain biking and for hiking as well It’s just an awesome place to to get out of the city for a little bit and be in nature Enjoy some b-roll. Hulda Crooks in January For breakfast we went to Carolyn’s cafe, which is actually in the town of Redlands, California right next to Loma Linda Only about 2 2 miles from hulda crooks itself Go there for the breakfast. But the thing you must try is there coffee cake! It is absolute must! A long time ago someone once told me mo butter is mo better. I don’t know what that means No one knows what it means but it’s provocative Try their coffee cake, it’s amazing So that was hulda crooks come back weekly. This was our hike 3 of 52 We will continue doing our challenges and uploading them to YouTube so you can follow along on our journey By the time this video uploads, it’s gonna be Super Bowl Sunday. So shout out to the Rams. Let’s go la la Let’s go L.A. Lets’ go L.A. Let’s go On that note get outside stay hydrated and keep on moving Did you rip it? maybe it was your underwear?

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