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Howell Island Flood – Babler State Park – Park Travel Review

howdy folks welcome to Happy Trails
hiking okay and I are at Howell Conservation
Area in Chesterfield Valley in Missouri we found a map and the map indicates
there’s a trill got no clue how far it is but we’re gonna go for a hike anyway
stay with us well welcome to howl Island we’re not gonna hide today right quite
they’re not quite there how islands over there where that great blue heron is
flying to right now we’re not able to fly so we’re not gonna hike these trips knew the water was hiding we’ve actually been to this site before
and as you look out across the water here Frank you can tell where the water
comes down and then kind of comes back up that represents the right side of the
country road next we can tell for so the way shot yeah on a plan B yeah whatever that is we’ll
figure that out stay tuned well since how I wind is closed for the
day and probably for the next few weeks oh
we’re gonna walk along the levee up here there’s a paved bike and walking trail
but we’re gonna make you so for at least a little bit but stay tuned there’s more
to this plan B well we’re here at Plan B trail or
trails you’ve seen these before the Woodbine and the dogwood trail here at
babbler State Park we were here with big crazy outdoor adventures back in the
fall so now we’re gonna rewrite this and um get some miles in this short trail
has a spur off of it to a spring it’s one of our favorite places in the park here’s that bridge again all right Matt
bridge or no bridge okay and I just finished two and a half miles on the
dogwood trail at battler State Park which gets us to a total of 3.75 for the
day thanks for watching you

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21 thoughts on “Howell Island Flood – Babler State Park – Park Travel Review

  1. Love the thumbnail! Yep, not hiking out there! The way is shut, lol! What a lovely spring! I would have taken the “bridge”, lol! Great plan B, guys! Way to get some miles in matter what!

  2. Beautiful job guys…, oh! You stole the ducks from my last video lol…. just kidding. Nice place to visit! Last year we went to Trentino Alto Adige, in the north of Italy…. guys it was fantastic the views, the walks and of course the food 😄. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hello Kay and Matt . That sure was some water . We get around water like that with a Kayak ,canoe ,Horse and 4 wheel drive with a snorkel that's your best bet . Love the hiking Vids and like number13 . Full watch and would watch it again . Much love and respect Howie and Missy .

  4. You could have used a kayak on that trail! Glad it didn't stop you from getting some good hiking in though!

  5. Bummer! Still kind of cool capturing the flooded area on video though. 🙂 Always a plan B! Glad you were still able to get out and get some of that exercise stuff. 🙂 Have a great week guys! – Shane

  6. Certainly plenty of water about, so its always good to have a plan B and plan B was still a good hike out and you got your miles in, cheers Alan

  7. Wow – lots of water! That spring is beautiful. Had some customers come in today who live in your area – I said I wanted to go to Johnson’s Shut-Ins and got a big smile out of them! I think they were surprised I knew anything about their area – thanks!

  8. Wow, that is some serious flooding. Some elven magic or a kayak would have been useful. Plan B looks like it turned out to be a pretty great hike though!

  9. I am happy to see you again both of you guys. You’re doing great on your hiking. How I wish I could do that too here. Congratulations once again for your success. Best regards. Miss Ella

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