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How Well Do We Know Each Other? | SLICE n RICE πŸ•πŸš

– [Both] Wassup, Ninjas? – This is Slice. – And Rice. – So, it’s time to play
How Well Do You Know Me? – So, we asked our Instagram followers to give us some suggestions on
what we should ask each other and I’m really excited, because now that we’re engaged, I feel like you should
know everything about me. – Alright, let’s begin. All right, so this one comes from Adam. Who is the bigger spender? Alright. – I feel like we’re
getting married right now. Don’t listen to me,
– Oh, then why you writin’ so hard? Three, two, one. Oh, you can’t see it. Who you put, I put me. Oh, you put me?
(laughing) That is true, I did put me,
I am a bigger spender, man. – You are. I’m so cheap. – If y’all really knew where
she buys her clothes, y’all. – I cannot get myself to spend
more than $10 on a shirt. I literally will buy
clothes from Five Below. You be like spending all your money on these Bose. – Girl, don’t be talking about
how I be spending my money. I pay according to how
I feel about myself. I feel as though I deserve these things, so I buy these things. – You know what? I actually got really sad one time, because I was telling you I feel like I spend
like no money on myself because I don’t value myself. – Well then, value yourself. I don’t get it, you’re
feeling bad for yourself. – You don’t feel bad for me? – No, you choose to do those decisions. – Alright, this one’s from Saige Carter. Who is my celebrity crush? Okay wait, so are we
writing ours and yours? – The first one is mine, and
then the second is yours? – Yeah. I don’t, okay, can I write multiple women? – Multiple, God,
(laughing) what you got multiple dudes? Watch where you aim the the marker! (record scratching) That was the ugliest laugh ever. (soft suspenseful music) – Hold on, hold on, I’m tryin’ to think, – Alright, I got my answer, are you done? – No, I don’t remember his name. (light xylophone music) Okay, ready? – Three, two, one, boom. God dang!
(laughing) That is a lot! – What the heck, no one! – [Slice] I put no one. – Yeah, sure! How do I have three
women’s names on here then? – I don’t even know what you put. – Alicia, Hayden Panettiere! No! Raven’s cheerleaders? (laughing) – You know you like them. – [Slice] Guy from 22 Jump Street. – I couldn’t think of his name. – I put me.
(cackling) – You know that you like
at least one of them. – No, I think Alicia Keys
is like very talented. She’s a good looking woman
but it’s not a celebrity like “Oh I wanna be with that,” – I’m surprised you didn’t write his name. Oh, what? – I don’t even…
– Franco! Franco. James or– – You like Dave Franco. – Dave Franco. – He’s not 22 Jump Street. – 21, 21 Jump Street. – Hayden Panettiere, yo
the chick from Heroes? – I don’t know. The girl from that cheerleading movie. – What cheerleader movie? You just makin’ up names.
– No, I swore you told me that before. – Ninjas, that’s insecurity. (laughing) On a paper. You literally just put
Raven’s Cheerleaders. – I saw you looking at them on your game. When we went to the game person, yeah. – What?
– You. – Everybody looks at the, they be flipping and stuff. I’m not gonna look? I don’t wanna see y’all flip. I’ma look, it’s dope, they
getting thrown in the air. – You were wrong. (laughing) You put down Bieber? – I did.
– You know, I only got the hots for him because he loves God. – I did put down Bieber,
but then I realized, I’m better than everyone. – Wait, wait, wait, look. Alicia Keys. No one, no one. – No.
(record scratching) I’m mad.
– I can’t believe you. I’m mad. – I’m mad. You ain’t put me. – You ain’t a celebrity. – Alright, this next
one comes from el_cato. What is my (rice/slice) biggest pet peeve? So we gotta write. – Yours on the top, mine
on the bottom, okay? – Alright. (bright music) (giggling) Yo, what you giggling for? Alright I’m done. (laughing) – Okay, ready? – Why you started laughing like that? Alright here we go. Three, two, one. I put messing up words. What did you put? – Loud chewing. – Loud chewing, and mine
is the way you order. (laughing) – I put when someone calls me when I have a lot I need to do.
(laughing) – Oh, see mine’s a specific. I asked if it was within us. – Messing up words? – Yeah, when I say things, like, “Oh snap, we got like
a million subscribers.” And I meant to say a million views. – That does bother me about you. I thought this was personal. Like what’s your pet peeve.
– I said loud chewing. That is a good one. I hate it when–
– That’s your pet peeve right? – Yeah, when people eat. Letting you know what they
eatin’, but not saying nothing. (smacking) – The way I order, that’s
your biggest pet peeve? – Mm-hmm. I guess a better word to
say is you’re indecisive. – Yes. I am so indecisive. So you better be happy that I was decisive when I chose to be with you. – I mean, you still got a chance to leave. That’s fine, that’s money. (laughing) That’s money going back in my pocket. – Alright, next one is
from Annise Rolands. What’s your favorite cereal? – Mmm. – Oh, uh… – What? – Oh, oh, uh. Oh. – This is what it looks
like when somebody’s actually looking at her thoughts. (laughing) – Are you drawing your cereal? Three, two, one. – Yeah, that’s not what I meant! That’s the one I meant! Sugar Bear, that’s why I drew the bear. I drew a bear. – Cinnamon Toast Crunch. – That’s at the bottom of my list. Literally, if we wrote the worst cereal I’d probably write that. – Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
– Yes! – You mean to tell me that
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, is worse than Kix? – I love Kix. Kix is one of my top favorite. – Kinda weird taste buds do you have?
– I love the plainness. – When we had the office cereal party, you brought Cinnamon Toast Crunch. – No I didn’t! Was that me? – You literally just said, “Was that me?” I brought like, Reese’s cups. – No ’cause I bought Apple Jacks. – I brought that! Let’s put the picture here to confirm. – You never talk about Fruity Pebbles.
– I love Fruity Pebbles. – Which one? – What? Flintstone ones. – Well no duh, it’s two different
types of Fruity Pebbles. – Original, original. – And there’s the chocolate ones? – I don’t like, I love them. – Look at you don’t even know! Man, I’m done. This comes from melissa.pdx. How old was I when I had my first kiss? Alright, first one? Yo hold on, we gotta, let’s classify this. Like, we both,
– I knew this one very clearly I already wrote my answer. – Like are we classifying
like the first time– – First time your lips touch another, woman or male’s. (laughing) I remember this all too well. – Three, two, one. Wait, you were 14? – (laughing) No. – I was 14?
– Yeah you were 14. – Nah. – You were in kindergarten? – I was in kindergarten, yo. You were seven? Oh, I was younger I guess.
(laughing) What you mean I remember that real well? – We were in a baby stroller. Me and him were sitting, we were,
– Yo, who? Who’s seven?
– We were in a room, – Yo hold up!
– Just a sec, time out! Time out. Who was seven years
old in a baby stroller? – No, we were like romantically
sitting in a baby stroller. We were sitting in a
room, the lights were out, all my sisters and her friends were there. They were like teenagers
and they were all like, “Kiss, kiss.” And we both kissed. His name was Isaac. Sure was romantic, though. Like people were rooting us on. – That was weird.
– Kindergarten? – Yes, I was in kindergarten,
– It was fate. – I remember this clear as day. I don’t wanna put this
girl’s name on blast. She was named after a country. We’ll just make up a–
– Asia? (record scratching)
– That’s a continent. (laughing) Nah, yo. Anyway, you know it was like sleep time, you get your little mat, all
the kids place their mats on the ground, she had the place for hers right next to mine, and I’m
all sleepin’ like mm-mm-mm. Next thing you know, I feel
a little tap on my shoulder. And then when I turn
around, she just went like. – On the lips? – Yeah. And then she–
– Did you like it? – I was scared because
like, I knew if my mom knew, she would get mad. And then she started like,
rubbin’ my face like, “Yo, hey.” – Ew, what? – And then she like went
in again and was like. And I was… Teacher was nowhere to be found, yo! And I was just like, lookin’ like, okay! – You didn’t say anything to anyone? – Nah, I felt like I was
gonna get in trouble. I don’t know why.
– Aw, that’s so sad! So this one is from someone named congrats_someonesa, somethin’. It’s cut off. How many people did you date before me? Ooh. – Um, before you, let’s see.
– Hold on I gotta count. – Like middle school and
all that stuff don’t count. – Okay, high school and up. (laughing) – C’mon! – I’m really tryin’ to think. (suspenseful music) (laughing) Okay, I got it. I really had to make sure. (laughing) – Three, two, one. – Eight? What the heck, Matt? – Four, I know that ain’t true! (laughing) My bad, y’alright?
(laughing) That was a little too strong.
(laughing) I didn’t mean to come off so hard on you. Four, yo? – What I was right? I knew it.
– Three. The last relationship I was in before you, she broke up with me and moved to Alaska. Word. You just wanna giggle
like that in my face? That was a sad moment. – Why you gotta say it like that, though? – Why you gotta laugh? That was a fun relationship. – Fun? – Oh.
(laughing) Well–
– Well actually my number’s five. (quirky music) You know you’re the second
Matt that I’ve ever dated? And you actually met. – I did. He was cool. I don’t think he liked me. You’re the second Korean
girl, I haven’t told you. (suspenseful music) (laughing) – And you’re the second
black dude I’ve ever dated. – That’s fine. That’s cool. Alright, emmajohnsoonn says, Do you fold or scrunch toilet paper? Three, two, one. You ain’t fold.
– Scrunch! I ain’t scrunch in my life! – Man, you look like you’re scrunchin’ especially with that arm. You look like the type that just ball that joint up and just… (laughing) My joints be lookin’ crisp man, when I be foldin’ my toilet paper, – No, he’s like really
weird in the bathroom. Not that I know. You like literally like fold? – I have a fold–
– it’s like a five inch length, it’s like whoosh, whoosh. You do that at least five times. And then like you’ll like stand up. Sorry. – You just wanna tell
every body I stand up when I wipe myself? What’s the proper way of wipin’ yourself? – I don’t think you stand up. – Hey Siri, how do you wipe
yourself on the toilet? – [Siri] I found this on the web for how do you wipe yourself on the toilet. – Yo they, they standin’! She’s up! One leg is arched up. Hot dang, ya gotta be
flexible to do that, man. Alright this comes from
fa-foo-with, fat-tire-loafer. You try to read that name. – Faafoifatialofa. – Alright, they said, what’s
my favorite thing about you? – Oh! – How explicit can we get? – What? – I’m just kid, I’m just playin’!
– Get you head out the gut. – Why do people say that? Who actually puts their head in the gutter?
– I don’t know. – I already know whatchu doin’. I’m done! – I’m not! – Glory. C’mon, yo, we don’t have the time. You crying? – No. – Why’d your eyes look like they were waterin’ from this angle? Why you coverin’ your face? If you’re cryin’, I need to see the tears. That way I know how I
need to frame this video. (laughing) See now you’re makin’ me feel bad. Okay you’re done! – I am done. – Look at me. Three, two, one. (laughing) – What the? – I put goofiness. Yeah, you are pretty goofy. – You like my goofiness? – I do, actually. You’ve always been like that. – This is the first time
he’s ever said this. – You’ve always, at least since I met you. And that’s why. If you weren’t goofy,
– And you like it? – Yeah. – You like my goofiness? – Yeah. Not like–
– I don’t think you guys realize how
big of a deal this is. You literally never– – Well, whoa whoa let me be specific. Not when you do like, like dumb goofiness. But average goofiness is cool. But when it’s like,
– But again I never knew that you thought I was even goofy. I think that’s a good thing ’cause he just loves jokes and everything. – Alright, enough about me. What did you write? – Well see, physical, I love your gap teeth and your dimples. It’s like literally the
best thing about your face. And then, I just started to think about the beginning of our relationship
and why I fell for you. So, I wrote, “Just the way you look at me. “You fought for me, you
respected me and my family, “and your jokes.” – This is the part where you
started to get emotional? (laughing) Yo, aw babe! Oh no!
(laughing) Aw, babe, no. No! No, don’t cry! Come here. Oh, man. Babe, I love you. See now why you gotta make
the video end with you cryin’? Now they gonna say it’s fake. – Every time I think about you, and like your love for me I get emotional. It’s like can’t ask questions like that. I love our relationship. – I love it too. – You do? – If I didn’t you think?
(laughing hysterically) You think you’d have a ring on your hand? You don’t just go around just
givin’ one of them rings. Here let me get that back. Alright, Ninjas that was really fun. – That was so fun, that
was one of my most, like the funnest. – Yeah, I enjoyed filmin’ that. And also, as you can see,
we take all your comments to heart, and we got some
people that was like, “Yo what’s up with that
green background, yo?” Somebody even said they was suffocatin’ ’cause of this green background. So, we’re slowly but
surely, we’re hangin’ up the stuff that you make us. Y’all ain’t make that.
(laughing) – It’s about time that
we put that up though. But I also hate that green wall. – You the one that wanted
it painted in green! Anyway, so we gonna be hangin’ up cool stuff back here. Mainly stuff they, uh–
– Draw. – Y’know draw and make. Yeah. – You should check out my channel. – Yo how you pluggin’?
(laughing hysterically) What you don’t wanna talk about, If you plug yourself, at least let me plug my Instagram because
how you at 10K and I’m not. – Guys, give him pity follows. He’s not even near me. (screaming laughing) – Way to be humble about it, yo! Alright, you know what I’m gonna start postin’ up some fire pictures, yo. – Yeah? – Mm hmm.
– For me only? – They gonna start seein’ this gut. (laughing) Anyway,
– Okay so follow Slice on Instagram, @senotoku
and subscribe to my YouTube channel, gloryk814
because I’m gonna start posting videos with minimal edits
so it’s not gonna take away time from SLICE n RICE, but I
wanna start wedding planning, – That’s another thing, I
looked at the subscribers, you have, you like close to 10,000! And I only got a thousand, you know, y’all Ninjas be savage
to me man, what’s up? I’m cryin’, man, I give up. Man I don’t even wanna
do this no more, man! I’m tired of this, man, nobody loves me! Man, I’m goin’ to the market! I’m gonna find some friends. (crying) I went to the market and I made friends with the people that
people that bring the eggs. (crying) I got the Slice. – I got the Rice. (laughing) (static buzzing) – Yo, that hurt my voice. But no, real talk, we need
y’all to click these buttons. Actually, as a matter of
fact, just click that joint, you don’t even gotta watch it. Just open up another tab, man. – Just go to bed with our videos playing. – And just wake up and be
like oh, slap, but I mean, by all means if you wanna
watch it, all right, this is getting too long. Peace.

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