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How Tour de Trail Part 4 Gave Me The Runs – E239

Well, here it is Saturday morning, just after 6:30, and I’m about ready to do the Tour de Trail Wyandotte County Lake… Stage Four. Now, I slept horribly. So, I’ve actually formulated a plan,
which is ‘take this race easy.’ But the thing about plans is you usually don’t follow them. So, I’m gonna head over here to the start. Let’s see what I end up doing. – Good morniiiing!
– Good morning. -Good morniiiing.
– I am so excited to run the last stage
of your race. It’s been so fun. – I am so glad you’ve had a good time
’cause we’ve had a really good time putting on and we have perfect weather this morning. – We have perfect weather. Thank you so much. – Hey, any time! – And you’re gonna put my eye out. – Oh, sorry.
[laughter] – Hey, everybody. It’s Nell. – Hi! – She’s going to be volunteering out on the trail. So, you’re gonna have a chance to see her again. [laughter] – Don’t get lost. – Before I take you to the start, I wanted to give you a little hint. I started watching ALL YouTube channels at 2x’s speed. So, do what I’m showing you to do here. Watch this video at twice the speed. And maybe, just maybe, I can get more people to watch to the end. [The More You Know piano theme] Now, let’s go to the beginning. [indistinct chatter] [airhorn blares] [background music begins] COLEEN’S VOICE: …and then to the right of the trees! – We’re about ready to dive into the woods. And I think it’s single track. It is so pretty in here. I’m trying to keep up with her. She’s such a strong runner. Someone pointed out… I think it’s smart that they did… that we’ve run a lot of downhill. So, somewhere on this course, we’re gonna have a lot of uphill. Bye, Amie! This is such an awesome downhill. Whoo! I’m stopping for water. Only ’cause I need a break. I successfully lost everybody. [background music stops]
JASON SINGING: All by myself. I’m running all – Oh, a downhill!
[background music starts again] I have a Nell-sighting on a hill. Hi, Nell. I’m walking. Ah! It’s almost like I did that on purpose. I heard Nell ahead. So, I’m walking so I look STRONG when I run past her. Hey, Nell. Look at how strong of a runner I am! NELL: Whoo-hoo! – Ah! I can hear Coleen ’cause she has a big mouth. RACHEL: I’m gonna do it! – Bye, Rachel. [crowd cheering] [hand clap] [hand clap]
COLEEN: Great joooob! [background music ends] – High five.
[hand clap] – Thank you. [hand clap] -Good job.
[hand clap] – Good job.
[hand clap] – Thank you. Thank you. I’m back at the finish. I did great. I don’t know my time. I’ll put it up here. But this was such a GOOD series. If you have a chance to run it next year, please do. Also, Wyandotte Lake. Such a great trail. I’ll put the link down below if you want
to try running these BEAUTIFUL trails. Please subscribe. Please keep watching because as you know, this is the Year I Got the Runs. [chuckles]
And they photobombed my video. [runner laughing in background] See you later. [instrumental hit]

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7 thoughts on “How Tour de Trail Part 4 Gave Me The Runs – E239

  1. Excellent video as always, well done.
    I just ran my first ultra and made a film about it, check it out if you like. 😊

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