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How Tour de Trail Part 2 Gave Me The Runs – E231

– We’re giving Mother Nature the finger right now.
– Yes, we are. Hi, this is Jason and welcome back to The Year I Got the Runs. Well, here it is Saturday morning and I’m signed up for a trail run but as usual, Mother Nature has decided
it’s the perfect time for rain. So, we’re unfortunately gonna be stuck running
on the roads because we got an inch of rain yesterday and rain is coming in any minute now. But that’s not gonna stop us
from doing the Tour de Trail Shawnee Mission Park – Part 2. We’re gonna be on roads. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t even know the distance. But I’m gonna go –
[thunder rumble] Oh, there’s some thunder. I’m gonna go to the start line and see how it goes. Here’s Nell and Kim. And we’re in this oppressive humidity expecting the rain. How do you feel? – I feel great. I just am hoping for no lightning. – Good luck to us, right?
(laughter) Okay. I’ve put waterproof back on
and took my shirt off ’cause it’s so humid. Let’s head to the start and get this thing going! – Three! Two! One! [background music begins] -Apparently, during races,
I don’t just bump into my friend, Hallie. I bump elbows with Coleen. Yeah, it was. I’m good though. I missed a turn. The race director right here kinda failed to tell me there was a turn but I think it’s ’cause she wants to beat me! Here’s where it feels like we’re trail running. – That’s right. – There’s thunder. I pulled ahead because it scares me
’cause I think that they know something I don’t know. Wes and I are in the lead. And you’re gonna see both of us next week at the Nighthawk 50K. – Yeah.
– Yeah. His first. My second. We don’t know where the turnaround point is. Coleen promised to whistle. And she whistles loud. Morning. I know as soon as I stop this, she’ll actually whistle. She refuses to whistle. (Coleen talking in background.) She absolute – (Coleen continuing to talk in background) Oh. She wants me to pee in the stream.
I’m not doing that because she refuses to whistle. (Coleen whistles) Too late! There’s all kinds of discussions
about who has the bigger trail run balls. Who’s gonna go farther. I’m heading back. What about you ladies? Alright. This direction has more hills. We also somehow ended up with a headwind. But it’s alright. Don’t tell anybody but we’re walking. Quiet. No one has to know. No. No shame in walking. It’s downhill all the rest of the way, except for those uphills between us and the finish. Uh-oh. Kim is kicking it into high gear. I’m super impressed with these two! And we see the entrance to the parking lot. We did it.
[background music ends] Look who I found. It’s Nell. Good job out there. – Good job to you, too. – Thank you. Okay, it looks like we lost Kim because she’s a glutton for punishment and kept running. But we all did great. Good job. – I did five [miles]. – Five. Sixish. Sixish. Sixish. But we all did awesome. – We did great. – Yeah. I wasn’t downplaying five. I’m done and I did okay. We went about six miles. My legs still aren’t at 100%
so I’m worried about next week’s 50K. But what a beautiful day it ended up. It’s so humid but it didn’t rain on us. I got to run with some really cool people. Had a great time. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please subscribe and keep watching because as you know this is the Year I Got the Runs… …and lost my voice somehow. See ya. [instrumental hit]

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