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How to verify your phone number on WhatsApp

To use WhatsApp, you must
first verify your phone number. Here’s how to get started. Open WhatsApp. Review the Privacy
Policy and Terms of Service pages. Tap AGREE AND CONTINUE to accept the Terms of Service. Enter your country code and phone number. Tap NEXT. Confirm the phone number
entered is correct and tap OK. If the phone number is incorrect, tap
EDIT and re-enter your phone number. Enter the verification code you received
via SMS or tap Call me to receive an automated phone call with the code instead. Please don’t guess the code or you’ll be temporarily locked out from requesting a new code. Follow the prompts to enter your name and allow WhatsApp access to
restore your backup if you have one. If you’re having issues receiving
your code, try the following: Open on your phone
browser to test your internet connection. Send a SMS to your phone number from
another phone to test your reception. Restart your phone. Delete and reinstall the latest version of WhatsApp. If you’re traveling, you can use the call me
option to receive the verification code via voicemail. If you don’t have voicemail access, you can
try enabling roaming via your phone settings. Note, this may result in additional
charges from your network provider. To see more WhatsApp tutorials
subscribe to WhatsApp on YouTube!

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