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How To Use Linked Videos To Increase Views On YouTube

You may not know this but you could be
driving your viewers to watching more of your content using linked videos on
YouTube. Today I’m going to tell you about the four different ways of using
linked videos and how to use them all together to give your channel a boost. Linked videos are areas on YouTube where
you can find links to more of your videos. You’ll find linked videos in your
description, in your comments, on cards and on end screens. By placing a link to
the same video in these four different locations you’re going to be creating
consistent recognition with your viewer so by the time they see that last link
they’re gonna think “I’ve seen that video somewhere before
I really should check that out”. It works like this, during a video your viewer is
gonna see a card to the link to your next video. It gets to the end of the video
you see an end screen again you’re gonna have a link to that same video. In every
video you should also be telling your viewers to leave a comment, so as they’re
scrolling down to leave a comment they’re gonna see in the description a
link to the same video. Finally just before they leave a comment BAM there’s
a pinned comment, can you guess what it’s got on it? A link to your next video.
There are a couple of different ways of deciding which video to link to. The
first is linking to a related video. For example, in this video I’m talking about
adding cards to your video so surprise there’s a video right now up there talking
about how to add cards to your videos. Another way is by pointing your viewers
to some of your lesser viewed content to give it a boost. You could go all the way
and make a linked chain from your most popular to your least popular content on
your channel. Do this by opening up the video page on your Creator studio and
clicking views. The final method is to link all your videos together in a chain
from your newest to your oldest. Your videos are already in the order of
the date that they are released so it’s just a case of going down the list and
setting up links in all of the videos. Both of the last two ways are great ways
of chaining your videos together so you’re literally telling your viewers what you
want them to watch next and this will keep them viewing for longer. To wrap up
you can link to your videos in four different places on YouTube, your
description, your comments, your cards and your end screens. By linking to the same
video in these four different places you’re creating recognition with your
viewer making them more likely to click on your content. Do you have any of your
own YouTube SEO boosting tricks? Make sure you leave them in the comments
below and if you’ve learned something new give this video a like. Make sure you
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