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How to Snowshoe : How to Break Trail When Snowshoeing

Hi, my name is Sheryl McGlochlin with
and on behalf of Expert Village we want to talk about single track trail when you are
in your snowshoes. Also about breaking trail. Lots of time there would be only a narrow
area where you have to walk such as this area. I’m going to go down here let’s try this.
Down here and we have to be able to duct down and come up and it would be single file when
you are walking. Single track trail is very important to learn how to stay right behind
the leader. Another time that it is going to be tricky is when there is a lot of powder
snow and the first person is going to have to break the trail. We are going to have Oscar
be my trail breaker. Lots of time there would be 3 feet of snow and a trail break has the
hardest part of the entire group. Walking and being the first person on the track is
a real workout. Lots of times it is a good idea to being able to take turns as the trail
breaker. So one person does not get all the workout. It is much easier for the second,
third, and forth person when you are trying to break a trail that has steep snow. That
is more about single track trail and breaking trail.

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