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How to Smoke a Bong for Beginners: A Lift & Co Guide

This is a bong. Bongs come in all kinds of mind-boggling shapes and sizes, but we’ll stick to this basic bong. Before we light up, I’ll break down the parts of a basic bong. Bongs have a water-filled base, a mouthpiece, a bowl and a downstem. Smoking from a bong produces a cool, smooth hit but that doesn’t
mean it makes smoking any healthier than smoking a joint. The water filtration part of a bong doesn’t purify the harmful particles
from the smoke, it just makes the smoke smoother to inhale. To smoke a bong, you’ll need to start by pouring some water directly into the mouth of the bong. Fill up the water about an inch above where downstem sits. Next step: you’re going to pack the bowl. It helps if your cannabis is nicely ground. If you pack it too tight, it has potential to clog your bowl. We’re going to use this La Strada by Edison Cannabis Co. It’s a sativa-dominant strain that Lift & Co. reviewers report calming, focused and happy effects. Using one hand, hold the bong while you light the cannabis that’s in the bowl. Place your mouth inside the mouthpiece and inhale. The smoke will go through the chamber of the bong and then up through the mouthpiece. If your bong has a carb, which is a hole in the device, hold a finger over it while you light, and remove it as you inhale, to clear the chamber of smoke. If it doesn’t have a carb, pull the bowl out of the stem as you inhale. When you’re doing a bong hit, a lot of smoke is produced so be prepared to cough. Don’t feel obligated to inhale all the smoke. Only do what’s comfortable. To cool down the smoke even more, some people pop a few ice cubes into the smoke chamber. Now this might not be the most discreet way to consume cannabis,
but it can be a lot smoother than smoking a joint or pipe.

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55 thoughts on “How to Smoke a Bong for Beginners: A Lift & Co Guide

  1. im smoking cigaretes on the bong, is it healthier???
    I ejoy smoking timez but i dont want to have bad health you know
    What do u guys have to say about it??

  2. Well actually smoking through a bong is healthier.

    It doesn’t take a genius.

    Why does bong water get dirty?

    Because smoke passes through the water so resin/tar gets caught there.

    If you were to smoke a Joint does the resin/tar get caught?



    Because there is no water to filter the resin/tar that would be caught with a bong.

    See where I’m going with this?

  3. ive been smoking blunts for 4 years because of anxiety but ive decided to invest in a bong but have no clue how much water to add lmao

  4. I like how you talk about the good AND the bad stuff…this is how all drug education should be so people can make informed decisions on what they want to put into their own body instead of telling them blanket statements like "drugs are bad" and "don't do drugs".

  5. Have you ever heard of a double perc or a double chamber bong? Not everyone uses that garbage boring stem only bong sorry ;)!

  6. Gosh darn, I want to live in a country where weed is legal. Its mind boggling why so many governments choose to keep this harmless substence in the shadows.
    +1 Thanks for the guide!

  7. Oh shit i'm so glad you let me know to hold the bong using one hand. I was about to try to hold it with both hands. I'd be so fucked.

    Hitting the bong with ice in it will hurt the hell out of your lungs and can lead to severe bronchitis and lung problems. So keep it up.

  8. So which is the best way? bong joint vape etc….I use vaping method basically but feel like joints make me higher than vapes but hurt my throat and lungs harder… I don't know about bongs and I'm broke now…. I can't afford to buy a 100$ glass product with the risk that I'm not fond of it😅

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